We are back for our Week 2 DraftKings Best Cash Game Plays! If you want to read my “Week 1 DraftKings Best Cash Game Plays“, I have updated it with how each play worked out.

For those of you that are new, you know that when it comes to cash, our first goal is to find as much volume as possible. Volume leads to a high floor and that is what we are really looking for in cash games. Yes, the higher the score the better, but we don’t have to have a top 10% lineup to win our H2H’s, Double Ups or 50/50’s. Let’s get into it!

5. Week 2 DraftKings Best Cash Game Plays: Quarterbacks

Week 2 DraftKings Best Cash Game Plays: Quarterbacks

I am going to give you my favorite top, mid, and bottom tier QB to build cash lineups around. I rarely pay up for QB in cash games with QB having flat scoring.

Lamar Jackson vs. Houston – $8,200

Lamar started off right where he left off in 2019. This guy is just so dangerous in every facet of the game. He completed 80% of his passes while rushing for 45 yards. There is just not much more to say.

My “Maybe” High Price Option: Patrick Mahomes vs. Los Angeles Chargers – $7,700 – nothing special here. It is Patrick Mahomes and the best offense in football after all.

Dak Prescott vs. Atlanta – $6,800

We love the Cowboys offense and just saw the Seahawks just completely torch the Falcons defense. While one week isn’t enough data for us to lean on, I feel like by week 4 or 5, we are going to be targeting the Atlanta defense week in and week out. With options like Cooper, Gallup & Lamb in the passing game, not many teams can match up.

My “Maybe” Mid Price Option: Matt Ryan vs. Dallas – $6,600 – Atlanta is going to give up points and we know they love throwing it. 300+ passing games give Ryan a solid floor, with 3TD & 400+ pass games giving him a solid ceiling. I just like the guy above vs. the Atlanta defense more.

Kyler Murray vs. Washington – $6,100

I normally try to go under $6,000 for my bottom tier QB, but Murray is the QB11 on this slate price wise and one of my favorites on the slate. Washington’s front 7 is going to put pressure on Kyler and I actually like that. That means he will have to use his legs similarly to week 1 when he was actually over the 100 yard rushing bonus before kneel downs.

He still threw 40 times and while that may come down to 30ish in this game, I like him for 2 TD’s in this game as well.

My “Maybe” Mid Price Option: Mitch Trubisky – $5,500 – Again, it doesn’t feel great and I would much rather get up to Kyler at $6,100, but Trubisky started running more in the 2nd half vs. the Lions and looked completely different in Q4 than Q1-3. Obviously we don’t know for sure what we are going to get, but if I am choosing between the other guys in this range, I’ll go here.

4. Week 2 DraftKings Best Cash Game Plays: Running Backs

Week 2 DraftKings Best Cash Game Plays: Running Backs

For running backs, I am just going to give you the best options I like. Some will be plays I actually don’t like, but will be chalk and because of that, they will be a good cash game play. Just an FYI, if I am playing my lineup strictly in cash games, I will ALWAYS have 3 RB’s in my lineup.

Christian McCaffrey vs. Tampa Bay – $10,000

There is nothing to say. CMC is a DraftKings cash game play each and every week until proven otherwise.

Ezekiel Elliott vs. Atlanta – $8,200

We have already talked a lot about this game and I just absolutely love Zeke in this situation. He is my favorite cash game play of the week thus far. We know he gets the volume. He will have 3-4 targets likely and we saw Carson chew up Atlanta in week 1. My cash lineups are starting with Zeke in week 2.

Derrick Henry vs. Jacksonville – $7,900

With the value at WR in week 2, I am going to be doing everything I can to pair Henry with Elliott in my cash lineups. The volume is outstanding and I expect him to be at 25+ carries vs. Jacksonville. He also ran 20 routes, which would be a HUGE bonus if it continued for Henry going forward.

I love getting the 50 carries and maybe 5 receptions out of two great running backs.

Austin Ekeler vs. Kansas City – $6,500

Ekeler was $7,000 one week ago. He had 19 caries and 84 rushing yards. If I only knew that, I would guess he was closer to $8k in week 2. But, for some reason, the targets were not there and for that, Ekeler fell short in week 1. Now we get Ekeler at $6,500 which is a great price.

I love going back to the well in a game that the Chargers should have to speed up to keep up. Pass game usage will be back and it should be sooner than later.

Jonathan Taylor vs. Minnesota – $5,700

This was Benny Snell for me, but now that it looks like James Connor is going to play, I am off Snell and honestly, probably should’ve had Taylor here, to begin with for all of the value plays we have at WR. We don’t need the extreme value at RB, so I will take the guy that should be getting way too volume for a $5,700 back no matter what. Plus, with Phillip Rivers at the helm, it became evident that JT will be included in the passing game, which makes him game script proof.

3. Week 2 DraftKings Best Cash Game Plays: Wide Receivers

Week 2 DraftKings Best Cash Game Plays: Wide Receivers

At WR I always want to pay down when possible. I do have a couple higher priced options in this article, but remember, the WR position is volatile. Spend less for volatility and more for a secure floor in cash games.

