As we approach the NFL Scouting Combine on February 23, 2020, it appears that LSU quarterback Joe Burrow is the consensus to be the 1st overall pick in the upcoming NFL Entry Draft on April 23, 2020. The question is, will Joe Burrow Fantasy Friend or Foe?

From a Dynasty perspective, especially in a Super-Flex format, one would expect that Joe Burrow is the consensus 1st overall pick in there as well.  

What can we expect from Burrow? Is he the next great QB? Will he struggle? Could he be a bust? Surely the first overall drafted player, let alone quarterback, will be a success in the NFL, right?

This got me to thinking–how have quarterbacks previously selected first overall performed in the NFL?  

When the Cincinnati Bengals inevitably select Burrow first overall, he will be the 36th quarterback selected first overall since the draft began in 1936. From 1936-2019, the quarterback position has been the first overall selection 41.67% of the time and 14 times since 2001.  

Joe Burrow is the reigning Heisman Trophy winner. In the history of the draft, 10 first overall selected quarterbacks were also Heisman Trophy winners. Since 2001, six Heisman Trophy-winning quarterbacks had their names called first.   

What does all this mean? 

What type of career can we anticipate from Burrow? The short answer is I don’t know. I have studied the film and watched the Joe Burrow player breakdown on our RotoHeat YouTube channel (be sure to subscribe), and took the question to twitter (follow me @RotoHeatSully).  

Still undecided, I have taken it to the numbers and reviewed the 14 quarterbacks selected first overall since 2001 in an attempt to form my opinion and provide my 2 cents.

16. Joe Burrow 2020 Pick 1.01

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – DECEMBER 07: Joe Burrow Fantasy #9 of the LSU Tigers celebrates after throwing a touchdown pass to Terrace Marshall Jr. #6 (not pictured) in the third quarter against the Georgia Bulldogs during the SEC Championship game at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on December 07, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Games Played: 0

Career Record: 0-0

Career Winning Percentage:

Highest Fantasy Point Season: TBD

Highest Fantasy Finish QB: TBD

Highest Fantasy Finish Overall (PPR): TBD

Average Fantasy Points (Season): TBD

Average Fantasy Finish QB: TBD

Average Fantasy Finish Overall (PPR): TBD

Career Playoff Record: N/A

Championships Won: 0

As recently as the summer of 2019, Joe Burrow fantasy football value was an after thought. After his forgettable junior season in which he finished with 219 completions on 379 attempts for 2894 yards and 16 touchdowns, Burrow was projected as a 5th round selection. Well after a senior season in which he threw for 5,671 yards and 60 touchdowns, he has shot up the projections from the mid 160’s all the way to number 1 with a bullet.

Burrow seems like a can’t miss prospect. His pros are great accuracy and a high football IQ. His cons are he will be 24 in his rookie season, and he lacks elite arm strength. The reality is that all of the 14 other quarterbacks measured here were deemed “can’t miss prospects” as well. When looking at Burrow’s potential from all angles, I fail to see any reason that he won’t deliver multiple top 10 fantasy seasons (barring injury or an sudden ballooning of weight north of 300 pounds).

If you drafted Joe Burrow 1.01, you are similar to the Cincinnati Bengals. Your team isn’t very good, and you hope you just landed your quarterback for the foreseeable future. But can Joe Burrow fantasy prowess help move you up in your league?

15. Kyler Murray 2019 Pick 1.01

Buy Sell Take the Flyer NFC West
GLENDALE, ARIZONA – OCTOBER 13: Quarterback Kyler Murray #1 of the Arizona Cardinals scrambles with the football during the NFL game against the Atlanta Falcons at State Farm Stadium on October 13, 2019 in Glendale, Arizona. The Cardinals defeated the Falcons 34-33. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Games Played: 16

Career Record: 5-10-1

Career Winning Percentage: 31.2%

Highest Fantasy Point Season: 282.30

Highest Fantasy Finish QB: 7th

Highest Fantasy Finish Overall (PPR): 13th

Average Fantasy Points (Season): 282.30th

Average Fantasy Finish QB: 7

Average Fantasy Finish Overall (PPR): 13

Career Playoff Record: N/A

Championships Won: 0

Last year’s first overall selection had a productive season. In terms of fantasy production, his 282.30 fantasy points in 2019 ranked 2nd in terms of the 14 first overall rookie QB selections. Only Cam Newton and his QB3 finish in 2011 ranks higher. However, one year is small sample size when attempting to review/project a career.  

