Here at RotoHeat, I strive to deliver as much helpful information as I can to help you all have successful individual defensive player rosters and win a couple championships along the way. My 2021 IDP Keep/Trade/Cut will have you discussing which 2021 IDP defensive linemen you will choose to keep, which one you will trade, and which one you will cut. In this IDP article, these are the top three ranked defensive linemen on most lists. The three players are Cleveland’s Myles Garrett, LA Rams’ Aaron Donald, and Washington’s Chase Young.

Of all the 2021 Keep/Trade/Cut articles, this had the hardest choices, but the end result will give you the ammunition to fight for a league championship.

Keep – Chase Young – Washington Football Team

2021 IDP Keep/Trade/Cut - Defensive Line
2021 IDP Keep/Trade/Cut – Defensive Line

Chase Young has only been in the league for 1 year and is only 22 years old. Young had the worst stats of the 3, but not by much. Aaron Donald has been the most dominating defensive lineman for 7 years now. Young and Donald have very similar rookie stats in tackles, sacks, QB hits, and turnovers. It is very rare for a rookie defensive lineman to be a major factor. Myles Garrett has been in the league for 4 years. Let’s compare rookie numbers:

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Young – 44
Donald – 48
Garrett – 31

Tackles for a loss:
Young – 10,
Donald – 18
Garrett – 9

Young – 7.5
Donald – 9
Garrett – 7

Forced Fumbles:
Young – 4
Donald – 2
Garrett – 1

Pass Defensed:
Young – 4
Donald – 1
Garrett – 1

Young was the only player of the three to score a touchdown during their rookie year. Young will be the next great defensive lineman that will go #1 for years to come. This is why he is the defensive lineman to keep.

Trade – Aaron Donald – LA Rams

2021 IDP Keep/Trade/Cut - Defensive Line
2021 IDP Keep/Trade/Cut – Defensive Line

There is not a more complete defensive lineman in the NFL than Aaron Donald. Donald turned 30 years old in May, 2021. This will be his 8th year and he is still very consistent. Donald was not quite as dominate last year, which means the age and beating he takes in the trenches might be catching up with him. Donald has never had a season with less than 41 tackles, and last year he had 45. Last year was his worst year in tackles for a loss at 14. Donald has never had less than 8 sacks and he is currently on a 4 year stretch with double digit sacks.

Donald has been so consistent over the years in games played also. In his 7 year career, Donald has missed 2 games. A consistent ironman, he can get you a pretty penny on the market. Take advantage of that and get maximum value now. He will continue to decline every year, although I think it will be minor. This is why he is my trade candidate.

Cut – Myles Garrett – Cleveland Browns

2021 IDP Keep/Trade/Cut - Defensive Line
2021 IDP Keep/Trade/Cut – Defensive Line

Myles Garrett will be 26 in December and has a lot of incredible and dominating performances left. 2020 was his best season with tackles at 48, and he played just 14 games. Garrett had 12 sacks, 4 forced fumbles, and 2 fumble recoveries. Availability is the best ability, and Garrett doesn’t meet my standard of availability. He has played in 16 games just once in his 4 years. The other 3 years, his game totals were 14, 11, and 10. One was because of suspension, while the others were due to injury.

There is no doubt that Garrett can wreak havok and win a game by himself. Garrett can also lose a game by himself by not being on the field. If I am going to invest high stock in a player, he better be available to put in a starting lineup. I can not trust Garrett. This is why he is my cut.

Thank you for reading my IDP Keep/Trade/Cut article

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