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Top 12 Tight End Plays for Week 4


Top 12 Tight End Plays for Week 4

Week 3 of the NFL season is in the books, and we are looking forward to Week 4, making it time for your weekly Top 12 for tight ends. The most important things for TEs are targets and TDs, so these are the two parameters I will look at the most, together with the matchup. Here are your Top 12 Tight End Plays of Week 4.

1 Travis Kelce, KC vs. Eagles

Top 12 Tight End Plays for Week 4, 1. Travis Kelce

Kelce is the TE1 on the season and yet again the obvious pick for TE1 in Week 4. He is second in targets to only Waller but has more yardage and TD upside.

2 Darren Waller, LV vs. Chargers

Top 12 Tight End Plays for Week 4, 2. Darren Waller

Waller is the target leader amongst TEs. The yards have been OK, but the TDs have been lacking. With the number of targets Waller is getting, he should see positive TD regression, which would make him an even better play. No matter what, he is in your lineup every week.

3 George Kittle, SF vs. Seahawks

Top 12 Tight End Plays for Week 4, 3. George Kittle

In Week 3, Kittle finally had one of those games we know so well from him, where he was getting plenty of targets, catches, and some good yards after the catch. That was great to see and should be a sign of things to come from Kittle.

4 TJ Hockenson, DET vs. Bears

Top 12 Tight End Plays for Week 4, 4. TJ Hockenson

After 2 very good weeks to start the season, Hockenson came back down to Earth in Week 3. Bears have been better than average against opposing TEs, but Hockenson’s number of targets should help offset that quite easily. If Goff can get him the ball, Hockenson should have another good week.

5 Mark Andrews, BAL vs. Broncos

Top 12 Tight End Plays for Week 4, 5. Mark Andrews

Andrews bounced back in Week 3 after a horrid start to the season. That’s good enough to land him at #5 on the Top 12 Tight End Plays for Week 4. Now he just needs to get the TDs going. The Broncos’ defense has been one of the best against TEs this season, but it’s also on a pretty thin basis, as they have played the Giants, Jaguars and Jets, who are a combined 0-9 this season.

Andrews should be fine, as the Ravens continue to find their offensive groove.

6 Rob Gronkowski, TB vs. Patriots

Top 12 Tight End Plays for Week 4, 6. Rob Gronkowski

After some strong showings, Gronk had a lackluster Week 3, but in Week 4 he and Tom Brady get a revenge game against the Patriots.

The consensus feeling is that the Bucs are going to blow the Patriots out of the water, which would be great for any pass catcher on the Buccaneers. This should allow Gronkowski to get back in the TD column, which would likely make him a top TE play for the week.

7 Kyle Pitts, ATL vs. Football Team

Top 12 Tight End Plays for Week 4, 7. Kyle Pitts

Pitts continues to claw his way back up the Top 12 Tight End Plays for Week 4. Last week he was at 7, this week he is at 6. He has a middle-of-the-road matchup against the Football Team in Week 4 and his targets should come back up after only having 3 targets in Week 3.

8 Noah Fant, DEN vs. Ravens

Top 12 Tight End Plays for Week 4, 8. Noah Fant

The Ravens allow the second-most points to opposing TEs, which should be exactly what the doctor ordered for Fant to bounce back after a 3-target outing in Week 3. Fant is still averaging just below 6 targets per game, which is seventh amongst TE, so he should be able to do some damage against the Ravens.

9 Dallas Goedert, PHI vs. Chiefs

Top 12 Tight End Plays for Week 4, 9. Dallas Goedert

The entire Eagles offense was terrible in Week 3, and Goedert suffered as part of that. He had decent yardage (66) but only caught 2 of 4 targets, which was both his own and QB Jalen Hurts’ fault.

In Week 4, he sees a pretty good match-up against the Chiefs, but he is capped by his QB and the fact that Zach Ertz is also running a decent number of routes.

10 Logan Thomas, WFT vs. Falcons

Top 12 Tight End Plays for Week 4, 10. Logan Thomas

A great match-up awaits Logan Thomas in Week 4 against the Falcons who are sixth-worst against opposing TEs. This should bode well for his production, which has been stellar already at TE7 through the first three weeks, averaging 11.2 fantasy points per game.

11 Robert Tonyan, GB vs. Steelers

Top 12 Tight End Plays for Week 4, 11. Robert Tonyan

Tonyan has been disappointing outside of a single TD this season. We know he can produce, but realistically, he was never going to repeat what he did last season. Regardless, his connection with Aaron Rodgers still means he is a good weekly play at TE.

Rodgers has focused less on Tonyan so far this season and focused more on Davante and Aaron Jones. At some point, another playmaker has to emerge, and going by last season, Rodgers will connect with Tonyan at that point.

12 Tyler Higbee, LAR vs. Cardinals

Top 12 Tight End Plays for Week 4, 12. Tyler Higbee

The Cardinals is a rough matchup for Higbee, but the Rams’ offense is clicking and Higbee has seen 5 or more targets in 2 of 3 games. If he gets that number of targets in Week 4, he should be a top 12 tight end play with decent yardage.

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