2023 NFL Draft Day Three Recap: IDP

The 2023 NFL Draft is now over and undrafted free agents are already starting to sign contracts. Here we’ll be taking a look at the IDP draft picks on Day 3 and how they may find their way to fantasy relevancy. For the most part we will not have cornerbacks and defensive tackles listed, as in most IDP leagues they are not overly relevant. This is even more true for late round picks that have a harder road to hoe to even get on the field.

2023 NFL Draft Day Three Recap: IDP Round 4

Pick 109 – Dylan Horton (DE – TCU) to the Houston Texans
A better pass rusher than run defender, Dylan improved a lot while at TCU and could end up being an adequate NFL defensive end eventually.

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Pick 121 – Ventrell Miler (LB – Florida) to the Jacksonville Jaguars
Will likely make the team as a back up inside linebacker and special teams player. Not good in coverage, but a hard hitter who does well in run defense. Likely never a three-down player.

Pick 124 – Tavius Robinson (LB – Ole Miss) to the Baltimore Ravens
Needs to fill out his frame yet, but an aggressive player who works hard in the run game and when rushing the passer. Could end up being a start down the line.

Pick 126 – Isaiah McGuire (DE – Missouri) to the Cleveland Browns
NFL size with great strength and a powerful base to go with his aggressive attitude. Will need to play more disciplined and improved run defense to be an NFL starter.

Pick 129 – Villami Fehoko (DE – San Jose State) to the Dallas Cowboys
Has the attitude you want from a defensive end, with good pass-rushing moves. Will have to adapt to facing NFL-level competition. Likely a future rotational pass rusher.

Pick 130 – Tyler Lacy (DE – Oklahoma State) to the Jacksonville Jaguars
Ideal size and length, with good burst and quickness. Not likely a lot of IDP potential here given that he will be a 3-4 defensive end, but can develop into a good NFL player if he adds functional strength.

Pick 132 – Nick Herbig (LB – Wisconsin) to the Pittsburgh Steelers
A quality athlete, with NFL smarts, and physicality, that needs a lot of improvement in coverage and block shedding, Nick a nice depth EDGE piece that may get a shot to start in a few years.

Pick 134 – Jay Ward (S – LSU) to the Minnesota Vikings
Smart, instinctive, physical player. Could end up being a starting safety next to Lewis Cine eventually if he fills out his frame and learns to control his hands in coverage to avoid penalties.

2023 NFL Draft Day Three Recap: IDP Round 5

Pick 136 – Yasir Abdullah (LB – Louisville) to the Jacksonville Jaguars
Plays bigger than his size, with a chip on his shoulder. He was productive against the run and rushing the passer. Strong bas with good speed and agility, but may have issues with the size and length of NFL tackles.

Pick 137 – K.J. Henry (DE – Clemson) to the Washington Commanders
A five-star recruit out of high school, he has great physical skills, plus the size and length you want. He could develop into an NFL starter and goes to a great defensive line to learn from.

Pick 145 – Jammie Robinson (S – Florida State) to the Carolina Panthers
Jammie heads to a packed safety room in Carolina and will have to make it on special teams to start. Smaller, but strong, he can play in the nickel or at safety. Better closer to the box as run support than deep in coverage.

Pick 146 – Jordan Howden (S – Minnesota) to the New Orleans Saints
Smart player to match his good instincts, he would fit any team from a personality standpoint. Better in run support than in coverage, he needs to not rush things and will have to make the team it on special teams to start.

Pick 148 – Noah Sewell (LB – Oregon) to the Chicago Bears
Likely a long-term backup. Graded out better in coverage than against the run, but one wouldn’t guess that with his size. Big linebacker that gives you vibes of a two-down thumper.

Pick 151 – Mike Morris (DE – Michigan) to the Seattle Seahawks
Huge defensive end that was not overly productive at Michigan until this past year. May get a shot on defense this year given the improvement and better depth they need, but I would be surprised if he is an IDP contributor.

Pick 153 – SirVocea Dennis (LB – Pittsburgh) to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
A defensive back and quarterback in high school, he started for three seasons at Pittsburgh. Great speed and burst, he will fit in on special teams right away and could end up as a decent NFL starter.

Pick 158 – Daniel Scott (S – California) to the Indianapolis Colts
High football IQ and a defensive leader at California, he does much better against the run than in coverage. Indianapolis needs long-term safety answers, he could end up sticking as a box safety.

Pick 160 – Antonio Johnson (S – Texas A&M) to the Jacksonville Jaguars
Big, athletic safety who has the physicality you want against the run, but needs to not be overaggressive and miss the tackle. Could end up being an NFL starter, and he can play deep as well as in the box.

Pick 161 – Nick Hampton (LB – Appalachian State) to the Los Angeles Rams
Will have a big adjustment going from a DIII school to the NFL, he has the burst, speed, bend, and agility you want from a pass-rusher, but he is undersized for the NFL. Likely a rotational pass-rusher to start, as he learns the nuances of run defense.

Pick 166 – B.J. Thompson (DE – Stephen F. Austin) to the Kansas City Chiefs
A developmental pass-rusher, he has the athletic skills you want but needs to hone the finer points of the role. Will need to add functional strength and mass to get on the field.

Pick 167 – Henry To’o To’o (LB – Alabama) to the Houston Texans
A smart, instinctive player who will get you tackles. He will likely get playing time later this year, or next year, as a starter, but not a high-end, long-term player. Lacking in the athleticism you want.

