This past April, Will Levis was selected in the early second round as the 33rd pick overall in the 2023 NFL Draft. to the Tennessee Titans. Though 33rd overall sounds pretty good, Levis was being projected to go as early as first overall (if some people are to be believed) just the day before. The Colts even said that if Anthony Richardson was not there at 4. they would have selected Levis there.

With such a wide range of outcomes, I thought it was worth taking a closer look at this mayonaise-infused coffee connoisseur who eats bananas (skin on, please) – yes, that’s Will Levis. Let’s see what dynasty fantasy football value Will Levis has.

High School

He attended Xavier High School in Middletown, CT. He played on the varsity team for three years, and during his senior year, he averaged 277.1 passing yards and 2.7 passing touchdowns per game. He graduated with a quarterback rating of 102.7. He also ran for 112 yards and scored 6 touchdowns that year. He showed off his dual threat ability as being a strong quarterback who could pick up the tough yards when needed. He graduated as a three-star prospect and had offers from FSU, Ole Miss, and Penn State, to name a few.

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He spent the early part of his college years at Penn State (2018-2020) and the last two years at Kentucky (2021-2022).

His first two years as a Nittany Lion were mediocre. He simply didn’t see the field. Penn State had Sean Clifford as their quarterback at the time. While Sean wasn’t necessarily spectacular, he was more than capable of getting the job done. To make the quarterback change to Will Levis would have required some serious guts to pull an 11-game winning starter in Sean Clifford. Levis simply would not have the opportunity to shine in Penn State, so he transferred to Kentucky to be their starting quarterback.

At Kentucky as the starting quarterback, he was able to have a successful career. Of the 24 games he played, the Wildcats won 17 of those games, albeit against weaker competition. Levis also helped the team win the Citrus Bowl. Despite only playing two years at Kentucky, he was able to rank among the team’s best quarterbacks ever. The snapshot below can only give a glimpse of his abilities, as he often put his health on the line to make critical passes or rush to pick up a new set of downs. Fans loved his love for football.

college stats Will Levis
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There are 3 undeniable strengths of Will Levis: (1) arm strength; (2) intelligence; and (3) heart. There’s no question that he has a cannon for an arm. NFL teams value a quarterback that can throw the ball to all parts of the field, and get it there within the requisite time. Passing window are typically much shorter in the NFL, and knowing that Levis can zip the ball around inspires confidence. Also, he’s a smart player. Though much bally-hooed recently, Levis scored a 93% on the S2 cognition test (68% is average, Joe Burrow scored 97%). The test tracks a quarterback’s ability to track multiple objects, make complex decisions, and ability to compromise, among other data points. We’ve also seen his intelligence in game-play, with his ability to make the reads, take off running, and read defenses. Levis played in an NFL-pro ready system, so his mental abilities is up there.

Finally, as alluded to before, Levis plays with heart. He is not scared to risk injuries for his team. This is a strength because NFL teams want players that buy-in and have the tough work ethic. Often lauded by his college teammates for his work ethic, he could continue to develop at the NFL level.

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One of the key weaknesses that I found in his game is accuracy. It’s not that he is woefully incompetent, but there are many throws that could’ve been on the money if they thrown with more touch and less velocity. This is evident in tape as well, when the pocket is quiet, he can make the throws, however, even when slightly flustered or under pressure, the ball doesn’t arrive right at its destination… the result reminds me of those drivers that seemingly can’t park their car between the parking lines. There, but not quite there. As mentioned before, the mechanics, especially his legs, could use some NFL coaching. There’s just enough weakness across the board that his overall ability as a QB is deflated compared to say, Bryce Young, who may lack the size and arm strength, but is elite at decision making and accuracy.


The opportunity to become a starting quarterback, and hence, a viable fantasy quarterback depends on whether he is able to overtake Ryan Tannehill. (Malik Willis has proven himself to be too much of a project to show that he is capable of running an NFL offense.) Levis could overtake Tannehill by skill or circumstance – traded, released, or injured. Levis would immediately step into a role of handing off the ball to Derrick Henry and throwing the occasional pass to Treylon Burks. Unfortunately, the offensive weapons are severely lacking in Tennessee, which certainly limits the fantasy upside of any Titan quarterback.


The biggest threat to Levis’ fantasy value is the existence of Ryan Tannehill. Putting that competition aside, Levis is also a developmental quarterback that needs the reps at the pro level. While he certainly possesses the arm talent and athleticism that GMs and head coaches desire so greatly, there’s much uncertainty about Levis’ ability to adapt. While Levis appears to be a tough competitor and has the proper work ethic, it is concerning that his awareness, even at the collegiate level, was less than acceptable. I believe that such weaknesses are difficult to mask at the pro level. Even without Ryan Tannehill, his biggest threat may be himself and his shortcomings (odd diet included).


Currently, I am drafting him in the mid-late second round of SF rookie drafts, which usually means that Levis is not getting to me, and that is something I can live with.

That said, I wouldn’t mind having Levis on my Superflex dynasty roster as my fourth-best quarterback. He is still young, and he possesses the athleticism and lively arm that could produce great numbers for many years to come. However, to get to that point, Levis will need to develop more as a quarterback. In the right system under the right tutelage, the opportunity may present itself for him to do so, hopefully sooner than it did for Geno Smith.

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