I am constantly looking for things that I miss when it comes to fantasy performances. I have done articles on the most consistent fantasy wide receivers before, but I decided to change my model this year and I am pleased with the way it came out. In this article, I will only be factoring in wide receivers that played at least half the season, 9 or more games.

Without giving away all the secret sauce, I will tell you that the main factor is a week-by-week score based on finishes as a WR1, WR2, or WR3. This will be a series that also includes quarterbacks, running backs, and tight ends and each position’s scoring is slightly different based on the differences in scoring for each.

Most Consistent Fantasy Wide Receivers of 2022

36. Isaiah Hodgins – New York Giants

Score = 33.3 w/ 9 Games Played

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Despite not really playing much in the first half of the season, Isaiah Hodgins took full advantage of the opportunity once he did. With only one game log before week 10, he would string together three games of WR64, 72, and 72. From there he would take off. In his final 5 weeks of the season, he would finish as the wide receiver 21, 22, 54, 7, and 20.

Not bad for a wide receiver that nobody expected to have fantasy relevancy.

35. Christian Watson – Green Bay Packers

Score = 33.3 w/ 14 Games Played

Dropping an almost-sure touchdown on the first play of the season likely slowed Christian Watson down. He would not have better than a WR40 finish until week 10 when he absolutely took off. From there He would finish as the wide receiver 3, 8, 10, 8, 48, 40, 91, and 13. That is the type of improvement you want to see in the second half for a rookie wide receiver.

34. Zay Jones – Jacksonville Jaguars

Score = 33.3 w/ 16 Games Played

Like most of his career, Zay Jones had an up-and-down 2022. He would start the season with a top 36 finish, and then turn in a WR5 week 3, then he went slightly cold until week 9 when he crept back into the top 36, barely, with a WR34 finish. From there he would go 24, 4, 78, 7, 1, and then end his season slowly with finishes of 87, 53, and 63.

Still not bad for someone that nobody expected to be one of the most consistent fantasy wide receivers.

33. Brandon Aiyuk – San Francisco 49ers

Score = 33.3 w/ 17 Games Played

Brandon Aiyuk is no longer in the dog house. He would get off to a slow start in 2022 with weekly finishes of 63, 41, 39, 50, and 48. Then he would break out in week 6 with a WR 4 finish. He would be fairly consistent the rest of the way with finishes of 18, 11, 33, 15, 36, 44, 28, 74, 31, 3, and 42.

32. Chris Olave – New Orleans Saints

Score = 35.56 w/ 15 Games Played

The second rookie on this list, Chris Olave was a big help to the New Orlean Saints offense in his first year. His best finish was in week 3 when he was the WR6 and then he would be WR7 in week 11. The rest of the season was a mixed bag, with finishes of 51, 42, 43, 60, 50 on the “bad” side, and 17, 18, 13, 22, 18 on the good side.

Derek Carr should help him be more productive and consistent in year two.

31. Mike Evans – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Score = 35.56 w/ 15 Games Played

Mike Evans is the model of consistency. Well, at least when talking about full seasons. Somehow, he remains inconsistent from week to week, but has started his career with 9 straight 1,000-yard receiving seasons. 2022 was really no different.

He would finish outside the top 36 seven times and inside the top 36 eight times. That would include 3 weeks of WR1 finishes. Can Baker Mayfield and/or Kyle Trask help him keep the 1,000-yard season streak alive?

30. Jakobi Meyers – New England Patriots (Now With Las Vegas Raiders)

Score = 35.71 w/ 14 Games Played

Jakobi Meyers would only play 14 games in 2022, but he would finish in the top 36 in half of those, making him one of the most consistent fantasy wide receivers. That included his three top 12 finishes of 8, 10, and 10. Two WR2 finishes of 14 and 18 and two more WR3 finishes of 33 and 29.

