Welcome back to the 2021 Dynasty Hidden Gems series. In case you missed it, the first article of the series highlighted WR Parris Campbell of the Indianapolis Colts.

One of the easiest ways to quickly improve your roster is by taking calculated risks. Whether from the wire or the back-end of your opponents’ roster, there are players that are (relatively) easy to obtain that can pay HUGE dividends. Sometimes referred to as dynasty “deep dives,” these players may not seem like much on the surface, but find a hidden gem and you will unlock incredible value.

In the worst case scenario, the player you acquire busts, but because you didn’t risk a lot of value, the hit will only slightly sting. Be smart and stay active, and you will likely find enough hidden gems to make up for all of your whiffs combined. That is doing dynasty roster construction right.

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With that, I present to you the next 2021 Dynasty Hidden Gem of this offseason, and if things go according to plan, you may sound like Peter Griffin of Family Guy this upcoming fantasy season by singing these words to the tune of his favorite song:

“A-well-a-Hurd, Hurd, Hurd is the word. A-well-a Hurd, Hurd, Hurd, Hurd is the word!”

hurdpeter min Dynasty Hidden Gem
Peter Griffin of Family Guy knows Hurd “is the word!” and that Jalen Hurd is a great Dynasty Hidden Gem of the 2021 season.

Jalen Hurd

All jokes aside, one player you should certainly try to roster this offseason is third-year wide receiver Jalen Hurd of the San Francisco 49ers. He totally fits the bill as a Dynasty Hidden Gem considering in the NFL he has not recorded a single regular season touch in his first two seasons. In college, however, Jalen Hurd was a dynamic athlete. He started college playing as running back for the Tennessee Volunteers, and then transferred to Baylor and transitioned to wide receiver.

While Jalen Hurd didn’t set any collegiate record books on fire, he did provide each of his teams with amazing upside with his spectacular playmaking ability. Standing at 6’4” and 227 pounds, Hurd has size you can’t teach in the NFL. He is also very fast considering how big he is with a 40-yard dash time at the combine of 4.64 in 2019. Though he isn’t extremely quick off the line, he has great impressive straight-line speed which helps keep defenses in check. He also isn’t afraid to use his size to his advantage.

Selected in the 3rd round of 2019, the 49ers had high hopes for Jalen Hurd. Even though he has been on injured reserve in both of his first two seasons, there is still an opportunity for Hurd to make an impact. His resumé in the NFL is lacking, but he has shown in training camp and the preseason what he can bring to the table at the next level. For example, during the fourth preseason game of 2019, Jalen Hurd recorded 3 catches for 31 yards and scored two touchdowns. The first of those two touchdowns is shown below:

Why Buy Now?

As it currently stands, Jalen Hurd is at worst 4th on his teams’ depth chart at wideout, although I’d argue he is 3rd above Richie James, who is generally used more as a return man for special teams. Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk lead the way, but everyone else behind them is either unproven or not extremely talented. Kendrick Bourne had a nice season last year with the 49ers, however he recently signed a new deal with the New England Patriots.

Keep in mind the NFL draft just a month away, and so it is very possible the 49ers select a wide receiver with one of their ten (yes, ten!) draft picks. Even if they draft a wideout or two, those new receivers may not pan out. Hurd has an advantage being with the team for a couple of seasons and knowing the playbook. He is still a little raw and needs to work on some aspects of his game, but if fully healthy, I expect to see the 49ers regularly deploy him in their formations alongside Samuel, Aiyuk, and TE George Kittle. His value has never been any lower than it currently is, and it likely will only go up from this point forward.

Hurd2 min Dynasty Hidden Gem
August 10, 2019, Jalen Hurd leaps for his 2nd TD grab in the final 49ers preseason game vs. the Dallas Cowboys of the 2019 season.

Final Thoughts

Jalen Hurd has virtually no risk to acquire him at this point. He is one of those Dynasty Hidden Gems that is on many waiver wires or maybe stashed away on a team’s IR in your leagues. He can easily be obtained. In fact, some owners may be happy to lose him for the roster space prior to the upcoming rookie draft. Again, with little to no risk, that makes any reward from Hurd incredibly desirable. Even if he just has a couple good games, you could potentially trade him for a more dependable player or keep him to see if he continues to develop into a consistent weapon for your roster. 

That’s why Jalen Hurd should be in YOUR game plan to try to improve your own dynasty squad with an opportunity to soon shine bright. I will regularly release more 2021 Dynasty Hidden Gems throughout this offseason. Good luck!

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