Six members of the RotoHeat team came together to answer some of the biggest questions of the offseason. We bought or sold 13 separate takes and are releasing one per day. We submitted our answers individually so we were not influenced by others’ opinions. Please comment on your takes below. We would love to hear your opinions.

*All questions are based on ppr formats.

Rob Sullivan: BUY

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 If I am right, the Pats are looking at a replacement QB in 2020.  It could be the likes of Teddy Bridgewater or Andy Dalton. It could be anyone really.  A solid TE takes the pressure off the QB by being a check down option closer to the line of scrimmage than the wide outs.  I see the patriots being aggressive in pursuit of free agent TE’s like Austin Hooper, Hunter Henry, or Eric Ebron.

Rick Butts:  SELL

This would mean that they land Hunter Henry or Austin Hooper, and I believe they each resign.  Eric Ebron is on the outside looking in, but I don’t think he would end up top 10.

Taylor Cornell: BUY

 I guess it depends who you think is top-10 at the TE position, but assuming we are talking about Hunter Henry or Austin Hooper, I think the Pats lock up one of those two guys to a contract this offseason.  With Brady’s arm strength dwindling, he needs a safety valve other than James White and Julian Edelman, and both of those guys can provide big targets. I don’t know which one it will be, but a 4 year, $42mil deal is coming (I will guess it is for Hooper).

Buy/Sell:  The Patriots add a top-10 TE via free agency. 1

Sean Coffey: SELL

While many could see this depending on whether or not Brady leaves, I believe the Patriots will try to add a tight end through the draft and not try to attempt to sign one again. With James White, Edleman, and Harry improving, coupled with Sanu’s arrival, I don’t think they could have a top-10 TE, as there would not be enough targets to go around. 


Do I think they go out and grab a Zach Ertz type guy that is currently a top 10 at the position? No. However, the TE position has so much variance, and the Patriots receiving corps is so desperately lacking in both depth and talent, that any tight end the Patriots add in free agency has a good chance of becoming a top 10 guy. That, or they just go rescue O.J. Howard from Bruce Arians. 

Mike Altman: BUY

 When the Patriots bring Brady back, he will insist on having more weapons around him. They have Edleman, Sanu, N’Keal Harry, and White in the passing game. They desperately need a TE and they know it. Many reports had O.J. Howard linked to them around the trade deadline, but they are smart and wanted to get their guy without giving up assets. Hunter Henry, Austin Hooper, Jacob Hollister, Eric Ebron, Greg Olsen, and Blake Jarwin are all FAs and all have potential to be a top-10 TE when they get the market share needed.

Consensus: 4-2(Buy)

Hope you enjoyed our 10 days buy/sell. Check back next month as we discuss the other pressing questions of the offseason.

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Buy/Sell:  The Patriots add a top-10 TE via free agency. 2