If you drafted Kyler Murray with the 1.01 you are likely happy with his performance and excited for what the future holds.  

Notable 2019 draft members; Josh Jacobs, Miles Sanders, and Deebo Samuel

14. Baker Mayfield 2018 Pick 1.01

CLEVELAND, OH – SEPTEMBER 20: Baker Mayfield #6 of the Cleveland Browns celebrates after making a catch on a two-point conversion attempt during the third quarter against the New York Jets at FirstEnergy Stadium on September 20, 2018 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

Games Played: 29

Career Record: 12-17

Career Winning Percentage: 41.3%

Highest Fantasy Point Season: 227.20

Highest Fantasy Finish QB: 17th

Highest Fantasy Finish Overall (PPR): 42nd

Average Fantasy Points (Season): 223.13

Average Fantasy Finish QB: 18th

Average Fantasy Finish Overall (PPR): 43rd

Career Playoff Record: N/A

Championships Won: 0

Baker Mayfield appears to be a tale of two quarterbacks. On one hand, we have the 2018 Baker Mayfield–the first overall selection that came off the bench to supplant Tyrod Taylor in Cleveland. On the other, we have the second-year starter that appeared in more commercials than he had completed touchdown passes in 2019.

In reality, his numbers would indicate that the two seasons are rather similar. Through two completed seasons, Baker has a 16-game average of 4028 yards passing, a 61.4% completion rate, with 26 touchdown passes and 19 interceptions. For Baker to become an elite QB and dynasty asset, his interceptions need to come down.  

If you drafted Baker Mayfield with the 1.01, you are likely a frustrated owner. You are also likely banking on a new and improved coaching staff, a healthy offense (with an improved offensive line) and a quarterback that has his head screwed on properly to improve the results.  Is the Joe Burrow fantasy outlook similar to Baker Mayfield’s?

Notable 2018 draft members; Lamar Jackson, Saquon Barkley, and Nick Chubb.

13. Jared Goff 2016 Pick 1.01

SANTA CLARA, CA – SEPTEMBER 21: Jared Goff #16 of the Los Angeles Rams celebrates after a touchdown against the San Francisco 49ers during their NFL game at Levi’s Stadium on September 21, 2017 in Santa Clara, California. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Games Played: 54

Career Record: 33-21

Career Winning Percentage: 61.1%

Highest Fantasy Point Season: 286.36

Highest Fantasy Finish QB: 8

Highest Fantasy Finish Overall (PPR): 18

Average Fantasy Points (Season): 199.62

Average Fantasy Finish QB: 17

Average Fantasy Finish Overall (PPR): 99

Career Playoff Record: 2-2

Championships Won: 0

Coming into the 2019 season I was rather high on Jared Goff. His team was coming off a Super Bowl appearance and he was loaded with weapons in his offense. 

After back to back top 10 finishes at quarterback in 2017 and 2018, Goff, along with the Los Angles Rams, took a rather large step back in 2019. Goff finished as QB15. His biggest need is time in the pocket, and an offensive line upgrade is critical. With limited cap space and no relevant draft picks, that is easier said than done.  

If you drafted Jared Goff with the 1.01, you are likely not as happy as you were this time last season. That said, you still have a quarterback that has 2 top 10 finishes on his resume in an offense with tons of weapons and a good offensive-minded head coach. Goff doesn’t appear to be the asset he was, but with some offensive line help, he still has the opportunity to be a top 12 QB for years to come.

