3-Round 2024 Superflex Rookie Mock Draft


Welcome to our comprehensive analysis of a three-round 2024 superflex rookie mock draft. As fantasy football enthusiasts gear up for another exciting NFL season, understanding the potential impact of incoming rookies becomes paramount, especially in superflex leagues where strategic depth is key.

In this article (and video or podcast), we’ll dive deep into each player selected in our mock draft, bringing insights directly from the discussions held during the Boom or Bust fantasy football show.

Our hosts, Rick, Bryce, and Sully, provide their commentary, comparing these young talents to established stars and assessing their potential roles in their respective NFL teams. Join us as we explore the top prospects who could shape the future of fantasy football leagues.

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1.01 – Caleb Williams, QB, Chicago Bears

In our detailed analysis of the superflex rookie mock draft, Caleb Williams stands out as the top pick due to his exceptional skills and promising NFL landing spot. Rick, Bryce, and Sully all agree that his situation is one of the best for a rookie quarterback in recent history, with a surrounding cast that sets him up for immediate success.

Sully highlighted, “I do like Caleb Williams a lot. I think he’s the best quarterback in this class.” His dual-threat ability and high ceiling make him a cornerstone for dynasty teams, particularly in superflex leagues.

1.02 – Marvin Harrison Jr., WR, Arizona Cardinals

Marvin Harrison Jr. was a close consideration at the very top of this superflex rookie mock draft, and his selection at number two underscores his high fantasy potential. “Marvin Harrison Jr. set up so well, to do good in his first year,” noted Bryce, emphasizing his readiness to impact the NFL right from his rookie season. Harrison’s precise route-running and proven performance in college make him a prime candidate for immediate fantasy success, with the potential to rank among the top wide receivers in the league.

1.03 – Jayden Daniels, QB, Washington Commanders

Jayden Daniels, picked third, brings a fascinating blend of mobility and pocket presence that makes him a high-upside choice in superflex formats. Sully pointed out his potential longevity concerns but also noted, “He could easily be a top three fantasy quarterback more often than Caleb.” Daniels’ ability to extend plays with his legs while maintaining effectiveness from the pocket was highlighted as a distinct advantage that could lead to significant fantasy points.

1.04 – Malik Nabers, WR, New York Giants

Malik Nabers, selected fourth, is recognized for his exceptional versatility and playmaking ability, which make him an attractive option for the New York Giants. During the draft discussion, it was noted that Nabers’ ability to excel in various receiving roles makes him poised to have an immediate impact. Rick mentioned, “Nabers could be a significant part of the Giants’ strategy to revitalize their passing game.”

His dynamic ability to create plays after the catch and solid route-running skills could see him becoming a primary target in the Giants’ offense. Nabers’ potential to handle a high volume of passes, possibly becoming a top target for Daniel Jones, was a key factor in his high selection. This outlook suggests that Nabers could be one of the more productive rookie receivers, making him a crucial pick for fantasy managers in dynasty leagues.

1.05 – Brock Bowers, TE, Las Vegas Raiders

As the first tight end off the board, Brock Bowers was selected fifth due to his exceptional receiving capabilities that set him apart from his peers. Bryce commented on his potential, “Brock Bowers could easily be the number one tight end in dynasty fantasy moving forward.” His skill set includes a combination of size, speed, and hands that are ideal for a modern NFL offense, making him a long-term asset in fantasy leagues.

1.06 – Rome Odunze, WR, Chicago Bears

Rome Odunze’s selection reflects his strong physical attributes and refined skills as a receiver. “He can be a wide receiver one in his career,” Rick expressed, highlighting his confidence in Odunze’s ability to develop into a primary option for his NFL team. Odunze’s ability to track deep balls and make contested catches adds to his appeal as a potential breakout star in fantasy football.

1.07 – JJ McCarthy, QB, Minnesota Vikings

JJ McCarthy, taken seventh in this superflex rookie mock draft, is noted for his creativity and ability to navigate through progressions effectively. “I like how creative he is. I like how he gets through his progressions,” said Sully, emphasizing his readiness to take on a starting role. McCarthy’s landing spot provides him with a solid developmental path, making him a valuable pick in dynasty leagues focusing on future growth.

1.08 – Drake Maye, QB, New England Patriots

Drake Maye’s raw talent and big-arm capabilities made him the eighth pick in our mock draft. “Drake Maye at three above Penix junior because he does run a little more,” Bryce noted, discussing his slight preference over other quarterbacks due to his mobility. Maye’s potential to rack up significant fantasy points both through the air and on the ground makes him a promising choice for teams needing a quarterback with a high ceiling.

