Gerald Everett Fantasy Outlook 2021: Is He a Top 12 TE?


Gerald Everett Fantasy Outlook 2021

In this article, we are going to cover the Gerald Everett fantasy outlook for 2021. We will share where we think he will rank amongst all tight ends in 2021. Should you buy, hold or sell? Will Gerald Everett be more or less valuable in 2022? Do we think he is going to be a league winner, weekly starter, flex play, spot starter, dark horse or dart throw? Included is all of this as well are the personal opinions of the 13 people that participated from the RotoHeat staff.

Gerald Everett Fantasy Outlook 2021: What is His Weekly Playability?

When it comes to how the team sees Gerald Everett on a weekly basis in 2021, we delivered a mixed bag of results. Two members of our team see Everett as a weekly starter for their fantasy teams this season, and another two see him more as a weekly flex play. The majority of the squad feel he we will need to pick and choose when to start him based on the matchups, and the final four members of the team are not high on Everett and see him as more of a dart throw in 2021. One of our analysts likely said it best. “Going to be hard to trust starting any of the Seattle TEs.”

Spot Starter: 5
Dart Throw: 4
Weekly Starter: 2
Weekly Flex: 2

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Gerald Everett Fantasy Outlook 2021
Gerald Everett Fantasy Outlook 2021

Gerald Everett Fantasy Outlook 2021: More, Same or Less Valuable in 2022 Dynasty Offseason?

One thing we want to cover for all the dynasty managers is whether or not we believe a player will gain value between now and this time next year. When it comes to Everett, there was a rather even split among the team.

Higher: 6
Lower: 6
Same: 1

As you can see, six of the RotoHeat team members feel his ADP will be higher this time next season and another six feel his ADP will decline. One lone member of the group feels that his ADP will be the same in 2022 as it is in 2021. One analyst stated “Over the last few years we have seen people get excited for old Greg Olsen & Jimmy Graham, Will Dissly and Jacob Hollister. The Seahawks actually have a skilled TE in his prime and nobody is excited? I think this is crazy. As I have said, I think Wilson mending fences has a lot to do with them letting him cook like he did in the first half of 2020. Everett is likely the 3rd option, but this offense is truncated and the sky is the limit for him.” Another said “While TE sucks, it doesn’t suck that much to have to rely on Everett.”

Gerald Everett Fantasy Outlook 2021
Gerald Everett Fantasy Outlook 2021

Gerald Everett Fantasy Outlook 2021: Buy, Sell or Hold?

The majority of the team is looking to sell Gerald Everett, feeling that his value is at an all-time high. Four members see it the other way and are looking to buy, and the remaining two are content with holding Gerald Everett on their fantasy teams. As one analyst put it, “Will the Seahawks throw? Probably not. And if so, they will pepper DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett. They will run and then run some more. The hype is real right now for Everett so I am selling him at a premium price.”

Sell: 7
Buy: 4
Hold: 2

Gerald Everett Fantasy Outlook 2021: Where Will He Rank vs. All Tight Ends?

When it was all said and done, the 13 analysts predicted where Everett would finish. As you can guess from the review so far, there was a wide berth of answers. The high mark was TE10 from two analysts, and one has him as low as TE31. The majority of the team see Gerald Everett in the TE-15-21 range.

High: TE10
Low: TE31

Gerald Everett Fantasy Outlook 2021
Gerald Everett Fantasy Outlook 2021

Gerald Everett Fantasy Outlook 2021: Conclusion

Overall, the RotoHeat team believes that Gerald Everett is worthy of his ADP in 2021 (TE21) and will carry similar value in dynasty leagues. Although the team delivered mixed results here, we feels that if Everett remains healthy in 2021 that he will be involved in the Seahawks passing game enough to be a viable fantasy option.

What do you think of Gerald Everett? Let us know in our Discord or in our Facebook Group. Make sure to keep a lookout on YouTube and for more 2021 Fantasy Outlooks.

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