In 2023 Meyers will be with the Las Vegas Raiders and Jimmy Garropolo with plenty of targets to be had. He will also no longer be the teams #1 receiving option as the Raiders feature Davante Adams as well.

29. Deebo Samuel – San Francisco 49ers

Score = 35.90 w/ 13 Games Played

2022 wasn’t the follow-up the Deebo Samuel was hoping for, but he still found his way onto this list. He would miss weeks 8 and 15-17, but would finish as a top 36 wide receiver in 8 of the 13 games he did play. The issue for him was the lack of top-end finishes that we saw in 2021, as he only had top 12 finishes twice on the season.

28. Jahan Dotson – Washington Commanders

Score = 36.11 w/ 12 Games Played

Prior to 2022, there was a little hype for Jahan Dotson, but none of us really predicted how big of a TD monster he could be. He would get started right away with top 24 finishes in weeks 1 & 2, then after a down week 3, he would finish as the wide receiver 25 in week 4. He would then miss the next 5 weeks, which absolutely slowed him down.

In his first 3 weeks back, he would not finish better than WR83. he would then go 3 straight weeks with top 18 finishes, including finishes of 9 & 12, before cooling for the final two weeks with finishes of 38 and 45. We should be excited about Dotson going into year two.

T26. Garrett Wilson – New York Jets

Score = 37.25 w/ 17 Games Played

Speaking of excitement, it was pretty impressive what the reigning Rookie of the Year did for the Jets last year. Despite the hurdles of catching passes from Zach Wilson, Mike White, and Joe Flacco, Garrett Wilson would show fantasy football managers that he is a force.

6 of his 9 WR4 or worse finishes would come in the first 7 weeks. The lone top 36 finish was a week 2 finish as the WR6. Starting in week 8, he would have finishes of 16, 11, 78, 5, 9, 26, 27, 64, 62, and 11.

Now he has Aaron Rodgers.

T26. DJ Moore – Carolina Panthers (Now With Chicago Bears)

Score = 37.25 w/ 17 Games Played

Oof. Talk about battling bad QB play. That is the story of DJ Moore’s career. Despite the laundry list of poor QBs that have thrown him passes, Moore has continued to play admirably, even if the touchdowns have never materialized. He would not finish better than WR30 through the first 6 weeks, but then he would have finishes of 9 & 5 in weeks 7 & 8.

Then the QB play would tank him for the next three weeks with finishes of 51, 61, 62. He would finish as WR11 in week 12, before a 94th finish in week 14. He would finish the season strong with finishes of 16, 11, 5, but only 99 in the final week.

Now, Moore, who has ran the second most routes between 10-19 yards since 2019 is matched up with Justin Fields who was tied for the league lead in completion percentage in that range in 2022.

25. Michael Pittman Jr. – Indianapolis Colts

Score = 37.50 w/ 16 Games Played

We have a trend developing. Just like the last two wide receivers, Michael Pittman has been battling poor QB play as well. That hasn’t stopped his production either, but the future is bright (maybe) after the Indianapolis Colts drafted Anthony Richardson 4th overall in the 2023 draft.

Pittman would finish as the WR5 twice, but would not find himself inside the top 12 in any other weeks. he would still manage to have four weeks of WR2 and WR3 to give him 10 top 36 finishes in his 16 games played.

24. Allen Lazard – Green Bay Packers (Now With New York Jets)

Score = 37.78 w/ 15 Games Played

While not a flashy name, Allen Lazard would be one of the most consistent fantasy wide receivers in 2023. He would have 10 top-36 finishes on 16 games played as Aaron Rodgers’ most reliable target. he would also only have two WR1 weeks with finishes of 9 and 12, but would live in the WR3 range with finishes of 29, 30, 36, 34, and 26.

We could see much of the same from him in 2023 after moving to the New York Jets with his old QB.