1.09 – Brian Thomas Jr., WR, Jacksonville Jaguars

Brian Thomas Jr., selected ninth, brings a mix of physical prowess and reliable hands. “He would be the fourth most talented receiver in this group,” said Rick, positioning Thomas as a high-upside player in fantasy drafts. His potential to quickly ascend in his NFL team’s receiving hierarchy could make him a key player for fantasy managers looking for a game-changing talent.

1.10 – Xavier Worthy, WR, Kansas City Chiefs

Xavier Worthy, taken tenth, is praised for his speed and route sophistication that should allow him to carve out a significant role quickly. “He’s probably in a situation where he could be easily a top target hogs,” Bryce speculated, highlighting Worthy’s potential to become a primary receiver due to his exceptional skill set. His quick integration into the NFL and potential for early production make him a worthy draft choice.

1.11 – Bo Nix, QB, Denver Broncos,

Bo Nix, selected as the eleventh pick, offers considerable experience and a solid foundation of skills suitable for the NFL. As noted in the mock draft, his experience makes him a less risky option compared to other rookies. Rick highlighted Nix’s potential for long-term success in a stable environment: “Sean Payton has had a pretty good history of developing quarterbacks like Drew Brees… Bo Nix doesn’t turn the ball over much, which fits Payton’s system perfectly.” This kind of coaching fit could make Nix a steady and reliable fantasy quarterback, especially valuable in superflex leagues.

1.12 – Ricky Pearsall, WR, San Francisco 49ers

Ricky Pearsall, taken with the twelfth pick, has been recognized for his all-around capabilities and potential to thrive under the right conditions. “Ricky Pearsall…could be the biggest value in rookie drafts so far,” Rick suggested, indicating that while Pearsall may not be a first-round NFL draft pick, his skill set could lead to substantial fantasy relevance. The discussions highlighted his ability to make plays across the field and his fit in an offense that could utilize his versatility and knack for making critical catches. This makes him an intriguing sleeper pick who might outperform his draft position in dynasty formats.

2.01 – Ladd McConkey, WR, Los Angeles Chargers

Ladd McConkey is selected as the first pick in the second round of this superflex rookie mock draft, appreciated for his versatility and crisp route running. As highlighted during the draft discussion, McConkey’s ability to operate effectively from the slot makes him a valuable PPR asset. Bryce commented on his fit with the Chargers: “Ladd’s ability to find soft spots in defenses will mesh well with Justin Herbert’s precision passing.” His skill set suggests a potential high-volume receiver, ideal for fantasy managers looking for consistent weekly performances in reception-focused formats.

2.02 – Keon Coleman, WR, Buffalo Bills

Keon Coleman comes off the board next, bringing an intriguing combination of size and playmaking ability. “Coleman’s knack for making big plays is just what the Bills need to diversify their offensive threats,” noted Sully during the discussion. His ability to win contested catches and potential to become a red-zone favorite for Josh Allen could translate into a significant fantasy upside, making him a compelling pick for those seeking a potential breakout receiver.

2.03 – Michael Penix Jr., QB, Atlanta Falcons

Michael Penix Jr. is chosen with the third pick in the second round, recognized for his strong arm and mobility which could thrive under Arthur Smith’s coaching. Rick pointed out, “Penix’s left-handed dynamism and ability to extend plays are tailor-made for the Falcons’ evolving offense.” His potential as a starting quarterback in superflex leagues is high, particularly if he can capitalize on his opportunities and solidify his role as a starter.

2.04 – Jonathan Brooks, RB, Carolina Panthers

In this superflex rookie mock draft, Jonathan Brooks was selected fourth, praised for his robust running style and ability to shoulder a heavy workload. During the draft analysis, Bryce highlighted his potential fit with the Panthers: “If Brooks can carve out the main role in the backfield, his volume alone could make him a fantasy staple.” His all-around abilities as both a rusher and a pass-catcher provide him with the tools to emerge as a primary fantasy football running back.

2.05 – Trey Benson, RB, Arizona Cardinals

Trey Benson is picked fifth, known for his explosive athleticism and dual-threat capabilities. Sully mentioned, “Benson’s ability to contribute in both the running and passing games fits well with the Cardinals’ offensive scheme.” His versatility makes him an attractive fantasy option, especially in leagues that reward points for receptions, providing a potential edge over more traditional, one-dimensional backs.

