This is a follow-up from my home league startup draft from the other day (find that article here), and I’ll say that some unprecedented things happened in this IDP rookie draft, so sit back, grab your popcorn and enjoy the show!

This IDP Rookie Draft Went Off the Rails Early!

You will read this correctly, two IDP’s went in the first round of this rookie draft. If you want to see how these rosters were built, I wrote up a piece on the startup draft (you can read it here) but I’d say a fair amount of owners reached to fill needs. Coming into this draft, I needed some help at linebacker and I took zero linebackers in this draft, more so because of how the draft fell and the value at each of my picks.

IDP Rookie Draft
You see it correctly, IDPs went in the first round…

It started off pretty straight forward, from pick five on anything could happen! I know this is a superflex league as well but I’ve not see Pickett go before pick 7/8, so 5 is a little reach with Jamo and Burks still on the board at 5, and this owner needed quarterback so it’s not terrible but still a little early.

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IDP Rookie Draft
2022 IDP Rookie Draft: My Home League Went Crazy! 4

Then we move down to picks 11 and 14, where Aidan Hutchinson and Kyle Hamilton come off the board…In the first round!?!? In my mind, you take best player/value and if it lines up with team needs great but don’t reach even if you are in desperate need for help. I lean more into BPA more so when I’m in leagues where I know some of the guys are still new to a format (in this case IDP), because trades tend to be easier to swing or value to be had later (which you will see with me landing two of the more intriguing safeties in the 5th and 6th round).

Another point of contention is the fact that we see cornerbacks being drafted, then drafted as early as they were (see Sauce Gardner at 2.14). Unless you have to start corner in your league, the defensive back starting position is almost certainly going to be a safety, so in theory the pick was wasted when you could get better value (based on RotoHeat rankings) looking at multiple other positions.

IDP Rookie Draft
Tennessee Titans wide receiver Treylon Burks (16) pulls in a catch during practice at Saint Thomas Sports Park Tuesday, May 24, 2022, in Nashville, Tenn. Nas Titans Ota 025

Typically, I don’t even consider IDP’s in rookie draft until the middle of the second round, and if guys start going as early as we saw them in this draft, I knew I probably wasn’t going to take any until late. Though you may think I am a Tennessee Titans fan (I’m not, Go Lions), I just sat back and took the best player (in my mind) at each pick after seeing if anyone wanted to trade for the picks.

In the end of the draft, I wound up landing Tannehill’s backup (I am the Tannehill owner anyways), his new #1 wideout potentially, one of my favorite rookie wideouts in John Metchie then came back and took two of my favorite safeties in this class in Brisker and Pitre. Coming into the draft, my need was still linebacker and now my focus turns to trading for one, whether its a stud or a potential breakout player.

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