Week 16 Start Sit IDP 2020


Welcome to the Week 16 Start Sit IDP 2020 from RotoHeat!

Sorry everyone. With the holidays, and then things coming up with my family, this is out a bit later than normal. Given the fewer meaningful games in leagues this week, we also had fewer questions submitted, so I have added some holiday specific questions in here for your enjoyment.

Let us know on Twitter, Facebook or Discord if YOU have questions you want us to answer for next week, for the last version of this for the 2020 NFL regular season. Now let’s get to the questions!

*Disclaimer: Start/Sit results are subject to change do to injury reports and other factors leading up to game time. Any rankings and scoring discussed is based off the RotoHeat IDP Scoring we have discussed.

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Start Chuck Clark or Jarrod Wilson at safety?

Wilson faces Chicago and their resurgent offense, who give up the 4th most points to opposing linebackers. It also appears the Jaguars are hoping to keep their current #1 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft position, so Wilson is viable here. Over the past three weeks he is at 18 solos, 4 assists and 1 TFL with a 95% defensive snap share.

Clark is at a 100% defensive snap share for the year, with 8 solos and 10 assists in the past three weeks. The Ravens play the Giants this week, and the Giants give up the 7th most points to safeties. I know people say don’t sit your studs, but I am starting Wilson of the two if you need a ceiling play. Clark has a better floor and has been better this year overall, but I like Wilson’s recent play and the Bears matchup better.

Pick one: Sugar cookies or chocolate chip cookies?

If I had to have one unadulterated, best version of itself, it is a chocolate chip cookie. BUT, sugar cookies are more versatile, and if you have not eat a bunch of them (not that you should sit and eat a bunch of cookies), give me sugar cookies for variety. You can even put chocolate chips into sugar cookies, while icing chocolate chip cookies has always seemed gratuitous to me.

gettyimages 1287307855 2048x2048 1 Week 16 Start Sit IDP 2020
CLEVELAND, OHIO – NOVEMBER 22: Linebacker Sione Takitaki #44 of the Cleveland Browns runs in a touchdown after intercepting a pass intended for running back Miles Sanders #26 of the Philadelphia Eagles during the first half at FirstEnergy Stadium on November 22, 2020 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

Start one: Tae Crowder or Sione Takitaki?

A deep dive for Week 16, but sometimes this is the situation we find ourselves in. Baltimore is Crowder’s opponent, and they are in the top 10 in points allowed to opposing linebackers. Crowder has also been playing more lately, 52% of defensive snaps the past four weeks, and 60% the past three. Over the same time period Sione is at 38% and 40%, respectively.

Sione plays the Jets, who are in the bottom 10 in points allowed to opposing linebackers. Crowder has also done more in fantasy over the same time frames, so if you are forced to start one of these, I am going with Crowder.

Pick one: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, or Frosty the Snowman?

Rudolph is the easy pick here. He is more reliable and had to work his way up from undrafted to his starting slot with the sleigh. Frosty is flaky; will he show up? If so when? What happens if there is no snow? What is he doing when he is not around? Rudolph is working and training year ’round. Give me the reindeer in one of our easiest decisions of the year.

gettyimages 1229670309 2048x2048 1 Week 16 Start Sit IDP 2020
VAUGHAN, ON- NOVEMBER 17 – Santa Claus rides up on his float that features his eight reindeer lead by Rudolph. On a chilly night the Toronto Annual Santa Claus Parade which has run uninterrupted for 115 years. The 116th parade, because of the COVID-19 pandemic was taped for television and online at Canadas Wonderland in Vaughan. November 17, 2020. (Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

Sit one: Jeremy Chinn or Jessie Bates III?

Chinn is our DB 3 on the year, averaging slightly over 10 points a year. The past four games he has played he has had a 100% snap share. This week he faces Washington, who give up the 7th fewest points to opposing safeties. It should be noted though that Chinn does play a linebacker/safety hybrid role and Washington gives up the most points to opposing linebackers.

Bates is our DB 8 on the year, averages slightly over 8 points a game and has a 98.5% snap share over the past four games. Houston plays the Bengals, and Houston gives up the 11th fewest points to opposing safeties. I would go with Chinn here, as he been more consistent this year, has made more big plays and when you consider his role in the Panthers defense, he has the better matchup too.

Is eggnog a must start?

As much as I think one glass of eggnog during the holiday season is a good idea for historical and traditional reasons, no it is not a must start. It’s popularity is going down despite it seemingly being pumped into everything like the evil pumpkin spice. it is also really bad for you, which should be obvious. So, yes I am in favor of having a glass of it during the holidays, but beyond that I don’t see it having that much general usefulness.

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