When you are asked who is the most overlooked quarterback in fantasy football, why is the answer so blatantly Derek Carr this season? Now that Russell Wilson is the starting quarterback for the Broncos, the Raiders and Derek Carr are potentially the worst team and quarterback in the division. However, that does not mean they are going to be bad and I think Derek Carr will surprise people this year. His fantasy outlook is also being overlooked and here’s why.

When Derek Carr had his best seasons in fantasy football he had two stud receivers in Michael Crabtree and Amari Cooper. Last year he finished as QB13 and Darren Waller was hurt for most of the season, Henry Ruggs was cut due to his horrific personal situation, so his best receiver was Hunter Renfrow. His rookie year it was amazing he was able to put up stats at all considering his best wide receiver was James Jones. That all changes for this year.

The Most Overlooked Quarterback in Fantasy Football
The Most Overlooked Quarterback in Fantasy Football: Derek Carr 2

This year he is potentially the most overlooked quarterback in fantasy football because he is going to have two stud receivers AND Darren Waller. His new(but not so new to him) receiver, Davante Adams, is one of the top receivers in the league and this will be the first time Carr has had someone that good to throw to consistently. And then he gets to continue the chemistry he has built with the Accountant, Hunter Renfrow, which I believe will lead to more fantasy success.

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Carr is currently being drafted around QB14 according to FantasyPros ADP. I think this is his floor which is why I believe he is the most overlooked quarterback in fantasy football this year. The highest finish he has ever had is QB10 and I believe he can beat that. His highest yardage he has ever thrown for was last year with 4804 yards with the WORST receiving core he’s had. The improvement in talent will allow him to increase efficiency and allow the offense to be more explosive which will lead to him scoring more fantasy points because he only threw 23 touchdowns while throwing 14 interceptions last year.

Carr has a ceiling of QB8 and a floor of QB14. He is worth drafting at or above ADP. He is one of many quarterbacks I think can surprise people. Check out another at Rotoheat.com

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