Jared Cook Fantasy Outlook 2021: Can He Break into the Top 10 at TE?

Jared Cook Fantasy Outlook 2021
Jared Cook Fantasy Outlook 2021: Can he break into the top10 at TE? 4

Jared Cook Fantasy Outlook 2021

In this article, we are going to cover the Jared Cook fantasy outlook for 2021. We will share where we think he will rank amongst all tight ends in 2021. Should you buy, hold or sell? Will Jared Cook be more or less valuable in 2022? Do we think he is going to be a league winner, weekly starter, flex play, spot starter, dark horse, or dart throw? Included is all of this as well as the personal opinions of the 13 people that participated from the RotoHeat staff.

Jared Cook Fantasy Outlook 2021: What Is His Weekly Playability?

The team is very divided on this one, which makes sense, given how difficult it will be to predict Jared Cook’s involvement and overall contribution in a Chargers’ offense that is equally as hard to predict in terms of performance in 2021.

Cook will largely be tied to how well Justin Herbert does, but historically Cook is, like most tight ends, incredibly touchdown-dependent when it comes to fantasy.

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This comment from an analyst shows exactly what the uncertainty surrounding Jared Cook comes down to: “Could be solid this year, could also be an afterthought as the #3 option behind Allen and Ekeler.”

Weekly starter: 6

Weekly flex: 1

Spot starter: 6

Given the uncertainty, you are most likely best off drafting him as a spot starter or not at all. Then, if he comes into his own in Los Angeles as a TE1, you can use your waiver priority or FAAB to pick him up and start him on a weekly basis

Jared Cook Fantasy Outlook 2021
Jared Cook Fantasy Outlook 2021: Can he break into the top10 at TE? 5

Jared Cook Fantasy Outlook 2021: More, Same or Less Valuable in 2022 Dynasty Offseason?

When it comes to the value of Jared Cook beyond just the 2021 season, most of the team sees him having less value. This boils down to two things—his age and the fact that he only signed a 1-year contract. This means that he could be without a team at all in 2022 or at least in a worse situation to produce if he signs with a new team.

Higher: 3
Same: 2
Lower: 8

Jared Cook Fantasy Outlook 2021: Buy, Sell or Hold?

The uncertainty shows up again when we start talking about what you should do with Jared Cook.

The team is split between buying and selling, and this most likely comes down to a difference in perspective from redraft vs. dynasty.

In redraft, you’re fine with Jared Cook at his current ADP. He can almost only outperform it. The question is whether he is going to be a TE1 in 2021.

As for dynasty, if you still want to cash in anything at all, now is the time to sell Cook, because his value is only plummeting from here on out, even if he has a great 2021. This goes back to the aforementioned age and 1-year contract.

Buy: 6
Hold: 1
Sell: 6

Jared Cook Fantasy Outlook 2021: Where Will He Rank vs. All Tight Ends?

The RotoHeat team believes that Jared Cook will finish somewhere in the TE13-TE17 range, which is not bad at all for 2021 considering his current ADP of TE19 in FantasyPros PPR rankings.

This means that he will be serviceable and at the very least make it into lineups as a spot starter in good matchups or as a bye week filler.

High: TE13
Low: TE17

Jared Cook Fantasy Outlook 2021
Jared Cook Fantasy Outlook 2021: Can he break into the top10 at TE? 6

Jared Cook Fantasy Outlook 2021: Conclusion

Cook is a divisive subject for the 2021 season. The best bet is to not overdraft him, because then you won’t be paying for his upside price, but rather his floor price, which is a lot better.

We think he can do some damage as a top-end TE2. This means he is a “buy” at his current ADP, but is probably a “sell” in dynasty due to age and a 1-year only contract.

Finishing somewhere in the range of TE13-TE17 is going to make him a weekly starter or a spot starter depending on whether you draft another TE earlier or not. He should be ok as your starting TE, but is unlikely to really win you any weeks.

What do you think of Jared Cook? Let us know in our Discord or in our Facebook Group. Make sure to keep a lookout on YouTube and RotoHeat.com for more 2021 Fantasy Outlooks.

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