Here at RotoHeat, I strive to deliver as much helpful information as I can to help you all have successful individual defensive player rosters and win a couple championships along the way. I am going to give you some Week 6 IDP players to watch this weekend. These guys are lower in the rankings, but are my soon to be break out players. Check out my opinions and facts on the following players, and who knows, maybe you will pick them up before this weekend’s games.

For this week, I found two rookie cornerbacks that you all should pay attention to. They are A.J. Parker from the Detroit Lions and Brandon Stephens from the Baltimore Ravens. Both of these players are available in my larger leagues.

Week 6 Player to Watch – Cornerback – A.J. Parker – Detroit Lions

Week 6 IDP players to watch
Week 6 IDP players to watch

A.J. Parker is an undrafted rookie out of Kansas State. At 5’11” and 178 lbs, Parker is the perfect size for a slot corner, and that is the position that can rack up tackles quick. In most IDP leagues, the tackle scoring is based by position, which gives cornerbacks higher points for tackles. If you can get a cornerback that tackles, it will be an advantage that can pay off weekly and get you a couple of extra wins. Parker is averaging about 36 plays per game, which is roughly 58% of the snaps.

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After taking out Week 1, which was just a 21 snap week, Parker has 4 tackles, 3 tackles, 2 tackles, and 7 tackles (6 solo). Parker also had a tackle for a loss in Week 5. Parker has 2 starts on the year in Weeks 2 and 5. He reminds me of the path Chris Harris took with the Denver Broncos. Harris also was an undrafted rookie out of the other Kansas school, the Kansas Jayhawks. In his rookie year, Harris played in 16 games with 4 overall starts. Harris averaged 4.5 tackles in his rookie year. They both have that similar size with Harris being 5′ 10″ and 199 lbs.

When the other teams see an undrafted rookie cornerback on the field, they tend to target him significantly. That scenario will mean many tackle and pass defensed opportunities. With those points, your chances of winning your week’s game goes up.

Week 6 Player to Watch – Cornerback – Brandon Stephens – Baltimore Ravens

Week 6 IDP players to watch
Week 6 IDP players to watch

Brandon Stephens was drafted in the 3rd round of the 2021 NFL draft. At 6’0″ and 204 lbs, Stephens can play any of the 3 cornerback spots successfully. After playing just 22-25 plays per game in Weeks 1-3, Stephens became a starter in Weeks 4 and 5. That increase of play time went to 45 plays in Week 4, which was 74% of the total defensive snaps, and 69 plays in Week 5–100% of the defensive snaps.

Stephens has really been stepping up in the tackle department as the season has gone on. In the 3 weeks before Stephens got the starter roll, he had 2 tackles (2 solo), 3 tackles (1 solo), and 5 tackles (2 solo). Stephens earned the start in Week 4 against the Denver Broncos. Stephens produced 3 tackles (1 solo) against a running team. Week 5 brought the Indianapolis Colts to town with a passing game plan. It was Stephens first complete game with 100% of the snap share. In those 69 plays, Stephens produced a whopping 11 tackles (6 solo) and a QB hit.

Stephens has earned his playing time and will produce a nice total of tackles to give you those extra points to win your matchup. With Marcus Peters tearing his ACL during the pre-season, players had to step up. Anthony Averett, Marlon Humphrey, and Stephens are the three to have a game with 100% of snaps. The other cornerback to get significant more play time is Tavon Young with an average of 60% of the defensive snaps. Stephens has earned his time and the coaches like what they see. Get him on your roster now, before the word gets out.

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