Week 11 Start Sit IDP 2020


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*Disclaimer: Start/Sit results are subject to change do to injury reports and other factors leading up to game time. Any rankings and scoring discussed is based off the RotoHeat IDP Scoring we have discussed.

Start one: Ifeadi Odenigbo or Emmanuel Ogbah

Ifeadi faces Dallas, who gives up the 3rd most points to opposing defensive ends, but he only averages 3.22 points a game. Ogbah is out DL 6 on the year currently with 8.33 points a game, facing Denver who gives up the 9th fewest points to opposing defensive ends. I like the match-up for Ifeadi clearly, and as a waiver pick-up spot start for someone in need he’s a great play this week. I just don’t see sitting Ogbah right now, as weird as that is to say. IDP play has been all over the place this year; he has not had under 6 points since Week 3 and he’s the one I’m starting.

Start one edge: Bud Dupree, Bradley Chubb or Brian Burns

Jacksonville, facing Pittsburgh, gives up the 3rd most points to opposing linebackers and 2nd fewest points to opposing defensive ends. Dupree is averaging about 6.9 points a game. Burns averages about 6.4 points a game, and his Week 11 opponent, Detroit, gives up the 17th fewest points to opposing linebackers and fewest points to opposing defensive ends.

Chubb also averages about 6.9 points a game, and faces Miami, who give the 13th fewest points to opposing linebackers and 13th fewest points to opposing defensive ends.So that’s a lot of info. We don’t have much data for the Edge position yet, as many sites do not have it as an option, which is why I listed defensive end and linebacker points. It isn’t a true 1:1 comparison by any means, as only some defensive ends and some linebackers count for Edge, but the more info the better in making a decision.

Burns is out for me, as the lowest scoring and clear worst match-up. Given how their respective opponents’ seasons are going opposite directions, despite similar points allowed matchups when you average things out, I am starting Dupree.

PITTSBURGH, PA – SEPTEMBER 20: Bud Dupree #48 of the Pittsburgh Steelers forces a fumble after hitting Drew Lock #3 of the Denver Broncos during the first quarter at Heinz Field on September 20, 2020 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

Start one: John Simon, Ryan Kerrigan or Aldon Smith

Smith is averaging about 3 points a game from Week 3 on, and Minnesota (Dallas’ opponent this week) gives up the 7th fewest points to opposing defensive ends. Simon is questionable for Week 11 with an elbow injury, and averages about 5 points a game. He faces Houston in Week 11, who give up the 15th fewest points a game to opposing defensive ends.

Despite having the lowest snap share of the three (Kerrigan in the 30s the past few weeks, Aldon in low 70s and Simon in the mid 70s), Kerrigan has the best match-up, with Cincinnati giving up the 4th most points a game to opposing defensive ends. Kerrigan averages about 4 points a game, with a whopping 4 of 9 games so far with no points at all.

Despite the match-up, I can’t start Kerrigan with that low of snap share and that many games being shut out. With Simon questionable and a bad match-up, give me Smith of these three, but I would be looking at other options on the waiver personally. You may be able to find someone who’s been doing better lately with a better match-up.

CB required start one: Jeff Okudah, Nevin Lawson or Rock Ya-Sin

Okudah faces the Panthers, who give up the 5th fewest points to opposing cornerbacks, and he is averaging 6.75 points a game. Lawson averages 6.13 a game and faces the Chiefs, who give up the 10th most points to opposing cornerbacks. Rock is playing the Packers this week; they give up the 16th fewest points to opposing cornerbacks and he averages 4.5 points a game.

Lawson had been getting a 90% or higher snap share since Week 4, but was interestingly at 56% last week. Rock has been around 74% this year, and Okudah had been playing in the high 90s most of the year, but the past two weeks he has been at 45% and 39%, as part of a rotation. I did not find anything online about Lawson being hurt, so assuming he is healthy, he is the one I am starting. The combination of almost as many points a game as Okudah, but more consistent playing time and a better match-up are the keys here.

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA – OCTOBER 24: Wide receiver Stefon Diggs #14 of the Minnesota Vikings fumbles the ball as he is hit by Daron Payne #94 of the Washington Redskins during the first quarter of the game at U.S. Bank Stadium on October 24, 2019 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)

Start one IL: Da’Ron Payne, Derrick Brown or Tyquan Lewis

Payne has a mid 80s snap share, gets about 4 points a game and faces the Bengals, who give up the 7th most points to opposing defensive tackles. Tyquan averages 4.5 points a game (but has scored 0 points in 5 out of 9 games this year), has a high 30s snap share. The Packers though give up the fewest points to opposing defensive tackles.

Brown is averaging 4 points a game on 67% snap share, and Detroit is giving up the 14th most points a game to opposing defensive tackles. To me the easy pick here is Payne. He has the best match-up, and neither of the other two are doing well enough compared to him to override that match-up.

Sit one LB: Demario Davis, Shaq Thompson or Myles Jack

Davis averages a little over 9 points a game, is playing Atlanta (gives up the 6th fewest points to opposing linebackers) and has nearly a 100% snap share. Shaq averages 8.9 points a game, faces Detroit who give up the 17th most points to opposing linebackers and has a 97% snap share. Myles has a 90% snap share, averages almost 11 points a game and faces Pittsburgh, who gives up the 14th fewest points to opposing linebackers.

If you look at his big games, Davis has to get TFL and sacks to get you a lot of points; he is not at the top of those high volume tacklers. Shaq has the best match-up, and Myles has been the better play this year overall when he plays (has only played in 7 games). If I am sitting one, it is Davis.

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