As the new year dawns and the calendar flips from 2022 to 2023, it’s time to unveil our latest January dynasty rookie rankings. And within those rankings, a few players have made particularly impressive leaps. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at the top three risers of the month.

This article won’t include players that were added to the ranks after declaring for the draft. Once all declarations are made, we will include “new” players to the rankings in our monthly “Top 3 Risers” series.

Rashee Rice, Wide Reciever – SMU

Dynasty Rookie Rankings: Rashee Rice
Dynasty Rookie Rankings: Top 3 Risers in January 4

Looking back at the December dynasty rookie rankings, Rashee Rice finished as the 16th overall player and the WR6. When we updated to January, Rice impressively moved up two spots. He now finds himself as the 14th overall player and WR4.

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While the move may not look like much, Kayshon Boutte was added for the January update after declaring for the draft. He came in as the WR4. This means Rice moved up in the overall rankings and maintained his WR6 ranking, despite having another highly-rated WR added ahead of him.

This comes after finishing his senior season with 96 receptions, 1,355 yards, and 10 touchdowns.

Kendre Miller, Running Back – TCU

Dynasty Rookie Rankings: Kendre Miller
Dynasty Rookie Rankings: Top 3 Risers in January 5

While moving up three spots is great, I am sure Kendre Miller cares more about making the National Championship, but we are here for dynasty rookie rankings. The three-spot jump from 11 overall to 8 overall and the jump from RB6 to RB4 is impressive enough to land him on this list.

At the time of writing this, Kendre Miller is in a weird spot since he is questionable to play in the championship game vs. Georgia. We could see a few scenarios play out with Miller.

  1. He plays and plays well and builds on the recent hype.
  2. He plays and struggles and moves down the February dynasty rookie rankings.
  3. He has to sit out, which could hurt his momentum, and he moves down or just maintains.

No matter what, Miller has impressed in his 3-year career at TCU. With 390 touches, 2,639 scrimmage yards, and 27 touchdowns, the production has been really good. 2022 stands out as he nearly tripled his workload with 224 carries, 1,399 rushing yards, 17 touchdowns, and 16 receptions, 116 receiving yards, and no touchdowns through the air.

Kenny McIntosh, Running Back – Georgia

Dynasty Rookie Rankings: Kenny McIntosh
Dynasty Rookie Rankings: Top 3 Risers in January 6

Kenny McIntosh is an interesting prospect out of Georgia. He hasn’t had the gaudy rushing numbers that you see from some of the other running backs in this year’s dynasty rookie rankings. What he has done exceptionally well in college is catch passes out of the backfield which has helped him move from #25 overall to #21 overall, and RB9 to RB8.

In McIntosh’s four seasons, he had a total of 75 receptions for 862 yards and four touchdowns. 42 receptions, 506 yards, and two touchdowns came in 2022.

When it comes to rushing ability, McIntosh had 271 attempts, 1,532 yards, and 16 touchdowns in his career and only averaged more than six yards per carry during his freshman season when he averaged 7 yards per carry on 25 attempts.

January Dynasty Rookie Rankings

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