23. Marquise “Hollywood” Brown – Arizona Cardinals

Score = 38.89 w/ 12 Games Played

Marquise Brown’s season started off hot with 6 straight top-36 finishes. Then he would miss 5 weeks and DeAndre Hopkins would return and Kyler Murray would get injured. It was bad upon his return. He would have one top-24 finish and the rest of his games would not see him get better than a finish of 42nd.

Murray is going to miss time to start the season and Hopkins has not been moved. Can Hollywood be more consistent if the starter is Colt McCoy?

22. Terry McLaurin – Washington Commanders

Score = 41.18 w/ 17 Games Played

Can the Commanders please get this man a quarterback? The start of his career reminds me a lot of DeAndre Hopkin’s career before the Texans drafted Deshaun Watson. Lots of inconsistency at QB, but production from the talented wide receiver anyways.

McLaurin’s best finish was WR7 and the range went all the way to WR82, but here is to hoping that Sam Howell (or whoever wins the job) can get him the ball more consistently than we have seen in his career so far.

21. DK Metcalf – Seattle Seahawks

Score = 43.14 w/ 17 Games Played

Talk about living as a WR2. Not bad for a guy that everyone was extremely worried about prior to the 2022 season as the Seahawks transitioned from Russell Wilson to Geno Smith.

Despite the move, DK Metcalf would have 7, yes 7 finishes as a WR2, to go with two weeks each as a WR1 and WR3. For 11 of his 17 games played, he was at least a starting WR/FLEX in fantasy football and that shouldn’t change in 2023.

20. Jaylen Waddle – Miami Dolphins

Score = 43.14 w/ 17 Games Played

The tale of 2021 for Jaylen Waddle is pretty simple. Tyreek Hill didn’t kill his production. Tua Tagovailoa didn’t kill his production. Well not directly at least. When Tua was healthy both Waddle and Hill thrived. When Tua missed time, it was Jaylen that took the hit.

Hopefully, Tua can get healthy and stay healthy for 2023 and it is likely that Waddle will find himself higher on this list this time next year.

19. Mike Williams – Los Angeles Chargers

Score = 43.59 w/ 13 Games Played

Speaking of health, Mike Williams may have had a monster season had he not missed 4 games. Only two wide receivers had as many or more WR1 finishes with 13 or fewer games played. Health is the only question I have for Williams and I am not worried at all about the arrival of Quentin Johnston for 2023.

18. Jerry Jeudy – Denver Broncos

Score = 44.44 w/ 15 Games Played

It was kind of a surprise to see Jerry Jeudy this high on the list with the terrible play of Russell Wilson in 2022. I have believed since he came into this league that he could be a top 5 WR in the NFL, but he has absolutely battled terrible QB play to go along with injuries thus far.

I fully expect Sean Payton to drastically improve this offense and Wilson’s QB play with a much shorter pass game in 2023. The same offense he thrived with in New Orleans with Drew Brees.

Call me bold, but Jerry Jeudy could be the Michael Thomas of this offense.

17. Christian Kirk – Jacksonville Jaguars

Score = 45.10 w/ 17 Games Played

I am 100% guilty of making fun of the Christian Kirk signing during the 2022 off-season. That being said, it turned out to be a great signing for the development of Trevor Lawrence, so even if he falls off with Calvin Ridley in town, the money was well spent to help TLaw.

9. Yes 9 top 24 finishes in 2022 for Kirk. That is more than times he finished outside the top 24. It will be interesting to see how he is affected by Ridley in 2023.

16. Amari Cooper – Cleveland Browns

Score = 45.10 w/ 17 Games Played

Amari Cooper has long been deemed “unreliable” or “inconsistent” but is actually one of the most consistent fantasy wide receivers. Despite the circus that surrounded the Browns in 2022 and switching from Jacoby Brissett to Deshaun Watson midway through the season, Cooper would still have 6 top-12 finishes to go with 3 more finishes inside the top 36.

With Watson back and the rust presumably knocked off, Cooper could have a monster 2023 season as the clear #1 option in Cleveland.

