I’m here to help you understand your options and my top 5 websites to host your dynasty fantasy leagues in 2022. I’ll lay out the options and give you my opinion, hopefully, it helps you find the perfect platform for your league! Dynasty leagues have been around for a LONG time, I started in my home dynasty league back around 2001, so I have a little bit of experience with different fantasy platforms.

Top 5 Websites to Host Your Dynasty Fantasy League: The Options

My Fantasy League is pretty much the industry standard site to run your leagues these days, and I know we have had plenty of talks in the community Discord chats about that as well! MFL brings a level of complexity but really you can go as deep as you want as a commissioner or owner, or you can keep it simple if need be and just do the basics of team management without going to far.

Top 5 Sites to Host Your Fantasy League

ESPN (They call them keeper leagues)
Reality Sports Online

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Top 5 Websites to Host Your Dynasty Fantasy League: The Rankings

Top 5 Websites to Host Your Dynasty Fantasy League

That said, my favorite sites to host my fantasy leagues are as follows:
1. Sleeper
2. MyFantasyLeague
3. Fleaflicker
5. Fantrax

I chose Sleeper because they do an amazing job of enhancing their platform, and adding new tools regularly and I anticipate them taking over the market before too long. For redraft leagues, ESPN and Yahoo have done a great job of making it easy to manage and maintain and easy for newer players to get acclimated to fantasy football.

Some of these sites are paid, some are free, and that needs to be considered. If you and your league mates are new to fantasy, starting with a free platform is smarter as you can get everything you need to have a great fantasy season. The major difference is just the amount of tools and depth of the sites for the most part but like most things you get what you pay for.

Top 5 Websites to Host Your Dynasty Fantasy League

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