Notable 2016 draft members; Carson Wentz, Ezekiel Elliott, and Derrick Henry

12. Jameis Winston 2015 Pick 1.01

TAMPA, FL – AUGUST 24: Quarterback Jameis Winston #3 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers scrambles against the Cincinnati Bengals in the first quarter at Raymond James Stadium on August 24, 2015 in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by Cliff McBride/Getty Images)

Games Played: 72

Career Record: 28-42

Career Winning Percentage: 40%

Highest Fantasy Point Season: 318.7

Highest Fantasy Finish QB: 4th

Highest Fantasy Finish Overall (PPR): 6th

Average Fantasy Points (Season): 236.85

Average Fantasy Finish QB: 16th

Average Fantasy Finish Overall (PPR): 35th

Career Playoff Record: N/A

Championships Won: 0

Jameis Winston is the ultimate fantasy vs. reality QB. In fantasy you have a QB that is coming off a QB4 season that has averaged 236.85 fantasy points across his first 5 seasons. He is also a QB coming off a 30-interception campaign while also being a year removed from losing his job to Ryan Fitzpatrick. At this time, we are not even sure his NFL team wants him back in 2020. We play fantasy, and specifically dynasty. Winston is volatile without a doubt and a risk to own on your roster. This is a risk, however, that I am willing to take.  

If you drafted Jameis Winston with the 1.01 I hope your league doesn’t penalize the interception to harshly. Simply put, it has been a rough ride. If you managed to make it to year five, you are happy. If you bailed along the way and sold this asset, it would be hard to blame you.

Notable 2015 draft members; Amari Cooper, Melvin Gordon, and Stefon Diggs

11. Andrew Luck 2012 Pick 1.01

100 Random Thoughts on Fantasy Football and life
FOXBORO, MA – JANUARY 18: Andrew Luck #12 of the Indianapolis Colts looks to throw a pass during the first quarter against the New England Patriots in the 2015 AFC Championship Game at Gillette Stadium on January 18, 2015 in Foxboro, Massachusetts. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

Games Played: 86

Career Record: 53-33

Career Winning Percentage: 61.6%

Highest Fantasy Point Season: 350.24

Highest Fantasy Finish QB: 2nd

Highest Fantasy Finish Overall (PPR): 5th

Average Fantasy Points (Season): 273.90

Average Fantasy Finish QB: 9th

Average Fantasy Finish Overall (PPR): 35th

Career Playoff Record: 4-4

Championships Won: 0

Of the 14 first-round quarterbacks I reviewed for this article, Andrew Luck is the most talented. I am sure that some will argue that point, but other than durability I don’t think the other 13 are close. Andrew Luck abruptly retired days before the 2019 season, devastating the Indianapolis Colts, their fan base, and a lot of my dynasty rosters. In his career, his 16-game average was 4404 passing yards with 32 touchdowns and 15 interceptions. In addition to his passing, he added 296 rushing yards and 2 touchdowns. For those scoring at home that is 289.16 points a season in a standard 4 point per passing touchdown leagues. Of all the quarterbacks that come to mind when I search for someone comparable to Joe Burrow, Andrew Luck is the one I kept coming back to.  

If you drafted Andrew Luck with the 1.01, you endured ups and downs with this future Hall of Fame quarterback. You possessed a special talent that when healthy completed seasons as the QB 9,7,5,4, and 2. Injuries limited seasons and ultimately his career. His career that was far too short, but one you enjoyed as his dynasty owner…until it came to a sudden stop.  

Notable 2012 draft members; Russell Wilson, Alshon Jeffery, and T.Y. Hilton

10. Cam Newton 2011 Pick 1.01

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA – SEPTEMBER 12: Quarterback Cam Newton #1 of the Carolina Panthers reacts in the first quarter of the game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Bank of America Stadium on September 12, 2019 in Charlotte, North Carolina. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

Games Played: 125

Career Record: 68-55-1

Career Winning Percentage: 54.8%

Highest Fantasy Point Season: 389.08

Highest Fantasy Finish QB: 1st

Highest Fantasy Finish Overall (PPR): 1st

Average Fantasy Points (Season): 273.84

Average Fantasy Finish QB: 12th

Average Fantasy Finish Overall (PPR): 61st

Career Playoff Record: 3-4

Championships Won: 0

Cam Newton has been an extremely productive fantasy quarterback. In his 9 seasons, he has finished on average as the 9th highest scoring fantasy quarterback. If you take out the injury-shortened 2019 season, he is averaging over 305 fantasy points per season. Health is a legit concern for Newton owners moving forward, and like Jameis Winston, his 2020 outlook is unclear.   

