Do You Buy or Sell These 2 IDP Players? Here at RotoHeat, I strive to deliver as much helpful information as I can to help you all have successful individual defensive player rosters. There are a lot of questions for IDP with all the major free agent signings and the NFL Draft now complete. For the next few weeks, I will offer up some thoughts on whether or not you should buy or sell these IDP players.

Many circumstances have changed to either add value to a player or decrease value on a player. Did they bring in a veteran free agent? Did they draft a rookie or rookies in the top 4 rounds? Did they lose a veteran player to free agency? All of these scenarios play a very big part on a player’s fantasy success from one year to the next year. Today’s two players could be affected by draft choices that their respective teams made in 2021. The Kansas City Chiefs added a Linebacker and the Buffalo Bills added 2 Defensive Linemen.

Anthony Hitchens – Linebacker

Do You Buy or Sell These 2 IDP Players?
Do You Buy or Sell These 2 IDP Players?

Anthony Hitchens was a 4th draft pick by the Cowboys back in 2014. After 4 years in Dallas, Hitchens signed as a UFA with the Chiefs. He will turn 29 on June 10th. After posting 135 overall tackle year in 2018, his numbers have declined each year. 2019 brought 88 tackles, and 2020 brought 78 tackles. He has only missed 4 games over the past 3 years. Hitchens’ declining numbers had the Chief’s draft Willy Gay in the 2019 2nd round and Nick Bolton in the 2020 2nd round. They gave Hitchens permission to seek a trade. My advice… Buy Hitchens before we know his landing spot. He will cost just pennies on the dollar.

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A. J. Epenesa – Defensive End

Do You Buy or Sell These 2 IDPs?
Do You Buy or Sell These 2 IDP Players?

A. J. Epenesa was a 2nd round draft choice of the Bills just last year. He played in 14 games with 1 start. Epenesa had 14 total tackles with 1 sack and 4 QB hits–not real good stats as a rookie. Then the Buffalo Bills draft DE-Gregory Rousseau in the 2021 1st round and DE-Carlos Basham in the 2nd round of the 2021 draft. Do you think that spells the end of Epenesa? One thing to remember is that most defensive linemen in the NFL take 2-3 years to become relevant. The drafting of those 2 players this year has Epenesa’s value falling like a brick. Do you buy or sell this IDP player? Buy Epenesa all day long! Epenesa is another value at pennies on the dollar.

When considering if you should buy or sell a particular Individual Defensive Player, look at what the team did personnel wise first and foremost. And what price they used on that personnel. Did they spend a high draft? Did they sign a high priced free agent? Did they let a player leave and sign somewhere else. Personnel moves are key in figuring out a teams thoughts on particular players. Then you will figure out value and buy or sell accordingly.

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Next week I will continue my mini series on “Do You Buy or Sell These 2 IDP Players?” Have a blessed day, and until next week…may the fantasy gods smile down on you!

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