Do you buy or sell these 3 IDP players? Here at RotoHeat, I strive to deliver as much helpful information as I can to help you all have successful individual defensive player rosters and win a couple championships along the way. There are a lot of questions for IDP with all the major free agent signings and the NFL Draft now complete. For these next few weeks, I will offer up some thoughts on whether or not you should buy or sell these IDP players.

Many circumstances have changed to either add value to a player or decrease value on a player. Did they bring in a veteran free agent? Did they draft a rookie or rookies in the top 4 rounds? Did they lose a veteran player to free agency? All of these scenarios play a very big part on a player’s fantasy success from one year to the next.

Blake Martinez – Linebacker

Do You Buy or Sell these 3 IDP Players?
Do You Buy or Sell these 3 IDP Players?

Blake Martinez was 4th in total tackles last year (2020) ahead of Devin White, Roquan Smith, Darius Leonard, and Bobby Wagner. Martinez is just 27 years old and in his prime. He has had around 144 or more total tackles for 4 straight years now–first with the Green Bay Packers for the first 4 years of his career, then with the New York Giants last year. Martinez is the picture of consistency as he has not missed a game in 4 years.

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When comparing Martinez to White, Smith, and Leonard, he averages .76 points per game less in my leagues over 16 games. Martinez loses on the age scale and is probably leveled out in tackle numbers and IDP scoring. With that in mind, I would still rank him in the same range/tiers as the top 2 in White and Smith. It would take a lot to buy Martinez, but definitely less than it would to buy White, Smith, or Leonard. Do you buy or sell Mr. Martinez? Buy him all day long. Martinez is worth the price and will not make you regret the move.

Zach Cunningham – Linebacker

Do You Buy or Sell these 3 IDP Players?
Do You Buy or Sell these 3 IDP Players?

Zach Cunningham is 26 years old and will turn 27 in December. Cunningham was 2nd in total tackles last year (2020) behind only Avery Williamson. Cunningham doesn’t have the splash plays of sacks, tackles for a loss, or pass defensed. Even without those stats, Cunningham was just 1.24 points per game behind Devin White for the league lead in scoring in one of my leagues. Cunningham has not missed a game in the last 2 years.

Cunningham belongs in the top 5 linebackers in any fantasy football IDP league. His price is significantly lower than that of White or Roquan Smith because of the lack of splash plays. Do you buy or sell this IDP player? I’m recommending buying Cunningham in all leagues and using your savings to buy another player or 2022 rookie pick.

Joe Schobert – Linebacker

Do You Buy or Sell these 3 IDP Players?
Do You Buy or Sell these 3 IDP Players?

My next player is Joe Schobert. After playing 4 years with the Cleveland Browns, he moved on to the Jacksonville Jaguars last year (2020). Schobert will turn 28 in November, so he is still very much in his prime. Schobert, like the previous players in this article, is very durable having only missed 3 games over the last 4 years. Those 3 games were in 2018 as a Brown. Schobert is another model of consistency with 133 total tackles or more over the past 3 out of 4 years. The only blemish was 2018 when he missed 3 games but still had 103 total tackles. That was on pace to deliver 127 total tackles.

Schobert was 5th in the NFL with 141 total tackles in 2020. It looks like the Jaguars were a good landing spot for him. Schobert increased his total tackles by 21 from his last year with the Browns in 2019. Add in Schobert’s 2-3 sacks every year and a couple forced fumbles and you have a #1 linebacker for a few more years. His price will be lower than all the names previously mentioned in my article above. Do you buy or sell this IDP player? An emphatic yes to buy him. He will be even cheaper than all the other names mentioned in my article above.

You might even be able to get 2 of these 3 linebackers for the same price it costs to get either Devin White, Roquan Smith, or Darius Leonard. If that did happen, you would be set to dominate linebacker scoring for years in your league.

Thank you for reading Do You Buy or Sell These 3 IDP Players?

Next week I will continue my mini-series on “Do You Buy or Sell These IDP Players?” Have a blessed day, and until next week…may the fantasy gods smile down on you!

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