If you drafted Cam Newton with the 1.01, you made a great pick. 2019 was frustrating and 2020 is unclear, but there is no denying the success that Cam has brought you in his other eight seasons. If all of our 1st round selections worked out this way, you’d be a very happy dynasty manager.

Notable 2011 draft members; Julio Jones, A.J. Green, and Doug Baldwin

9. Sam Bradford 2010 Pick 1.01

ST. LOUIS, MO – AUGUST 14: Sam Bradford #8 of the St. Louis Rams passes the ball during the preseason game against the Minnesota Vikings at Edward Jones Dome on August 14, 2010 in St. Louis, Missouri. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

Games Played: 83

Career Record: 34-48-1

Career Winning Percentage: 40.9%

Highest Fantasy Point Season: 230.88

Highest Fantasy Finish QB: 16th

Highest Fantasy Finish Overall (PPR): 38th

Average Fantasy Points (Season): 132.52

Average Fantasy Finish QB: 30th

Average Fantasy Finish Overall (PPR): 173rd

Career Playoff Record: N/A

Championships Won: 0

When researching the history of Sam Bradford’s draft year, I came across a few interesting quotes.  

“Like most college quarterbacks with the hype of Sam Bradford, it’s not a question of “if” he’ll be drafted in the first round, more a question of “where”.

While Bradford does have everything visible to the naked eye that an NFL quarterback needs, he still hasn’t been able to shake durability issues, and for good reason.

Turns out durability and health issues haunted Sam Bradford throughout his career. The highest fantasy finish Bradford reached was QB16 in 2012. In Bradford’s nine-year career, the only full 16 game season he had was his rookie season in 2010. The teams he played for were notoriously bad, and Bradford failed to appear in a postseason game in his career. The closest he would come was during his time with Minnesota, and fittingly, he missed those opportunities due to injury.  

If you drafted Sam Bradford with the 1.01, you drafted a bust. Bradford had a disappointing career–a career that certainly held more promise when you selected him. Most everyone believes without question that the Joe Burrow fantasy output will be much more relevant than Bradford’s.

Notable 2010 draft members; Antonio Brown, Rob Gronkowski, and Demaryius Thomas

8. Matthew Stafford 2009 Pick 1.01

DETROIT, MI – AUGUST 19: Matthew Stafford #9 of the Detroit Lions celebrates a second quarter touchdown during the preseason game against the New York Jets on August 19, 2017 at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)

Games Played: 149

Career Record: 69-79-1

Career Winning Percentage: 46.3%

Highest Fantasy Point Season: 343.32

Highest Fantasy Finish QB: 5th

Highest Fantasy Finish Overall (PPR): 5th

Average Fantasy Points (Season): 226.15

Average Fantasy Finish QB: 17th

Average Fantasy Finish Overall (PPR): 51st

Career Playoff Record: 0-3

Championships Won: 0

Matthew Stafford has quietly had a very nice career that has seen him throw for 41,025 yards (18th all-time), and 256 touchdown passes (19th all-time). Stafford has 5 top 12 fantasy seasons on his resume, and his 2019 may have been his best until shortened by injury.

Barring further injury, Stafford remains a viable fantasy asset, especially in the Super-Flex format. Hopefully, for the Lions and their fans, it leads to more wins on the football field in the future. Having a 10 year franchise quarterback who is still seeking his first playoff victory is problematic.  

