Trey Sermon Fantasy Outlook 2021: Is He a Top-30 RB?


Trey Sermon Fantasy Outlook 2021

In this article, we are going to cover the Trey Sermon fantasy outlook for 2021. We will share where we think he will rank amongst all running backs in 2021. Should you buy, hold or sell? Will Trey Sermon be more or less valuable in 2022? Do we think he is going to be a league winner, weekly starter, flex play, spot starter, dark horse or dart throw? Included is all of this as well as personal opinions of the 14 people that participated from the RotoHeat staff.

Trey Sermon Fantasy Outlook 2021: What Is His Weekly Playability?

Only two people felt that Sermon will be worthy of a weekly starter of flex position. They both believe that he is the most talented running back on the team and will take over starting for the 49ers. They think he will get a majority of the reps there within this season.

Weekly Starter: 1
Weekly Flex: 1
Darkhorse: 2
Spot Starter: 5
Dart Throw: 5

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Most of us do not feel that way though. One of us who had him as a dart throw said “49ers RBs are like Patriots RBs. You can’t count on any of them for consistency. While he COULD be a sneaky player to snag, I don’t have much confidence that he can carve out a meaningful role,” and that was kind of how the spot starter group felt as well. One of that group said “We know RBs can have success in this offense, but there are a lot of candidates here. Avoiding this backfield as much as possible.”

Trey Sermon Fantasy Outlook 2021: More, Same or Less Valuable in 2022 Dynasty Offseason?

The majority felt that Trey’s value will be higher next year than it is now, with a handful feeling it will be the same. Those in the majority said that “The 49ers used the draft capital on Sermon and he has all the tools to be a huge fantasy contributor, however, we need to see how the team uses their RBs”.

Higher: 6
Same: 5
Lower: 3

Of those that felt his value will be lower next year, one stated “Barring injury, there are a ton of weapons in that offense and Kyle Shannahan loves to give multiple backs touches. Raheem Mostert at 29 is still the best back on that roster.”

Trey 2 min Trey Sermon Fantasy Outlook 2021
Trey Sermon Fantasy Outlook 2021

Trey Sermon Fantasy Outlook 2021: Buy, Sell or Hold?

Fantasy Pros PPR Draft Positional ADP for Trey is currently RB38, while the RotoHeat SF Dynasty Positional ADP is RB24, so we are higher on him in general than the public. Even with that, only three of us are buying him at this time. Those that are buying feel that he could end up the starter part way through the year. Those holding feel that if you already got him in a draft, nothing much is changed so there is no reason to sell him.

Buy: 3
Hold: 5
Sell: 6

The six selling him feel that his hype has exceeded his current value, and with how the Kyle Shannahan led 49ers have addressed the running back situation it is time to sell him for a nice profit if you can.

Trey Sermon Fantasy Outlook 2021: Where Will He Rank vs. All Running Backs?

There was a wide range here, with the group’s 49ers fan being the highest on him. Half of us felt that he would end up in the RB32-36 range, while another three felt he would be in the RB37 – 48 range.

The outlier among us at the top said “May not start immediately, but Mostert can’t stay healthy and Sermon is the most talented all around RB on the team.”

High: RB19
Low: RB48

The majority of us however felt that there were just too many questions with this running back group, and team, to be confident in having him higher up. “What if Mostert stays healthy? What if Jeff Wilson comes back sooner than later? What if Lance starts sooner than later? What if Deebo gets 4 carries a game and they all come at Sermon’s expense?” were all valid questions posed by the team.

Trey 1 min Trey Sermon Fantasy Outlook 2021
Trey Sermon Fantasy Outlook 2021

Trey Sermon Fantasy Outlook 2021: Conclusion

Overall we felt that Trey is a talented running back on a team with a coaching staff that likes to mix up who they play at running back. We feel that he is being drafted too high given his situation and are, generally speaking, looking to sell him at his current price.

What do you think of Trey Sermon? Let us know in our Discord or in our Facebook Group. Make sure to keep a lookout on YouTube and for more 2021 Fantasy Outlooks.

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