Week 2 Quarterback Rankings in Tiers (Updated)


Week 1 was a wild ride and I am back with my week 2 quarterback rankings!

Week 2 Quarterback Rankings: Tier 1

Week 2 Quarterback Rankings: Patrick Mahomes
Week 2 Quarterback Rankings in Tiers (Updated) 6

We don’t need any explanations for these guys. They will be no-doubt starters the entire season no matter the matchup. This is the start of Lamar Jackson securing the bag by the way.

  • Josh Allen vs. Tennessee Titans
  • Patrick Mahomes vs. Los Angeles Chargers
  • Justin Herbert @ Kansas City Chiefs
  • Jalen Hurts vs. Minnesota Vikings
  • Lamar Jackson vs. Miami Dolphins

Week 2 Quarterback Rankings: Tier 2

Week 2 Quarterback Rankings: Kirk Cousins
Week 2 Quarterback Rankings in Tiers (Updated) 7
  • Kyler Murray @ Las Vegas Raiders
  • Kirk Cousins @ Philadelphia Eagles
  • Russell Wilson vs. Houston Texans
  • Tom Brady @ New Orleans Saints
  • Joe Burrow @ Dallas Cowboys

Week 2 Quarterback Rankings: Tier 3

Week 2 Quarterback Rankings: Justin Fields
Week 2 Quarterback Rankings in Tiers (Updated) 8
  • Derek Carr vs. Arizona Cardinals
  • Aaron Rodgers vs. Chicago Bears
  • Justin Fields @ Green Bay Packers
  • Tua Tagovailoa @ Baltimore Ravens
  • Trey Lance vs. Seattle Seahawks
  • Jameis Winston vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Carson Wentz @ Detroit Lions

Week 2 Quarterback Rankings: Tier 4

Week 2 Quarterback Rankings: Marcus Mariota
Week 2 Quarterback Rankings in Tiers (Updated) 9

This tier mostly lacks the rushing upside that we like from fantasy QB’s. That is why Marcus Mariota finds himself at the top of this list.

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  • Marcus Mariota @ Los Angeles Rams
  • Matthew Stafford vs. Atlanta Falcons
  • Trevor Lawrence vs. Indianapolis Colts
  • Davis Mills @ Denver Broncos
  • Jared Goff vs. Washington Redskins
  • Daniel Jones vs. Carolina Panthers
  • Ryan Tannehill @ Buffalo Bills
  • Baker Mayfield @ New York Giants
  • Mitch Trubisky vs. New England Patriots
  • Matt Ryan @ Jacksonville Jaguars – With Michael Pittman Jr. sidelined it is hard to imagine the Colts not leaning heavily on the running game and limiting their passing attack.
  • Geno Smith @ San Fransisco 49ers

Week 2 Quarterback Rankings: Tier 5

Week 2 Quarterback Rankings: Mac Jones
Week 2 Quarterback Rankings in Tiers (Updated) 10

Geno Smith graduated from tier 5 with his performance over the Denver Broncos and we see two newcomers. Mac Jones finds himself in tier 5 after suffering back spasms and he is on the road against the Steelers. Cooper Rush takes over for Dak Prescott in Dallas, where the Cowboys did not look good.

  • Mac Jones @ Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Jacoby Brissett vs. New York Jets
  • Joe Flacco @ Cleveland Browns
  • Cooper Rush vs. Cincinnati Bengals

There are my week 2 quarterback tier rankings. Discuss them with me by heading over to our Discord or hit me up on Twitter! Look for my RB, WR, and TE tiers throughout the week, and make sure to check back for updates.

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