Last year prior to the start of the 2018 NFL season I wrote an 8-part divisional series piece Titled; Buy, Sell, Take the Flyer for

In those 8 articles, I utilized ADP to identify two guys I am buying, two I’m selling, and I selected a flyer off each team. 

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Buying and selling have nothing to do with my opinion of the player and everything to do with my perceived value of the player vs. ADP.

As for the flyer, these are gut feels on players deeper down in ADP that you are likely selecting in the late rounds of start-up drafts or perhaps in some cases, guys you will find on your league’s waiver wires.

This season I am also going to bring you a 8-part divisional podcasts series, each episode will cover my buys, sells, and players I am taking a flyer one.

I am very excited to announce that the ADP data that I am utilizing for these episodes is own our ADP. 

In episode 22 we wrap of the NFC with the NFC North.