2.06 – Xavier Leggette, WR, Carolina Panthers

Xavier Leggette, selected sixth, brings speed and a knack for big plays to the Panthers, who are looking to diversify their aerial attack. Rick observed, “Leggette’s deep threat ability could open up the field for the Panthers’ quarterbacks, giving them a potent new weapon.” His role in the Panthers’ offense could expand rapidly, offering fantasy managers a high-ceiling player who might deliver substantial returns on the investment due to his playmaking skills.

2.07 – AD Mitchell, WR, Indianapolis Colts

AD Mitchell is selected seventh in the second round, chosen for his polished route running and ability to make crucial catches. His selection by the Indianapolis Colts is seen as a strategic move to bolster their receiving corps. Bryce noted, “Mitchell’s reliability and knack for making plays in tight coverage could quickly make him a favorite target in Indianapolis.” Given the Colts’ need for dependable receivers, Mitchell’s smooth transition into the NFL could make him a valuable asset for fantasy teams looking for emerging talents.

2.08 – Jalyn Polk, WR, New England Patriots

Jalyn Polk, taken as the eighth pick, joins the New England Patriots, bringing a combination of precise route running and dependable hands. Rick discussed his potential impact, saying, “Polk’s ability to grasp the Patriots’ complex offensive schemes should allow him to contribute early and often.” His skill set makes him a potentially underrated pick in this superflex rookie mock draft and actual fantasy drafts, especially in PPR leagues where his consistency could be highly rewarded.

2.09 – Jaylen Wright, RB, Miami Dolphins

Jaylen Wright, chosen ninth, is noted for his explosive speed and versatility, making him an intriguing addition to the Miami Dolphins. Sully pointed out, “Wright’s dynamic playmaking ability should fit well in Miami’s fast-paced offense.” His role could evolve as the season progresses, potentially making him a valuable pickup for fantasy managers looking for a sleeper who could gain significant touches both as a runner and a receiver.

2.10 – Troy Franklin, WR, Denver Broncos

Troy Franklin, selected tenth, brings a promising combination of size and speed to the Denver Broncos. Bryce highlighted his potential, “Franklin’s ability to stretch the field and his strong hands could see him making an immediate impact in Denver.” As Franklin integrates into the Broncos’ offense, his ability to make big plays could make him a key fantasy contributor, especially if he develops strong chemistry with his quarterback.

2.11 – Ben Sinnott, TE, Washington Commanders

Next up in our superflex rookie mock draft is tight end Ben Sinnott, the eleventh pick in this round, was drafted by the Washington Commanders. Known for his solid route-running and reliable catching ability, Sinnott is poised to take advantage of the Commanders’ need for a consistent tight end. Rick mentioned, “Sinnott’s skill set is well-suited to become a safety blanket for the Commanders’ quarterbacks, which could translate into regular fantasy scoring.” His potential for high target volume makes him a smart pick for fantasy managers in need of a tight end who could see a lot of red zone action.

2.12 – Malachi Corley, WR, New York Jets

Malachi Corley rounds out the second round, selected by the New York Jets. His versatility and ability to make plays after the catch were key factors in his selection. Sully observed, “Corley’s dynamic playmaking is exactly what the Jets need to invigorate their passing game.” His potential to serve multiple roles within the offense makes him an intriguing option for fantasy leagues, particularly if he carves out a significant role early in his career.

3.01 – Jermaine Burton, WR, Cincinnati Bengals

Jermaine Burton is the first pick of the third round in this superflex rookie mock draft, chosen by the Cincinnati Bengals for his ability to complement an already potent passing attack. “Burton’s route running and speed make him a perfect fit alongside Ja’Marr Chase and Tee Higgins,” Bryce noted, highlighting his potential to thrive with Joe Burrow throwing him the ball. Burton’s ability to contribute right away, especially in a high-volume passing offense, could make him a sleeper pick in fantasy drafts this year.

3.02 – Roman Wilson, WR, Pittsburgh Steelers

Roman Wilson, selected by the Pittsburgh Steelers, brings speed and agility to a team looking to rejuvenate its receiver corps. “Wilson’s ability to create separation is exactly what the Steelers need to stretch defenses,” said Rick, emphasizing his fit in the team’s offensive scheme. His development alongside a young Steelers quarterback could see his fantasy value rise significantly as the season progresses should Justin Fields win the job. Roman could easily be a value in this superflex rookie mock draft.

3.03 – Marshawn Lloyd, RB, Green Bay Packers

Marshawn Lloyd joins the Green Bay Packers, bringing a robust and dynamic running style to the team’s backfield. Sully remarked, “Lloyd’s versatility and toughness could make him an integral part of the Packers’ ground game, especially in cold weather games.” Lloyd’s potential to handle a significant workload makes him an attractive option for fantasy managers in need of a running back who could see increasing touches.

