D'Andre Swift – Part 1 – College Evaluation

D’Andre Swift, Georgia, RB

D’Andre Swift has rushed for 2,883 yards and 20 touchdowns on 439 carries during his three seasons at Georgia. That works out to a 6.6 average, but the impressive stats don’t stop there. He has also caught 73 passes for 666 yards and 5 touchdowns. Proving his prowess in both running and receiving. But does this translate to success in the NFL? Our 7 analysts evaluate his strengths & weaknesses.

D'Andre Swift - Part 1 - College Evaluation 1
ATLANTA, GEORGIA – DECEMBER 07: D’Andre Swift #7 of the Georgia Bulldogs runs with the ball in the first half against the LSU Tigers during the SEC Championship game at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on December 07, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Athletic Ability: 8.5/10

At 5’9″ and 215lbs, D’Andre Swift has a build that you look for in a shifty running back. When it comes to his body, he is comparable to Alvin Kamara. His athletic ability is comparable as well.

When it comes to speed, Swift has both frontline and lateral speed, and he can hit top-notch quickly, giving him the ability to hit the second level quickly. His lateral speed, coupled with his lateral ability create some of the best juke moves you’d see in college football this season.

The most exciting part about his athletic ability is that he can make all of his moves at full speed, which is an extremely dangerous skill to have.

D'Andre Swift - Part 1 - College Evaluation 2
ATHENS, GA – NOVEMBER 23: Georgia Bulldogs running back D’Andre Swift (7) leaps a defender in the first half of the Texas A&M Aggies v Georgia Bulldogs game on November 23, 2019 at Sanford Stadium in Athens, GA. (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Toughness: 7.1/10

This is where the team began really debating D’Andre Swift. He has the agility no question, but does he have the toughness to be a true 3-down workhorse? This is likely to become a hot topic in the offseason when every one starts getting their rookie content out.

Rick (5), Ryan (6) and Joseph (7) each came in below their peers as Brad, Anthony, Taylor & Kevin all had him rated as an 8. The harshest of the group, Rick, has real concerns saying, “Where he concerns me, is running up the middle. He goes down far to easy for someone expected to run between the tackles.”, while on the other end of the spectrum Brad says, “He can run between the tackles or hit the edge.”

Vision: 8/10

One of the major bright spots is that D’Andre Swift sees the field really well and when a hole opens up, he hits it with speed. This will come in handy with the fact that he isn’t the best between the tackles runner but with plus vision he will set himself apart from the backs in the league that have great athletic ability, but no vision (see Ronald Jones as an example).

Hands: 7.9/10

Catching 73 passes during his collegiate career is no small feat, especially in a conference like the SEC going against NFL-Caliber talent on a regular basis. The way the NFL is these days, this could be another factor that sends Swift up teams draft boards come late April. With his ability as a pass catcher, that could be his quickest way to see action next fall as you don’t have to be a great pass blocker to see the field if they utilize him as the pass catching back.

D'Andre Swift - Part 1 - College Evaluation 3
KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE – OCTOBER 05: D’Andre Swift #7 of the Georgia Bulldogs catches a pass during the first quarter of the game against the University of Tennessee Volunteers at Neyland Stadium on October 05, 2019 in Knoxville, Tennessee. (Photo by Silas Walker/Getty Images)

Yards After Contact (YAC): 7/10

This is an area where the team was decidedly split, as Rick (5) & Joseph (5) saw a lot of Swift going down on initial contact, which is obviously concerning. Not to knock on Ronald Jones, but you see how that fares once you get to the NFL. However, D’Andre Swift’s athletic ability and vision are good enough to help in this area as hitting the hole faster will allow him to get to the second level more often.