Is Anthony Richardson the next Devy star in the making? The Florida Gator QB will have a lot of opportunities to show and prove this season.

I guess there is some good when it comes to social networks. From time to time you can pick up on some good info on whatever you’re searching for. Over the past year or so as I have been taking a look at prospects for my Devy drafts, one interesting player kept popping up on my radar.

With a surprisingly helpful resource like Twitter, I was introduced to Anthony Richardson. At first look, I was amazed by his size and athleticism for a quarterback.

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In devy, quarterbacks can be tricky. Some prospects can lose value like Spencer Rattler and DJ Uiagalelei did this past season by not living up to expectations. But sometimes you may have to “buck the trend” and go all in on a prospect. Anthony Richardson is one of them for me. I had to find out more and see what the hype was all about.

AR2 min Anthony Richardson
Anthony Richardson

Is Anthony Richardson Next UP?

I recently did a Devy Next UP article on some quarterback prospects and Richardson was not one of the five. In all fairness, I believe all of the quarterbacks mentioned were worthy of being highlighted. Richardson just missed the cut but he is still a prospect you should be monitoring this season.

Per 24/7sports, Richardson was a 4-star dual-threat quarterback out of Gainesville Florida. So his collegiate journey starts in his hometown with Richardson committing to the University of Florida in 2019.

Although he has played very minimal snaps since arriving on campus, it was the 2021 season where he showed flashes. As a backup Richardson was able to compile 529 passing yards with 6 touchdowns. He also gained 401 rushing yards and 3 touchdowns showing off his dual-threat ability.

Now you may ask how is Richardson being hyped if he hasn’t played much in College?

Well, I can tell you that when he did have the opportunity he showed why he was one of the highest recruited dual-threat quarterbacks in the country. Being 6’4” and 230 pounds Richardson already has the size and frame of an elite prospect. With pure athleticism, Richardson was able to take over games and was a big play waiting to happen when playing.

When looking at a few Florida games from last season, the coaching staff would use Richardson as a change of pace kind of player in the offense and often had Richardson not in rhythm. He showed a little issue with being consistent with his accuracy and would sometimes be erratic with his raw arm strength.

You almost wished that they would fully unleash Richardson to the fullest so we can have a better analysis of him as a prospect. As stated, Quarterback can be tricky to evaluate in Devy because of the ever-changing coaching staff and schemes to slow down development.

In this case, gone is longtime coach Dan Mullen and in comes Billy Napier. Also last year’s starting quarterback, Emory Jones entered the transfer portal. Was that the first indication of Richardson’s ascension to stardom? Why would the starting Quarterback leave school and enter the portal?

The writing was on the wall. Richardson has put in a lot of work in the off-season to further develop as a quarterback. Billy Napier and his staff look to unleash Richardson this season.

What makes Richardson so interesting is that he has the leadership quality you would want in a Quarterback. I recently came across this quote from him on Twitter and you love to hear him make statements like this regarding being a leader.

“People always told me I had to be a leader. I thought I had to scream and yell, but now I understand that, it means connecting with people, building relationships and bonds. If people can trust you and rely on you, it makes it a lot easier to lead them.”
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That said, Richardson has become a “my guy” for me and I’m looking to get him in all of my Devy leagues. The hype is real and I’m starting to believe that you should too.

What are your thoughts on Anthony Richardson?

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