If you drafted Matthew Stafford with the 1.01, you must be happy with how his career has played out. What he has lacked in real-life success he has made for up with fantasy success. From 2011-2017 he averaged a QB10 finish. If you get 7 top 10 seasons from your draft pick, then you nailed it.

Notable 2009 draft members; Arian Foster, Mike Wallace, and Percy Harvin.

7. JaMarcus Russell 2007 Pick 1.01

OAKLAND, CA – DECEMBER 13: JaMarcus Russell #2 of the Oakland Raiders walks off the field after calling a time out during their game against the Washington Redskins at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum on December 13, 2009 in Oakland, California. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Games Played: 31

Career Record: 7-18

Career Winning Percentage: 28%

Highest Fantasy Point Season: 137.62

Highest Fantasy Finish QB: 24th

Highest Fantasy Finish Overall (PPR): 72nd

Average Fantasy Points (Season): 61.61

Average Fantasy Finish QB: 43rd

Average Fantasy Finish Overall (PPR): 228th

Career Playoff Record: N/A

Championships Won: 0

In a word, ugh! Easily the biggest bust of the quarterbacks I studied. Looking back at his 31-game pro career, it’s hard to comprehend just how far, and how fast, Russell fell from NFL grace. But at the same time, it’s easy to remember how much promise he once possessed to complement his supreme physical gifts. It is easy to look back on this pick now and wonder what the Raiders were thinking, but the reality is that Russell was the Manning Award winner as the nation’s top quarterback and Sugar Bowl MVP before deciding to forgo his senior year to enter the NFL.  

Russell appeared in 4 games in his rookie season, 15 in his second season and showed up to training camp for his third season weighing 305 pounds. His career ended with seven wins, 4083 career yards passing, 18 touchdowns, and 23 interceptions.    

If you drafted JaMarcus Russell with the 1.01, I’m sorry. There really isn’t much more to say. There are over 225 players drafted each season and the reality is most of them don’t pan out. It just so happens, that when you are the 1.01 pick and sign six-year 68 Million dollar contract with $32 Guaranteed in tends to get noticed when you flame out.

Notable 2007 draft members; Calvin Johnson, Adrian Peterson, and Marshawn Lynch

6. Alex Smith 2005 Pick 1.01

SAN FRANCISCO – SEPTEMBER 10: Alex Smith #11 of the San Francisco 49ers passes against the Arizona Cardinals during an NFL game on September 10, 2007 at Monster Park in San Francisco, California. (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)

Games Played: 166

Career Record: 94-66-1

Career Winning Percentage: 58.4%

Highest Fantasy Point Season: 295.18

Highest Fantasy Finish QB: 2nd

Highest Fantasy Finish Overall (PPR): 10th

Average Fantasy Points (Season): 170.19

Average Fantasy Finish QB: 24th

Average Fantasy Finish Overall (PPR): 98th

Career Playoff Record: 2-5

Championships Won: 0

During the first six seasons of Alex Smith’s career in San Francisco, he played for a different offensive coordinator each year and struggled with injuries. 2011 was Smith’s strongest statistical season, and he finished that season as QB14. In 2013 he moved to Kansas City. In 2017, he finished as QB2 while mentoring a rookie named Patrick Mahomes. Smith suffered a major injury while a member of the Washington Redskins in 2018, missed the entire 2019 season, and is currently rehabbing to come back.  

If you drafted Alex Smith 1.01, like the San Francisco 49ers you are wishing you drafted Aaron Rodgers. Smith has had his moments, but for the vast majority of his career, he has been a fringe Super-Flex starting quarterback.  