15. Chris Godwin – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Score = 46.67 w/ 15 Games Played

Despite rumors that he could miss the first half of last season, Chris Godwin would only miss two weeks, and it wasn’t even week 1 where he finished as the WR67. He would miss the next two weeks and then from week 4 on he would only finish outside the top 36 two more times, weeks 14 (37th) and week 18 (43rd).

That is consistency right there. The sad part is Tom Brady is now gone and we will have to see how Baker Mayfield and/or Kyle Trask step up in 2023.

14. Tyler Lockett – Seattle Seahawks

Score = 52.08 w/ 16 Games Played

Another WR that people are always blaming inconsistency on. It is just not true. Though he lacks the consistent top-12 finish, Tyler Lockett is consistently a startable wide receiver, even in leagues where you only start two.

In 2023 he would finish as a top 24 wide receiver nine times and only finish outside of the top 24 on seven times.

13. DeVonta Smith – Philadelphia Eagles

Score = 52.94 w/ 17 Games Played

Did you think DeVonta Smith was too small? I had my concerns. I regret those concerns.

In his second season, he would finish as a WR1 or WR2 on 5 occasions each. He would only find himself outside the top 24 on 7 occasions. The addition of A.J. Brown absolutely helped take some attention off of Smith, but he will be a force as long as the trio of Hurts, Brown and himself is on the field for the Eagles.

12. Tee Higgins – Cincinnati Bengals

Score = 55.56 w/ 15 Games Played

If Joe Burrow is Batman and Ja’Marr Chase is Robin, who is Tee Higgins? Well he is one of the most consistent fantasy wide receivers in the game right now. Despite being on a team that features one of the leagues most talented wide receivers, and probably a top three WR3 in Tyler Boyd, Tee was super productive in 2022.

Only 3 weeks found him outside the top 36 wide receivers in the league. In the other 12 games he played, he would finish he would finish as a WR1 (4x) or WR2 (5x) in 9 of those weeks. That leads us to…

11. Ja’Marr Chase – Cincinnati Bengals

Score = 56.41 w/ 13 Games Played

Despite only playing 13 games, Ja’Marr Chase would finish five of those as a WR1. Out of the other 8 weeks, he would finish in the top 36 in 5 of them. There isn’t a whole lot more to say about Chase. This is the guy he has been since he entered the league and won’t stop for a while as long as he is connected to his buddy Joe Burrow.

10. Davante Adams – Las Vegas Raiders

Score = 56.86 w/ 17 Games Played

While the buddy duo of Derek Carr and Davante Adams only lasted one season, it was fruitful for fantasy, even if it wasn’t for real football. Carr has been let go and finds himself in New Orleans and now the idea is for Jimmy G to be connecting with Adams. Will that hurt him?

In 2022 he finished as a WR1 in 8 weeks! That was the 3rd most out of all WRs and we will talk about the other two later.

9. Amon-Ra St. Brown – Detroit Lions

Score = 58.33 w/ 16 Games Played

Oh man, another WR that I missed on. While Amon-Ra St. Brown doesn’t have the gaudy WR1 numbers, this dude just finishes as a top 36 WR week-in and week-out. In 16 games in 2022 he only finished outside of that range in two weeks. The rest of the weeks would be spread evenly with five finishes as a WR1 & WR3 each and another four as a WR2.

Heading into 2023 the team will be looking to get Jameson Williams, now healthy, more involved. They are also looking to use new 12th overall draft pick Jahmyr Gibbs in the slot to go along with Sam LaPorta as their newly drafted TE. Will he be able to keep his consistency with a myriad of new weapons? Time will tell.

8. CeeDee Lamb – Dallas Cowboys

Score = 58.82 w/ 17 Games Played

Heading in to 2022 I stated that I wanted to see an “alpha” type season out of CeeDee Lamb to warrant all of his hype. He did just that. Only five WR’s had 7 or more WR1 finishes in 2022 and he was one of them. Nothing should change in 2023 and I would not be surprised if CeeDee Lamb contended for the WR1 overall in fantasy this season.

