Henry Ruggs Fantasy Outlook 2021: Is he worth starting every week?


Henry Ruggs Fantasy Outlook 2021 

In this article, we will discuss the outlook for Henry Ruggs this upcoming season. We will go over where he ranks among his peers at the WR position. Is he a buy, hold, or sell? Where do we see his value going in the future? We take the opinions of 11 Rotoheat team members to formulate an analysis. 

Henry Ruggs Fantasy Outlook 2021
Henry Ruggs Fantasy Outlook 2021

Henry Ruggs Fantasy Outlook 2021: What is His Weekly Playability?  

The opinions on Ruggs were scattered when it came to weekly playability, but a majority believe he is a spot starter and a Darkhorse candidate for this upcoming season. Injury and lack of offseason work has put an early damper on the young wideout’s career. The general opinion is that Ruggs will be a boom or bust player which makes him not ideal to plug in your weekly lineup but has tremendous upside for those bye weeks.  

Spot Starter: 3 

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Darkhorse: 3 

Dart Throw: 2 

Weekly Flex: 2 

Weekly Starter: 1 

Those that voted for him to be a weekly starter believe the departure of Nelson Agholor will lead to a substantial increase in production.  

Henry Ruggs Fantasy Outlook 2021 
Henry Ruggs Fantasy Outlook 2021 

Henry Ruggs Fantasy Outlook 2021: 2022 Offseason Dynasty Outlook  

There was no one who thought his value would be lower in the near future. With early injuries and the lack of offseason preparation, he disappointed most owners last year and his value did take a bit of a dip and the consensus is that it can really only go up from here. Most team members believe he has the talent and speed to be a productive fantasy asset, but he needs to put consistent numbers to gain the trust of his owners.  

Higher: 6 

Lower: 0 

Same: 5 

Henry Ruggs Fantasy Outlook 2021: Buy, Sell, or Hold? 

Though the results were split among the three categories not many are telling you to sell Ruggs. He was drafted early in dynasty leagues last year and selling him this early in his career could prove to be unwise. It often takes young WRs a few years to get into their prime years which makes holding onto Ruggs worth it. If you are not an owner of Ruggs this could be your chance to buy and reap the reward of those that want to cut their losses on the speedster.  

Buy: 4 

Sell: 2 

Hold: 5 

Henry Ruggs Fantasy Outlook 2021
Henry Ruggs Fantasy Outlook 2021

Henry Ruggs Fantasy Outlook 2021: Where Does He Rank? 

Most predicted that Henry Ruggs falls into the low-end WR 3 range in most fantasy leagues. He’s not an ideal WR 3. You won’t feel comfortable having a guy who has the label of a boom or bust in your weekly lineup but he has the potential to be that guy who can win you that tough matchup.  

High 32 

Low 36 

Henry Ruggs Fantasy Outlook 2021 Outlook 2021: Conclusion

Overall, the RotoHeat team believes that Henry Ruggs will make an improvement heading into his second professional season.

What do you think of Henry Ruggs? Let us know in our Discord or in our Facebook Group. Make sure to keep a lookout on YouTube and RotoHeat.com for more 2021 Fantasy Outlooks.

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