Six members of the RotoHeat team came together to answer some of the biggest questions of the offseason. We bought or sold 13 separate takes and are releasing one per day. We submitted our answers individually so we were not influenced by others’ opinions. Please comment on your takes below. We would love to hear your opinions.

*All questions are based on ppr formats.

Rob Sullivan: BUY

  I believe that the next Bucs QB is Phillip Rivers.  Bruce Arians revitalized Carson Palmer in Arizona, and I believe he feels he can do the same with Rivers.  After watching your QB join the 30/30 club last season, I don’t see how you can bring him back. Bridge your team’s transition with Rivers and draft his replacement.    

Rick Butts: BUY

Jameis turns the ball over too much and I believe Arians is looking for options for his offense.  You can’t give the opposition 30+ extra possessions per season and expect to win. Not to mention, Jameis thinks he is worth $30+ mil per season.

Taylor Cornell: SELL

 I think the Bucs will franchise Jameis and Arians will attempt to ‘whisper’ the type of sweet nothings into Winston’s ear that somehow eliminate turnovers.  If he is unable to wrangle in the gunslinger, the Bucs will cut bait for 2021.

Sean Coffey: SELL

I could see Winston getting another chance in Tampa, possibly playing this year while a rookie QB is getting ready in the wings. There aren’t too many other options under center to help the Bucs win this year, and I can’t see them wanting to start over at quarterback while they are able to afford both Godwin and Evans. 

Craig Bullock: SELL

Jameis has too many interceptions, sexual assault accusations, and crab-leg-thefts on his record for any front office staff to be overly-comfortable with him. Jameis also throws for far too many yards and touchdowns for the Bucs to let him walk. The team trusts that Arians can help with Winston’s decision making, and they realize the receiving corps had some serious route running problems. Not all of the 30 INTs were Winston’s fault, but every single one of those 30 touchdowns were because of him. 

Mike Altman: SELL

I am going to let Carson Palmer make my claims for me on this one. He came out and stated Jameis will excel in Tampa Bay after year two under Arians. I mean, the man would know right? Carson Palmer had a career high in interceptions his first year in a Bruce Arians offense at Arizona and then turned it around after about 3 years in the system. If I was running the Bucs organization, I would franchise Winston and see how he progresses, and then either give him a long term contract or let him walk.

Consensus: 4-2(Sell)

Check back tomorrow when we discuss Tom Brady.

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