Six members of the RotoHeat team came together to answer some of the biggest questions of the offseason. We bought or sold 13 separate takes and are releasing one per day. We submitted our answers individually so we were not influenced by others’ opinions. Please comment on your takes below. We would love to hear your opinions.

*All questions are based on ppr formats.

Rob Sullivan: BUY

After reading my Melvin Gordon take, the answer is easy.  The Chargers want Brady to sell tickets, suites, and jerseys.  They need a fan base and TB12 helps them achieve this. Brady wants LA and that market for his TB12 brand, and the possibilities that present themselves post-career in that massive media market.  This simply makes too much sense for it not to happen.

Rick Butts:  SELL

 I think he is playing the game perfectly, but I believe at the end of the day, he ends up back in New England.  The only way he doesn’t is if Belichek no longer wants him. Kraft doesn’t want him going anywhere.

Taylor Cornell: SELL

Brady’s recent ‘antics’ of selling his house, posting cryptic messages (even if it was only related to a Super Bowl commercial), etc., are all just an attempt to put some pressure on Robert Kraft to make some major moves on offense.  Brady realizes the end of his career is looming, and he may only have one more run at another Super Bowl appearance. The Pats will ultimately resign Brady, even if their offer isn’t the highest one presented.

Sean Coffey: SELL

I don’t see Brady wanting to end his legacy in New England with his last throw being a pick 6 in the playoffs. Him going to another team which will more than likely be in a worse situation than New England doesn’t make much sense either.

Craig Bullock: SELL

Didn’t Brady say at the end of his Hulu commercial that he wasn’t going anywhere?

Mike Altman: SELL

As Brady said himself, “I am not going anywhere.” Brady has taken pay cut after pay cut to help the Pats reload year after year. He loves winning and excels in their system. The Patriots give Brady the best chance to win, and that is where he will want to be. As for the Patriots, they will take him back and then use this off-season to find a future replacement.  

Consensus: 5-1(Sell)

Check back tomorrow when we discuss our last take of the month. We will be buying or selling what we think about Brady’s favorite pass catching position.

As always, make sure you post your takes below. We love to hear your thoughts.

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