3.04 – Blake Corum, RB, Los Angeles Rams

Blake Corum is picked by the Los Angeles Rams, known for his explosive playmaking and ability to contribute in the passing game. “Corum’s agility and knack for finding the end zone could see him carve out a significant role in the Rams’ offense,” Bryce suggested, pointing out his fit in a creative offensive scheme. His multi-dimensional skill set could make him particularly valuable in PPR leagues.

3.05 – Javon Baker, WR, New England Patriots

Javon Baker, selected by the New England Patriots, is known for his solid hands and precise route-running. Rick commented, “Baker’s disciplined approach to the game should mesh well with the Patriots’ emphasis on precision and reliability.” His potential to become a reliable target for Mac Jones makes him a possible late-round steal in this superflex rookie mock draft.

3.06 – Kimani Vidal, RB, Los Angeles Chargers

Kimani Vidal rounds out the early picks of the third round, heading to the Los Angeles Chargers. His selection is based on his compact running style and effectiveness in the passing game. Sully noted, “Vidal’s all-around ability fits well in the Chargers’ dynamic offense, providing Justin Herbert with another versatile weapon.” Vidal’s role could expand quickly, making him a speculative add for fantasy managers looking for potential breakout candidates in deeper leagues.

3.07 – Spencer Rattler, QB, New Orleans Saints

Spencer Rattler joins the New Orleans Saints as the seventh pick of the third round. His arm talent and mobility give him a chance to succeed in an offense run by Coach Sean Payton, known for maximizing quarterback potential. Bryce highlighted, “Rattler’s improvisational skills could make him an exciting player under Payton’s tutelage.” While there might be a developmental curve, Rattler’s upside in a quarterback-friendly system makes him a worthwhile gamble in superflex dynasty leagues.

3.08 – Luke McCaffrey, QB, Washington Commanders

Luke McCaffrey’s selection by the Washington Commanders provides them with an athletic quarterback known for his versatility. Rick commented, “McCaffrey’s ability to contribute both through the air and on the ground could bring a new dimension to the Commanders’ offense.” Given the team’s recent quarterback struggles, McCaffrey could find opportunities to compete for playing time, making him an intriguing speculative add for fantasy managers.

3.09 – Ja’Tavion Sanders, TE, Carolina Panthers

Ja’Tavion Sanders is next up in this superflex rookie mock draft, drafted by the Carolina Panthers, he offers great athletic ability and a dynamic playing style at the tight end position. “Sanders’ versatility could see him used in multiple roles within the Panthers’ offense,” Sully suggested, noting his potential impact. His ability to line up both on the line and in the slot could make him a valuable fantasy asset as he develops into a full-fledged NFL tight end.

3.10 – Ray Davis, RB, Buffalo Bills

Ray Davis moves to the Buffalo Bills with the tenth pick, bringing a solid rushing and pass-catching background. Bryce observed, “Davis’ all-purpose skill set fits well in a Bills offense that values versatile backfield players.” His capacity to contribute immediately, especially in passing situations, could make him a late-round fantasy sleeper in PPR formats.

3.11 – Brenden Rice, WR, Los Angeles Chargers

Brenden Rice, selected by the Los Angeles Chargers, is known for his reliable hands and good route-running skills. “Rice’s ability to make tough catches can help him quickly earn the trust of Justin Herbert,” Rick noted. In an offense that likes to spread the ball around, Rice’s ability to perform under pressure could see him carve out a meaningful role, potentially boosting his fantasy stock.

3.12 – Malik Washington, WR, Miami Dolphins

Malik Washington rounds out the third round in this superflex rookie mock draft. Heading to the Miami Dolphins, his quickness and ability to create after the catch were key factors in his selection. Sully highlighted, “Washington’s agility and knack for getting open make him a perfect fit for the Dolphins’ quick-strike offense.” If he can establish a niche in Miami’s offense, Washington could offer late-season value, especially in deeper leagues or as a waiver wire pickup.

Superflex Rookie Mock Draft Conclusion

In conclusion, our detailed 2024 Superflex Rookie Mock Draft offers a comprehensive look into the potential impact of this year’s NFL rookies across three intense rounds. From the undeniable talents of Caleb Williams as the first overall pick to the strategic late-round insights on players like Malik Washington, this mock draft analysis has provided fantasy football enthusiasts with a wealth of knowledge to prepare for their upcoming drafts.

Stay tuned for more updates, more superflex rookie mock drafts, deep dives, and strategic advice as these players transition from draft prospects to NFL stars, and remember, the right rookie pick can transform your fantasy team’s trajectory. Happy drafting!

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