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Sully's 2 Cents

Rob Sullivan talks all things dynasty fantasy football on “Sully’s 2 Cents”

68. Sully’s Top 12 Dynasty Ranked Wide Receivers

In episode 68 Sully reviews his top ranked tight ends in dynasty entering the 2020 season.

Episode 13 – Dynasty Management, Rebuilds and going All-In

Sully talks about the rebuild, going all in and trades that you should be trying to make in both scenarios.

61. Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Free Agent QB talk, and a...

Free Agent QB talk and a look at the XFL two weeks in.

44. Christian Kirk, Derrick Henry, Lamar Jackson, Mark Andrews and the...

Sully recaps week 10 and reviews the top 10 at each position from the week.

82. 2020 Redraft Quarterback Rankings

2020 Redraft Quarterback Rankings are the topic of Sully's latest Episode

99. Updated 2020 Redraft Wide Receiver Rankings

Updated 2020 Redraft Wide Receiver Rankings in PPR scoring format.

NFL Draft Winners & Losers

Sully breaks down his winners and losers as a result of the recent NFL Draft.

Episode 36 – Week 6 Preview

Week 6 match-ups are previewed in Episode 36.

2021 Free Agent Running Backs

In episode 127 Sully takes a look at the 2021 Free Agent Running Backs, gives you his 2 cents on their potential landing spots and the fantasy impact of these moves.

2021 Free Agent Quarterbacks

In episode 126 Sully takes a look at the 2021 Free Agent Quarterbacks as well as the uncertainty at the position on a number of NFL clubs entering 2021.
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