Superflex Rookie Mock – Post NFL Draft Edition


Something we do here at RotoHeat is we like to do a show immediately following the conclusion of the draft, grab team members as well as community members and do a Superflex rookie mock. The 2022 NFL Draft’s in the books and all I can think is wow, we saw a ton of movement throughout the draft, and from a fantasy perspective, we saw a lot of strange landing spots for the players we are looking to draft over the next few months in our rookie drafts.

We did a three-round Superflex rookie mock, and you’ll see that, like in the NFL Draft, wide receiver is a heavy target early and often for fantasy managers. As I watched the draft unfold, I have a notebook where I begin to go over my rankings (the one’s here on the site) and see what I like and don’t like about my rankings, based on the movement throughout the seven rounds.

superflex rookie mock
Superflex Rookie Mock - Post NFL Draft Edition 2

Superflex Rookie Mock – My Random Thoughts on it all

Most fantasy owners had Breece Hall number one before the draft, and at least immediately after the thought of sharing the workload with Michael Carter didn’t scare away the owner of pick one from taking him. Truth be told, I still see Hall as either pick one or two and have no issue with the choice because of so much uncertainty in this draft class.

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I will say that I think the running backs landed in much better spots than I thought pre-draft, with Dameon Pierce, James Cook, and Tyler Allgeier all finding homes where they could see significant playing time early. You can tell the owners think that as well because Pierce and Cook went between pick 10 and 17, though Allgeier will probably move up as people begin to look at how that Atlanta backfield doesn’t have a true lead back today.

Nineteen of the thirty-six rookie picks in this draft are wide receivers, we also didn’t see Tampa Bay’s heir apparent to Gronkowski Cade Otton drafted, and I would bet as we move into rookie drafts we will see movement in terms of where these quarterbacks are drafted. In my mind, Kenny Pickett was picked 10 on my board, and after that, it was mid-second before I started the cluster of the rest of the QBs (though Howell is my favorite of the rest, followed by Malik, Ridder, and Corral).

Like I mentioned in the Livestream while we were drafting, this draft feels like the one to trade down or even out of for 2023 picks, especially if you don’t love a player from the mid-second round. There are plenty of talented players, but if you aren’t in desperate need, I can’t hate on you for wanting to take a chance and see what’s there in the 2023 draft class (I believe the 23′ class has some really good talent potentially).

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