Six members of the RotoHeat team came together to answer some of the biggest questions of the offseason. We bought or sold 13 separate takes and are releasing one per day. We submitted our answers individually so we were not influenced by others’ opinions. Please comment on your takes below. We would love to hear your opinions.

*All questions are based on ppr formats.

Rob Sullivan: BUY

Damien Williams led the Chiefs in rushing attempts, rushing yards, rushing touchdowns, targets, receptions, receiving yards, and receiving touchdowns. The public has been drafting the Chiefs an early round back for two seasons now, and it’s not going to happen.  Could the Chiefs go the free agent route here? Sure, but in my opinion they have bigger needs. Chris Jones is a free agent, as is Emmanuel Ogbah, Darron Lee, Kendall Fuller, Baushaud Breeland, and Morris Claiborne. They won’t be able to keep them all even if they release Sammy Watkins and his $21M cap hit.  The draft is an opportunity to add defensive pieces to the puzzle, and perhaps a WR to replace Watkins and/or Demarcus Robinson, who is also a free agent. Darwin Thompson is a nice complimentary piece to Williams, and there really is no need to sign or draft a running back in KC. Look for the Chiefs to add another depth RB with Special Teams abilities in the round 5-7 range.  Damien Williams is the starting back for the defending Super Bowl Champions.

Rick Butts:  BUY

Despite the popular opinion, I don’t think the Chiefs spend valuable capital on this position.  Not that Damien Williams is a great back, but they know they can win with him and he fits the system.  The Chiefs were in the bottom 5 of the league in rushing attempts and are about to give Patrick Mahomes the world in a new contract, so I am not sure that changes.

Taylor Cornell: SELL

 While I don’t know exactly who will be the starting running back in Week 1, I do not believe Damien Williams will be the guy.  Now, this isn’t to say he doesn’t have talent, and I realize his recent Super Bowl performance would seem to cement his status as a key cog in this Chiefs offense going forward, but let’s not forget that even after Williams averaged over 110 total yards in his final five games of 2018 (including the playoffs), the Chiefs still took a flyer on Darwin Thompson in the 6th round of the 2019 draft, signed Carlos Hyde in free agency, then acquired Lesean McCoy during the season.  I don’t think Andy Reid can resist the urge to acquire more offensive playmakers, and whether that be another draft pick, released vet, trade, etc., a new RB will be starting in Kansas City in 2020.

Buy/Sell: The starting RB for the Kansas City Chiefs is currently on their roster 1

Sean Coffey: BUY

There are rumors that the Chiefs were looking to acquire Le’Veon Bell during the off-season. However, Damien Williams performance during the postseason might have earned him a chance to be the starting RB for Kansas City in 2020.

Craig Bullock: BUY

They have three talented backs and Lesean McCoy. Why would they want to go spend money to bring in yet another running back? 

Mike Altman: BUY

With the Chiefs hurting for cap space, I do not think they can go out and replace Damien Williams via free agency. So this leaves the draft as their only option. The problem is they need to fill so many other holes on that roster such as DL, Interior OL, Cornerback, Linebacker, and Edge Rusher. Williams proved himself in the Super Bowl, and the team will give him another year as the lead back. 

Consensus: 5-1 (Buy)

Check back tomorrow when we discuss my favorite buy/sell take about the incoming rookie running backs. With the combine around the corner, that rookie buzz is growing and we will let you know how we think they make a mark on the fantasy RB landscape.

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