Marquez Callaway Fantasy Outlook 2021: Is He a Top 30 WR?


Marquez Callaway Fantasy Outlook 2021

In this article, we are going to cover the Marquez Callaway fantasy outlook for 2021. We will share where we think he will rank amongst all wide receivers in 2021. Should you buy, hold or sell? Will Marquez Callaway be more or less valuable in 2022? Do we think he is going to be a league winner, weekly starter, flex play, spot starter, dark horse or dart throw? Included is all of this as well as personal opinions of the six people that participated from the RotoHeat staff.

Marquez Callaway Fantasy Outlook 2021: What Is His Weekly Playability?

Most of us feel that Callaway will have weekly value this year, either as a flex or spot starter. He would have more weekly starter value if you start multiple flex players or three or more wide receivers.

As one of our team members said, this may change during the course of the year given the clear as mud situation with Michael Thomas currently:”I think Callaway will cement himself as the best receiver on the team until Michael Thomas comes back. He is a spot starter for me with weekly flex appeal at the very least until MT is back and healthy.”

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Dart Throw: 1
Weekly Flex: 2
Spot Starter: 3

Marquez Callaway Fantasy Outlook 2021
Marquez Callaway Fantasy Outlook 2021

Marquez Callaway Fantasy Outlook 2021: More, Same or Less Valuable in 2022 Dynasty Offseason?

Marquez is currently going at WR 63 in Fantasy Pros PPR Draft Positional ADP and he is currently going undrafted in RotoHeat SF Dynasty Positional ADP. Most of us believe that he will have more value than that going into next season, although his ADP is likely rising as we speak with how his offseason has been.

Same: 1
Higher: 5

Marquez Callaway Fantasy Outlook 2021: Buy, Sell or Hold?

Most of us are holding Marquez rather than buying right now, although none of us are looking to sell where we have him. Those that are not buying right now mainly chalk that up to how high his value is rising as of late. When it comes down to it, we like him but he is still largely unproven in NFL regular season action, with only 21 catches in 11 games.

His potential value is enticing though. As one person said “Talk about a rise to relevance. The perfect storm seemed to have happen with Smith and Thomas, and Jameis looks competent enough to air it out. I love Callaway as a sneaky pickup that could hold long term value once all healthy parties return.”

Buy: 2
Hold: 4

Marquez Callaway Fantasy Outlook 2021
Marquez Callaway Fantasy Outlook 2021

Marquez Callaway Fantasy Outlook 2021: Where Will He Rank vs. All Wide Receivers?

Two had him in the WR 25 – WR 31 range, and the other four had him in the WR 32 – WR 36 range, so we were all pretty aligned here. We are all impressed with how his preseason has gone, but he was an undrafted wide receiver in 2020. As one of our members said “Performing in the preseason is great, but it is not necessarily telling of what Callaway’s involvement will be like in the regular season. There are also other factors like facing better coverage. Volume could turn him into a WR3, but he could also end up with little to no relevance at all.”

High: 25
Low: 36

Marquez Callaway Fantasy Outlook 2021: Conclusion

Overall the team is very intrigued by Marquez Callaway, but also tempering our expectations. Jameis Winston being named the starter should be better for fantasy production than Taysom Hill was, but with lots of question marks on the Saints offense still remaining, we remain guarded.

What do you think of Marquez Callaway? Let us know in our Discord or in our Facebook Group. Make sure to keep a lookout on YouTube and for more 2021 Fantasy Outlooks.

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