Davante Adams vs. Detroit – $8,100

“I am just going to call him MT Lite.” – Me last week.

Well he is officially the new MT, at least for now. Michael Thomas is injured and wouldn’t be on this slate anyways, but if you are paying up, lock in the 10-12 targets vs. a bad secondary. This guy received 17 targets in week 1 and put up 156 receiving yards.

The 6,200 – 6,500 Range

I love this range in general and you are splitting hairs with these guys. In cash, I am good with any of the following.

JuJu Smith-Schuster – $6,500
Allen Robinson – $6,400
Robert Woods – $6,400
DJ Moore – $6,300
Amari Cooper – $6,300
Will Fuller – $6,300
Kenny Golladay – $6,200
Marquise Brown – $6,200

We should be able to fit 2 of these guys in our builds this week and for cash, Amari Cooper projects to have the highest ownership, which means I will probably prioritize him over the rest.

The $4,000-$4,500 Range

As the week has progressed and my research has deepened, this range has grown on me.

Diontae Johnson – $4,500: Saw 10 targets in week one and should be a safe bet to see 6-8 this week. For $4,500 with his volume & TD upside, Johnson is very viable.
Parris Campbell – $4,500: Saw 9 targets in week 1 and is secure as the #2 WR for the Colts. He also has big-play upside.
Jerry Jeudy – $4,400: 8 targets in week 1 with Courtland Sutton sitting out. He stiff-armed two of those, which I do not expect to be a concern. Even if Sutton returns, Jeudy is cheap enough to be a viable option.
Christian Kirk – $4,300: Kirk only saw 5 targets in week 1 and put up a dud, but he will have an easier go in week 2 vs. the Football Team. Even though he saw 11 less targets than DeAndre Hopkins, he only trailed him by 27 air yards. That is HUGE upside for a talented $4,300 receiver.

Injury Dependent: Scotty Miller ($4,100) & Quintez Cephus ($3,800)

Scotty Miller saw 6 targets in week 1 with both Evans and Godwin on the field. If Godwin were to sit in week 2, Scotty would theoretically be in for an even heavier workload.

Kenny Golladay has yet to practice and rookie Quintez Cephus saw 10 targets in week 1. At $3,800 the floor/upside combination is perfectly fine for me.

2. Week 2 DraftKings Best Cash Game Plays: Tight Ends

Week 2 DraftKings Best Cash Game Plays: Tight Ends

I love paying down at tight end and using that money on RBs. I am going to treat this segment like the QB segment and give you one guy at each level that I like, with a “maybe” alternative.

Travis Kelce vs. Los Angeles Chargers – $7,000

Hey, it’s Travis Kelce. He is always in play. Moving on.

My “Maybe” High Price Option: Mark Andrews vs. Houston – $6,300 – He ran more routes than we seen in 2019 and we know there is a ton of TD upside here.

Hunter Henry vs. Kansas City – $5,100

With 8 targets in week 1, I think Henry is kind of going under the radar in week 2. The Chargers should be passing plenty in this game and Henry should be heavily involved. If I am going mid tier, he is likely my guy.

My “Maybe” Mid Price Option: Dallas Goedert vs. Los Angeles Rams – $5,000 – Another mid-tier guy that isn’t getting much love this week is Dallas Goedert. The man saw 9 targets and completely dominated vs. Washington. He plays almost nearly as much as Ertz and I understand there is always the scare or Ertz being the guy in a game, but anybody that knows me knows that I don’t even know that Ertz is the best TE on the Eagles team.

Logan Thomas vs. Arizona – $3,600

We talked about Logan Thomas at $2,800 last week and the story is still true in week 2. The target tree in Washington, who should be trailing quite often, is Terry McLaurin then Logan Thomas. At $3,600, Thomas is likely my favorite cash game TE of the week after seeing 8 targets in week 1.

My “Maybe” Low Price Option: Jordan Reed vs. New York Jets – $2,600 – This feels gross, but if Kittle were to sit, the 49ers have few options in the passing game. Reed caught two passes in week 1 and no receiver had more than 4. At $2,600 it is palatable, but only if Kittle is out. UPDATE: Kittle is OUT for Sunday’s Game.

1. Week 2 DraftKings Best Cash Game Plays: DST

MIAMI, FL – SEPTEMBER 23: Xavien Howard #25 of the Miami Dolphins grabs the interception during the first quarter against the Oakland Raiders at Hard Rock Stadium on September 23, 2018 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images)

For defenses, I am going to make this really simple. I never feel comfortable with any that end up fitting in my lineup. I try to target home favorites vs. turnover prone QB’s and/or offensive lines that give up a lot of pressure. The more dropbacks, the better for defenses as they have the opportunity to create sacks and turnovers at a higher rate. But the truth of the matter is that DST is extremely hard to predict success.

Dolphins vs. Bills – $2,100

Josh Allen is prone to turnovers and in all honesty, this is more about the money saving than it is about the matchup. I want that salary to use elsewhere.

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