2023 Top 30 Fantasy Football Free Agents Countdown: 30 to 26

The NFL season is officially over. Super Bowl 57 is in the books, concluding the last unfinished business of the 2022 NFL season.

But just because the 2022 fantasy football season and now the 2022 NFL season is over, that doesn’t mean that fantasy football dynasty managers can rest on their laurels. Playing dynasty fantasy football is a year-round undertaking, meaning that we

Here at RotoHeat, we have already started preparing for next season, with rookie rankings for both 1QB and SuperFlex leagues. However, although the rookie craze is in full effect with the 2023 NFL Draft being just two and a half months away, there is something else going on in the NFL world before we get to the rookie draft, and that is free agency.

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Free agency is an opportunity for players who are no longer under contract, to sign with a different team and increase their chances of seeing more playing time. They can of course decide to re-sign with their team and stay there. Regardless, free agency is an opportunity for players’ situations to change, hopefully for the better.

Leading up to the free agency period, which starts March 15, we will be counting down the top 30 free agents for fantasy football. We can almost guarantee that not all of them will be on the move to new teams, but whether they stay with their current team or find a new one, these players will likely have some sort of fantasy impact moving forward. In this article, we will be counting down the first five players, from 30 to 26 on the 2023 Top 30 fantasy football free agents countdown.

2023 Top 30 Fantasy Football Free Agents Countdown: 30 to 26
Jimmy Garoppolo ranks 30 among free agents for fantasy football this offseason

30: Jimmy Garoppolo, QB

At the very tail end of this top 30, we have Jimmy G. If we are to trust the reports, then it is already well known that the 49ers are going to move forward at quarterback without Jimmy Garoppolo.

Garoppolo, who is coming off yet another injury, is thus going to be available to a team in free agency. We have already seen time and time again that Garoppolo can be a good quarterback when surrounded with the proper talent.

As such, he is going to garner interest from NFL teams, and a team such as the New York Jets could very well look to make him a somewhat inexpensive starter at QB. They already have large parts of a great O-line, a good young receiving core, and a superstar running back in the making. Plugging in a veteran such as Jimmy Garoppolo to manage the game for them could be exactly what they need. And there is familiarity as Robert Salah was the defensive coach for San Francisco when Garoppolo was their starter.

29: Sterling Shepard, WR

The WR free agents pool is quite shallow this season, which will especially be felt when we reach the top of the Free Agents countdown, but at this end of the countdown, we are going to see a lot of veteran players who are unlikely to be more than roleplayers on their next contract. Sterling Shepard is exactly that.

Shepard did at one point possess the talent to become a very good NFL receiver, but a slew of injuries has hampered his success, and I just don’t see a point where he is going to become more than a role player for a team.

That being said, Shepard has shown that he can be a very good slot wide receiver, and he could win that starting role for a team. If he does, Shepard might become a serviceable bye-week filler for dynasty rosters.

2023 Top 30 Fantasy Football Free Agents Countdown: 30 to 26
Julio Jones ranks 28 among free agents for fantasy football this offseason

28: Julio Jones, WR

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Once a perennial Top 5 dynasty wide receiver, Julio Jones has become old and suffered from multiple injuries. That is not to say that Julio has nothing left in the tank at all, because he did show flashes of his receiving acumen during this past season with the Buccaneers.

As we have just seen AJ Green, who was drafted two spots ahead of Julio Jones in the 2011 NFL Draft, retire, people are going to wonder if Julio is going down that same path very soon. If not, Jones should be able to bring a veteran presence to a team, and although he is unlikely to make a noticeable impact on fantasy rosters, he might come into play if a team gets hit by the injury bug at receiver during the 2023 season.

27: Baker Mayfield, QB

A former first-overall pick who has been on 3 different teams within the last year. Yeah, that is not a great look. However, when Mayfield actually ended up on a, somewhat, functional team, the Rams, he was able to show that he might still make an impact in the NFL.

Although I have my reservations that any team is going to make him a starter, it just takes one team to believe in him and their own playcalling enough, that he gets a chance. Especially in SuperFlex leagues, Baker could remain relevant if he becomes the veteran presence ahead of a rookie QB who needs time to develop. If that happens, fantasy managers in SuperFlex leagues should try to flip Baker.

26: Parris Campbell, WR

A common theme among the wide receivers in this part of the top 30 fantasy football free agents is injury-history. Parris Campbell has had his fair share of injuries in just his 4 years in the NFL.

Last season though, we did see him produce some good fantasy outings, and he remained healthy for the entire season. Campbell was part of a dysfunctional Colts offense but showed that he can do damage from the slot receiver position.

If Campbell can find a good suitor who needs his services as a slot receiver, and he can stay healthy in 2023, Campbell could have a good season and at the very least be a bye-week replacement for the starters on your dynasty rosters.

Top 30 Fantasy Football Free Agents

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