Notable 2005 draft members; Aaron Rodgers, Roddy White, and Frank Gore

5. Eli Manning 2004 Pick 1.01

EAST RUTHERFORD, NEW JERSEY – DECEMBER 02: Eli Manning #10 of the New York Giants runs off the field after his teams 30-27 win over the Chicago Bears at MetLife Stadium on December 02, 2018 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)

Games Played: 236

Career Record: 117-117

Career Winning Percentage: 50.0%

Highest Fantasy Point Season: 287.54

Highest Fantasy Finish QB: 5th

Highest Fantasy Finish Overall (PPR): 8th

Average Fantasy Points (Season): 201.59

Average Fantasy Finish QB: 16th

Average Fantasy Finish Overall (PPR): 71st

Career Playoff Record: 8-4

Championships Won: 2

Eli Manning decided to retire shortly after the conclusion of the 2019 season. His overall record of 117 wins and 117 losses speaks volumes to the type of career Eli had. 

In a word (or three): it was vanilla. It should be noted that Eli did win two Super Bowls and is the only member of this 14 QB study to have a Championship, let alone two. Eli’s average fantasy finish at QB for the duration of his career was QB16. 

The highlight season of his career was 2005 when he finished as QB5. Eli played for 16 seasons and finished as the QB20 or lower 5 times.  

If you drafted Eli Manning 1.01, you have been playing fantasy football for a long time. Seriously though, you ended up with a quarterback that was in a good offense with good weapons the majority of his career. Eli was ok, in fact, he was average, like 117-117.

Notable 2004 draft members; Phillip Rivers, Larry Fitzgerald, and Ben Roethlisberger

4. Carson Palmer 2003 Pick 1.01

CINCINNATI – AUGUST 20: Carson Palmer #9 of the Cincinnati Bengals throws a pass during the NFL preseason game against the Philadelphia Eagles at Paul Brown Stadium on August 20, 2010 in Cincinnati, Ohio. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Games Played: 182

Career Record: 92.88-1

Career Winning Percentage: 50.8%

Highest Fantasy Point Season: 265.54

Highest Fantasy Finish QB: 1st

Highest Fantasy Finish Overall (PPR): 6th

Average Fantasy Points (Season): 191.09

Average Fantasy Finish QB: 18th

Average Fantasy Finish Overall (PPR): 61st

Career Playoff Record: 1-3

Championships Won: 0

Carson Palmer was a no-brainer of a 1.01 draft choice coming out of USC in 2003. Palmer was the Heisman Trophy winner and completed a college career in which he completed 927 passes for 11,818 yards and 72 touchdowns.

Palmer played seven seasons in Cincinnati, two in Oakland, and another five in Arizona. He saw success early in his career and again late in his career when he landed in Arizona. 

Palmer finished 2005 as the top QB in fantasy and had three other top 10 seasons during his 14-year career.

If you drafted Carson Palmer 1.01, you were happy early in his career and soured quickly in the middle before being surprisingly happy towards the end. Palmer played on some really bad football teams that certainly impacted his numbers. In the end, he had far too many seasons in the QB15-20 range to be deemed a success.

Notable 2003 draft members; Andre Johnson, Tony Romo, and Anquan Boldin

3. David Carr 2002 Pick 1.01

Houston Texans quarterback David Carr (8) celebrates a 35 yd touchdown pass to Andre Johnson in the first quarter. The Houston Texans defeated the Jacksonville Jaguars 27-7, Oct. 22, 2006 in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Bob Levey/NFLPhotoLibrary)

Games Played: 94

Career Record: 23-56

Career Winning Percentage: 29.1%

Highest Fantasy Point Season: 203.14

Highest Fantasy Finish QB: 14th

Highest Fantasy Finish Overall (PPR): 27th

Average Fantasy Points (Season): 95.36

Average Fantasy Finish QB: 35th

Average Fantasy Finish Overall (PPR): 194th

Career Playoff Record: N/A

Championships Won: 0

Next to JaMarcus Russell, David Carr is the biggest bust studied here. In fairness to Carr, with the blocking (make that lack of blocking he had in his career) I am impressed he lasted as long as he did. From 2002 – 2005, Carr was sacked 208 times in 60 games. When you are getting sacked 3.47/game, imagine how often you were getting hit, hurried, or pressured.

If you drafted David Carr with the 1.01, you regret it, plain and simple. There are unknowns in fantasy, and we all make mistakes. If it makes you feel any better, The Houston Texans made the same selection, and they get paid to do their jobs.

