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CryptIDPs: The Hunt For Hidden Value Adventure 9

CryptIDPs: On The Hunt For Hidden Value Adventure 9 Markus Golden

CryptIDPs: The Hunt For Hidden Value Adventure 9

Good day adventurers! Just two stops are left for us this Summer as we make our way here to location number nine. If you missed any of the stops along the way, make sure to check them out below:

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We are leaving Houston at this time, but we are staying in the same general area. After traveling about 1,100 miles to the West we find ourselves in the Mongollon Rim area of Arizona. Reports of a large, sasquatch type beast have existed in this area of over 100 years.

“The Mongollon Monster” is said to be a humanoid creature that is around seven feet tall and mostly covered in long, dark hair. It has a terrible smell and makes a variety of loud, intense sounds–some similar to humans, some more animal-like.

A newspaper article going over one of the first reports of the Mogollon Monster in 1903

The first report of the creature was in 1903 in the Arizona Republic by I.W Stevens. Years later, in the 1940s, more reports came out of a similar creature. Reports have trickled in of the creature since then, with the most recent reports coming in 2014. There are no reports of the creature harming anyone, but it is known to scare off people from the area it is in and certainly makes for a frightening site.

Will the creature be seen again? It is an actual cryptid, or just a known creature being mistaken for something else? We may never know, but it is time to drive about 140 miles to the South and make our stop at State Farm Stadium.

Adventure 9: Markus Golden

A second round pick out of Missouri in 2015, Markus spent the first four years of his career with the Cardinals. He left them in free agency in 2019 when he signed a one-year deal with the Giants. He signed a tender to remain there in 2020, but only played in seven games with them before being traded back to Arizona for a 2021 sixth round pick. He re-signed with the Cardinals on a two-year deal in March of 2021.

For fantasy purposes, Markus has had two really good years, and four not so good ones.

In 2016 and 2019 (32 games) he had season averages of: 11.25 sacks, 61.5 tackles (30 solo), 14.5 TFL and 24.5 QB hits.

During his other four years (46 games) he had season averages of: 2.75 sacks, 25.25 tackles (18.25 solo), 4 TFL and 10 hits.

Markus is currently an LB/DL in Sleeper, Edge (or LB) in FleaFlicker depending on if you have Edge as a position, and a LB in Yahoo and MFL. He is projected as an OLB in the Cardinals’ mainly 3-4 scheme, and is currently slated to start opposite of Chandler Jones.

CryptIDPs: On The Hunt For Hidden Value Adventure 9

So what make Markus Golden a cryptIDP? Especially in big play leagues, but even in balanced, Markus has a great chance to have similar production to his 145 pressures the past three years, which puts him at 15th in that time frame. He is currently not listed in Fantasy Pros ADP, and is going undrafted in most shallow to average depth leagues.

He will have at least two other quality pass rushers on the Arizona defense this year, and that is very similar to his last standout year in Arizona. In 2016, he had Chandler Jones (11 sacks, 15 TFL, 21 QB hits) and Calais Campbell (eight sacks, 12 TFL, 21 QB hits). He had his best year in Arizona that year despite only a 70% snap share.

Being able to rush the passer while not being a primary focus will be a huge benefit to Markus. He has shown that his high motor and, in his own words, “relentless style of play,” can have great IDP value in the right situation. I am not expecting him to be a LB1 or 2 (or Edge, depending on your platform) this year, but I do think he can have value in that third tier. For a guy that is not being drafted, that is the value that makes one a cryptIDP.

Thank you for reading CryptIDPs: On The Hunt For Hidden Value Adventure 9

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