Three Kickers to Stream Week 10

Welcome back to our Three Kickers to Stream article series for Week 10 of the 2021 season! For those who are unaware, “stream” or “streaming” refers to starting a player in lieu of a regular starter on your fantasy football squad. Usually this is needed by having no other option, whereas one of your players are hurt or on bye. However, sometimes you can may choose to stream a kicker as a general season-long strategy, or if the matchup/situation is better than your regular starter.

Before I get any further, I must say… KICKERS ARE IMPORTANT! Yes, they can be fluky at times. Yes, they typically score about the same amount of points at the end of the season. However, there are some factors that should be looked at on a week to week basis on which kickers to start any given week for your fantasy team. For example, is the game being played in favorable weather, or better yet, in a dome? Is the game going to be high scoring? Does the team typically go for it on 4th down or do they have a more conservative approach? All of these factors should be considered when choosing your weekly kicker.

Each week I will be bringing you the top three kickers to stream in your leagues. The goal of my streams is to identify a positive situation in the current week to help you get that all important “W.”

1. Mike Badgley – Indianapolis Colts

A look at Three Kickers to Stream Week 10

Mike Badgley kicks off our Week 10 streamer article as a kicker to grab for your fantasy squads. Through 4 games, Badgley has been perfect on the season for the Colts. He has made all 4 field goals attempted and all 17 extra points. With the Colts offense finally starting to get into gear, Badgley makes for a solid option this week if you’re looking for a kicker to stream on your rosters.

In Week 10, Badgley and the Colts have a great matchup against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The game is also at home in a dome, so there is no fear of elements causing poor kicking conditions. Badgley should have plenty of opportunities to get some points, so be sure to prioritize him if the other options on this list are not available to you.

2. Brandon McManus – Denver Broncos

A look at Three Kickers to Stream Week 10

The next kicker stream for Week 10 is Brandon McManus of the Denver Broncos. Also recommended last week, McManus pulled through as he made 3 of 4 FGs and 1 of 2 extra points. Had he made those two missed opportunities, he would have been a slam dunk start. Even still, he has been very reliable and the Broncos seem to turn to him relatively regularly to get points when they need them.

This week, McManus and the Broncos head back home to face the Philadelphia Eagles. The Denver Broncos will likely have control the ball and take points as they get the opportunity to against the Eagles. I expect a close game, but one where McManus is given plenty of opportunities to get his team points on the board. He also boasts one of the strongest legs in the league and the thin air at Mile High stadium can certainly help a kick get an essential few extra feet.

3. Ryan Succop – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

A look at Three Kickers to Stream Week 10

Ryan Succop of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is the final kicker stream of Week 10. Succop has never made this list, largely because he has always been so highly owned every week of the season. Coming off a bye, there’s a good chance he is now available in your leagues to add. While he has a great matchup this week, he would also be a superb rest of season kicker for your teams. That’s why he is the preferred kicker stream this week and the one to prioritize over anyone else for the position.

This week, Succop and the Buccaneers play against the Washington Football Team. Tampa Bay should have no issue gaining yards through the air, and should they have to settle for some field goals. Succop, and in turn your fantasy teams, will benefit from that. Succop has not been perfect this season, but this week does look promising and so he is at least a solid stream for Week 10.

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