Notable 2002 draft members; Brian Westbrook, Donte’ Stallworth, and Jeremy Shockey

2. Michael Vick 2001 Pick 1.01

Atlanta quarterback Michael Vick leaves the field after the Falcons 10-3 loss to Carolina Sunday, December 24, 2006, at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Games Played: 143

Career Record: 61-51-1

Career Winning Percentage: 53.9%

Highest Fantasy Point Season: 310.32

Highest Fantasy Finish QB: 1st

Highest Fantasy Finish Overall (PPR): 2nd

Average Fantasy Points (Season): 165.85

Average Fantasy Finish QB: 24th

Average Fantasy Finish Overall (PPR): 127th

Career Playoff Record: 2-4

Championships Won: 0

During his first six seasons with the Atlanta Falcons, Vick was regarded as having transformed the quarterback position with his rushing abilities. He was the first NFL quarterback to rush for 1,000 yards in a season, and holds the record for the most career rushing yards by a quarterback (6,109). Twice in his first six seasons, Vick finished as the QB2 and added an additional top 10 finish.

Unfortunately, Vick is a quarterback that will be remembered by some more for his off-field activities than his activities on the football field. Vick’s NFL career came to a halt in 2007 after he pleaded guilty for his involvement in a dog fighting ring and spent 21 months in prison. He was released by the Falcons shortly before leaving prison. Vick signed with the Eagles in 2009. As a member of the Eagles for five years, he enjoyed the greatest statistical season of his career in 2010, finishing as the top-scoring fantasy quarterback with 310.32 points.

If you drafted Michael Vick with the 1.01, you probably won a fantasy championship or two along the way. The interesting part in terms of Vick in dynasty is what you did with him from 2007-2009 when he was basically worthless. Next to Andrew Luck, he is in my opinion the best quarterback in this group.

Notable 2001 draft members; Drew Brees, LaDanian Tomlinson, Steve Smith

1. Summary

NEW YORK, NY – DECEMBER 14: Quarterback Joe Burrow of the LSU Tigers winner of the 85th annual Heisman Memorial Trophy poses for photos on December 14, 2019 at the Marriott Marquis in New York City. (Photo by Adam Hunger/Getty Images)

The 14 studied quarterbacks to date have appeared in 1604 games compiling a record of 896-701-7. Their collective playoff record is 12-29 (8 of those wins from Eli Manning), and a combined two Super Bowl Titles (both from Eli).

I found it surprising the number of quarterbacks on this list that have not appeared in a playoff game (6). Of the eight quarterbacks that have tasted the playoffs, only Eli Manning has a winning record (8-4), and two have a record of .500 (Jared Goff and Andrew Luck). It does make sense, however, due to the fact that the teams that have had the number one pick in the draft were typically bad football teams.

Six of these quarterbacks, like Joe Burrow, have won the Heisman Trophy, (Murray, Mayfield, Winston, Newton, Bradford, and Palmer). With the exception of Sam Bradford and Baker Mayfield, all have had delivered top 10 fantasy quarterback seasons.

Ranking the 14th

14. JaMarcus Russell

13. David Carr

12. Sam Bradford

11. Baker Mayfield

10. Jared Goff

9. Alex Smith

8. Eli Manning

7. Carson Palmer

6. Jameis Winston

5. Matthew Stafford

4. Kyler Murray

3. Cam Newton

2. Michael Vick

1. Andrew Luck

I see Joe Burrow in a few years in the top 5 on this list. The more and more I watch of Joe Burrow, the more and more I compare him to Andrew Luck. Do I think he will be as good of a quarterback at the NFL level that Luck was, no, but when comparing him to the quarterbacks on this list, Luck is the one I gravitate towards.

If I owned the 1.01 pick in a Super-Flex rookie draft (and I do), I would draft Joe Burrow. I do not see a comparable talent in this year’s rookie class in the SF format. Is Joe Burrow fantasy football’s next superstar? I am excited to find out.

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