Three Quarterbacks to Stream Week 13

Welcome back to our Three Quarterbacks to Stream article series for Week 13 of the 2021 season! For those who are unaware, “stream” or “streaming” refers to starting a player in lieu of a regular starter on your fantasy football squad. Usually this is needed by having no other option, whereas one of your players are hurt or on bye. However, sometimes you may choose to stream a quarterback as a general season-long strategy or if the matchup/situation is better than your regular starter.

Especially in 1QB leagues, quarterbacks are streamed relatively frequently because each manager in a fantasy league only needs to start one QB, and generally half of said teams only roster a backup. This generally leaves a number of good quarterbacks available on waiver wires for managers to pick up in a pinch or when a matchup is almost “too good to be true!”

Each week I will be bringing you the top three quarterbacks to stream in your leagues. The goal of these articles is to identify a positive matchup in the current week to help you get that all important “W.”

1. Matt Ryan – Atlanta Falcons

A look at Three Quarterbacks to Stream Week 13

Full disclosure right out of the gate – this week is not a good week to stream QBs. With teams on bye, and several tough matchups across the board for otherwise solid streamers, this week is not ideal for the QB streaming community. However, I worked some overtime and found three serviceable QBs for you to consider for Week 13. Starting things off for us this week is Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons. Playing without his top receiver in Calvin Ridley, Ryan has been inconsistent at best. However, with help primarily from Cordarelle Patterson, Ryan has started to perform pretty well of late. This past week against Jacksonville, Ryan completed 19 of 29 passes for 190 yards and a score. He did throw an interception, but all-in-all he played well and ultimately led his team back into the win column.

This week, Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons host the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a game that most certainly will require Matt Ryan to toss the ball around the yard. The Buccaneers have the best run defense in the league, but their pass defense is average at best. Matt Ryan should put up very good fantasy numbers especially considering his team will likely be trailing for most (if not all) of the game this week. Matt Ryan offers some really high upside this week, but he also has a scary, low floor.

2. Tua Tagovailoa – Miami Dolphins

A look at Three Quarterbacks to Stream Week 13

Next up on our list features Tua Tagovailoa, who I believe has never been featured on our QB stream articles this season. Tua has had a very rocky season, but of late he as been playing better. He is distributing the ball primarily to his TE Mike Gesicki and rookie WR Jaylen Waddle. This past week, Tua was extremely accurate, completing 87% of his passes for 230 yards and a touchdown.

In Week 13, Tua and the Dolphins host the New York Giants who have an average defensive unit overall. In what should be a very competitive game, I believe Tua has a great opportunity to build upon his performance this past week and continue to improve down the stretch of the fantasy season. Again, it is a poor week for streaming QBs, but Tua offers a lot of appeal compared to the other options to choose from this week.

3. Tyrod Taylor – Houston Texans

A look at Three Quarterbacks to Stream Week 13

Tyrod Taylor has been in our QB streamer articles so much this season I think I should start charging him rent. Recommended this past week, Tyrod delivered against the New York Jets completing 17/26 passes for 158 yards and two scores. While he did throw an interception, he still had a very strong fantasy QB game and delivered for managers in a pinch who needed a good start from a QB on their waiver wire.

This week, Ty-“God” and the Houston Texans host the Indianapolis Colts in what should be a very high scoring game. The Texans will likely be playing catchup, and I expect Tyrod to deliver yet again for QB-needy fantasy owners desperate for a starter this week. Fire up Tyrod for his high ceiling, and hope the floor doesn’t come crashing through against a better than average defense.

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