7. Keenan Allen – Los Angeles Chargers

Score = 60.00 w/ 10 Games Played

This is just Keenan Allen doing Keenan Allen things. He would miss some time but would finish his 10-game season with eight top-36 finishes. Half of those would find him as a top-12 wide receiver on the week.

I don’t expect anything different in 2023 but hope he can remain healthy so we can see 6-8 finishes as a WR1 and a gain one of the most consistent fantasy wide receivers.

6. A.J. Brown – Philadelphia Eagles

Score = 60.78 w/ 17 Games Played

Oh boy was 2022 a fun one for A.J. Brown. His draft day trade from the Titans to the Eagles was a blessing for fantasy purposes. He would have 12 finishes inside the top 24, split evenly between WR1 & WR2 weeks, and only four weeks outside the top 36.

As crazy as it may seem, he could improve in 2023 in his second season in the offense with Jalen Hurts.

5. Stefon Diggs – Buffalo Bills

Score = 62.75 w/ 17 Games Played

Nine, yes nine weeks as a WR1. That was tied for the league lead. The only knock would be that he also had 5 weeks outside the top 36, but do we really care? He gave us NINE WEEKS as a WR1 and we can’t ask for much more than that.

While Diggs may not hit that number in 2023, his 12 games inside the top 36 is absolutely replicable.

4. Justin Jefferson – Minnesota Vikings

Score = 64.71 w/ 17 Games Played

The man who tied Diggs with 9 WR1 weeks is Justin Jefferson, absolutely one of the most consistent fantasy wide receivers in the league. He sneaks slightly ahead of Diggs due to his three weeks as a WR2 rather than one of the being a WR3, but he also fell outside the top 36 on 5 occasions with two of them closing out his season.

Adam Thielen is now gone and Jordan Addison is in, so the targets shouldn’t really change and Jefferson has another great shot as the WR1 overall in fantasy in 2023.

3. DeAndre Hopkins – Arizona Cardinals

Score = 66.67 w/ 9 Games Played

This man produces and it doesn’t matter who is throwing him the ball. He is going to be targeted nearly 10 times per game and will rarely not finish as a top 36 receiver as long as his health (and no more suspensions) is intact.

His 9 games only saw him fall outside the top 36 in one week and half of the other eight weeks he was a top-12 receiver. If DeAndre Hopkins is healthy we should see another 6-8 WR1 weeks to go along with only three or four outside the top 36.

2. Tyreek Hill – Miami Dolphins

Score = 70.59 w/ 17 Games Played

The Cheetah is simply one of the best wide receivers in the league and the question marks that followed him into the 2022 season, like the downgrade from Patrick Mahomes to Tua Tagovailoa were answered. Tyreek Hill produced and produced well with Tua (and backups) at the helm in Miami. That made me happy as I wrote about how Tua wouldn’t hurt him around this time last year.

Hill would have 14 weeks inside the top-24 wide receivers. That was two more than Justin Jefferson and A.J. Brown who finished tied for 2nd.

1. Cooper Kupp – Los Angeles Rams

Score = 81.48 w/ 9 Games Played

I get it, this man only played 9 games in 2022, but the numbers are just ludicrous going all the way back to 2021 where he has been one of the most consistent fantasy wide receivers of all time. Just look at the graph. He was on pace for 11-12 finishes as a WR1 with 3-4 as a WR2. That is as many WR1 finishes as Jefferson and Brown had in the top 24.

If Cooper Kupp and Matthew Stafford are both healthy, Kupp will likely once again contend for WR1 overall in 2023.

Bonus: Point Cluster Finishes for All Wide Receivers

Most Consistent Fantasy Wide Receivers of 2022

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