Pick 168 – Owen Pappoe (LB – Auburn) to the Arizona Cardinals
A high-end athlete without a lot of college production, Owen lands in a great spot. The Cardinals are rebuilding and need to figure out their linebacker spots. He feels like a player that could end up starting by next year that may make some noise in IDP leagues.

Pick 170 – Christopher Smith II (S – Georgia) to the Las Vegas Raiders
A big faller from early 2023 rankings, this is a spot where Christopher could make the team. Good in coverage and can play all over the defensive backfield. Does not have top-end speed and needs to wrap up when tackling.

Pick 173 – Robert Beal Jr. (LB – Georgia) to the San Francisco 49ers
A developmental player who looks the part of an EDGE, but did not have much production at all while playing on championship-caliber teams. Robert lands in a great spot to learn the NFL game, but I have a hard time seeing him grow into an IDP contributor.

2023 NFL Draft Day Three Recap: IDP Round 6

Pick 183 – JL Skinner (S – Boise State) to the Denver Broncos
Huge safety at 6’4″, 210lbs, he is a hard hitter and great in run support. A natural playmaker he will need to be closer in the box to make an impact, but he has a future in the NFL.

Pick 184 – Zaire Barnes (LB – Western Michigan) to the New York Jets
Small in size for an EGDE player, he is aggressive and held his own in both coverage and run defense in college. Will need to adapt to the NFL level of talent, but has the smarts to make it.

Pick 189 – Ochaun Mathis (DE – Nebraska) to the Los Angeles Rams
May have to add weight to be a 3-4 DE in the NFL. Good athlete with NFL burst and quickness. Great length for the NFL and a quick processor, if he can add the weight he could be an NFL starter someday.

Pick 196 – Jose Ramirez (LB – Eastern Michigan) to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Developmental pass rusher that won’t be forced into an early role with the pieces ahead of him in Tampa. Good pass rusher at college, but not great against the run. Did not show up well against big college programs.

Pick 198 – Jerrick Reed II (S – New Mexico) to the Seattle Seahawks
Likely tops out as a long-term NFL back up if he makes the team, he can play a variety of defensive secondary positions and tries hard against the run. Not as good in coverage.

Pick 203 – Amari Burney (LB – Florida) to the Las Vegas Raiders
Former defensive back who has a knack for making plays, and can play all over. Needs to improve his wrapping up when tackling to make it on an NFL defense.

Pick 208 – Erick Hallett (S – Pittsburgh) to the Jacksonville Jaguars
A smaller size safety, he has good instincts, and will have to make his way on special teams with the crowded safety group in Jacksonville.

Pick 211 – Titus Leo (LB – Wagner) to the Indianapolis Colts
The fourth player ever drafted from Wagner, he is small for a defensive end. Very explosive with good speed. His lack of college production is worrisome with his transition to the NFL.

Pick 213 – Dante Stills (DT – West Virginia) to the Arizona Cardinals
Has a non-stop motor and is a good pass rusher. Has size issues against the run and will likely be a career back up if he makes it.

Pick 216 – Dee Winters (LB – TCU) to the San Francisco 49ers
Despite his size, can play inside or outside at linebacker and wins with smarts. Good speed and explosiveness, can make the team via special teams, and develop into a quality backup.

2023 NFL Draft Day Three Recap: IDP Round 7

Pick 224 – DeMarcco Hellams (S – Alabama) to the Atlanta Falcons
A traditional, in-the-box type safety, DeMarcco is a quality tackler that lacks NFL speed and does not do well in man coverage. He can find a role on special teams to start his career, but with Richie Grant and Jessie Bates the Falcons have their safetys set for the next several years.

Pick 233 – Andre Jones (LB – Louisiana) to the Washington Commanders
Another high energy, safety/linebacker tweener, Jones does well in coverage and could find his way onto the team as a backup and special teams player for a team that sorely needs linebacker depth.

Pick 234 – Jason Taylor II (S – Oklahoma State) to the Los Angeles Rams
Instinctive, hard-hitting safety that wraps up when tackling, Jason was a regular playmaker at Oklahoma State on defense and special teams. With his special teams acumen and the need for better safety play for the Rams, he has a great shot to make the team.

Pick 242 – Anthony Johnson Jr (S – Iowa State) to the Green Bay Packers
A former cornerback, Anthony has great athletic traits to go with NFL speed. He is still learning the position but was beloved on his team. If he can learn to harness his aggressive nature and improve his tackling he has a shot to end up as a starter someday.

Pick 248 – Brandon Hill (S – Pittsburgh) to the Houston Texans
An aggressive, hard-hitting safety, Hill will likely have to make the team as a special teams player, as his instincts and awareness are currently below what you would want for an NFL backup safety.

Pick 249 – Moro Ojomo (DE – Texas) to the Philadelphia Eagles
Moro fits the Eagles’ desire for players that can play across the defensive front. A high-effort, strong lineman that does well in run support, he could end up as a depth piece.

Pick 254 – Gervarrius Owens (S – Houston) to the New York Giants
Great size, speed, and frame. Quickly processes plays a has a physical style of play. Not great in coverage or pursuit and will need to clean up his tackling to make the team.

Pick 255 – Jalen Graham (LB – Purdue) to the San Francisco 49ers
An athletic linebacker with good speed, Graham lacks the size and strength you would want in an outside linebacker. He does well in coverage having played defensive back in high school, so he could stick on special teams and coverage packages.

Pick 259 – Desjuan Johnson (DE – Toledo) to the Los Angeles Rams
No QB repeat after Brock Purdy last year, this Mr. Irrelevant goes to the Rams who are in need of bodies and depth along the defensive line. Versatile with a good motor, he will likely be pushing to make the practice squad.

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