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I have 20 years of fantasy football experience, and I’m still learning something new every day/season. I’m a huge Bears fan that wishes every night that we finally got it right–hopefully this is Fields to the rescue!

Outside of RotoHeat, I run a marketing agency and am a huge collector. My main vices are cardboard, memorabilia, Funkos, and NFTs.

EXPERTISE: Dynasty, Best Ball, DFS


Hey all! I’m one of the Senior Content Creators here with RotoHeat. If you’ve stopped by our YouTube channel, then you’ve seen me in action. Other than handling a large portion of video content, I work in all facets of fantasy, but typically you’ll see me on IDP and devy content more than any other. 
Outside of RotoHeat, I’m a husband, father of two amazing girls, NextGen Pastor, and have a day job as a webmaster. I like to game when possible (COD and Madden, typically), am growing in my NFT knowledge, and read as much as I can! Thanks for stopping by, and if there’s anything I can do, hit me up on any of my socials!



Salutations!  I am mainly an IDP contributor here at RotoHeat, both through articles and videos.  I started fantasy football in 2001, expanded to IDP in 2012, and then I added devy in 2018.
If you know me from Twitter, you have seen the memes and GIFs that I greatly enjoy making and spend far too much time on.  When I am not making those, working, or working on fantasy football, you can find me with my family, which consists of my wife, five kids, a cat and a dog. When it comes to the NFL, I am a lonely Dallas Cowboys fan living with the Cheeseheads in Wisconsin. 
EXPERTISE: IDP, Devy, Dynasty


What’s going on, Heat Seekers? I am one of the content contributors here at RotoHeat. I have been writing articles here for a few years, appeared on a few live streams, and even started some trivia games in our chats. 

I’ve been playing fantasy football for over 25 years. My fantasy football experience started out like most people–playing in a redraft league with friends, then moved to dynasty, which led to playing in some developmental leagues and DFS. 

Make sure to drop in and say “hi” to me on social media, where I’m willing to answer any questions you may have, as I will even ask a few of my own. 

EXPERTISE: Dynasty, Redraft


I have been playing fantasy sports for over 20 years. Fantasy football, whether redraft or dynasty, is my passion, although I also dabble in fantasy baseball and basketball from time to time. When I feel really inspired, I’ll write an article or two, but I prefer helping people 1-on-1. In doing this, I can get a clearer view of the specific situation and can give a detailed solution on the best way(s) to resolve the problem. Feel free to DM me directly if you have any questions, start/sits, trade ideas, or even setting up leagues or other commissioner headaches.

Outside of the fantasy world I’m the proud husband of my very beautiful and hardworking wife, and proud father of my two wonderful children. I’m an avid vinyl record collector with over 700 records in my collection. I attend rock concerts as often as possible, and I play PS5 whenever I’m not in the mood to listen to some tunes. My favorite sports team is the 49ers, my favorite record I own is Led Zeppelin II, and my favorite video game is Call of Duty.

Let’s win some ‘ships!

EXPERTISE: Redraft, Dynasty


Hello everyone! I am one of the Content Contributors here at RotoHeat, and you’ll mostly see me in your weekly live stream videos on Facebook and YouTube. I have been playing fantasy football since middle school and have been dominating my opponents since. I started playing redraft when I was a teenager and have recently dove into the world of dynasty the past few years. I enjoy doing both equally because each have different strategies to incorporate.

Outside of fantasy football, I spend most of my time with my wife and friends. I love to play video games and enjoy my everyday job as a construction worker. Also, Go Pats!

EXPERTISE: Dynasty, Redraft


Hi! My name is Craig, and I’m a Bears fan. How do you make football season fun when you’re a Bears fan? Easy…with DFS and sports betting! I’m an avid DFS player with multiple 5-figure wins under my belt. I’m always down to talk theory, strategy and lineup builds. I play season long, too, but DFS is my focus. During the off-season, I mostly spend my time with the wife and kids…and doing best ball drafts…


I come from Denmark (yep, you read that right), and I mainly write articles for RotoHeat as well as contributing rookie grades and our weekly tiered rankings. I have been watching NFL since 2004 and playing fantasy football since 2014. I have been lucky/good enough to win at least one fantasy championship every season since.

When I’m not using my spare time to write or research for fantasy football, I spend most of that time either gaming or socializing with friends. Every now and then I also get a bit done on the book I am attempting to write.



Hey all! I’ve been playing fantasy football since 2005 and dynasty since 2010. I credit any success that I may accidentally have to not drafting Buffalo Bills players. Outside of fantasy football, I am a radio industry program director, fan of sub-par punk rock, and a coffee addict. Once I met Terrell Owens, and it did not disappoint



Hello! My name is Jason, and I am a contributing writer for RotoHeat. I am a licensed mental health therapist, father, husband, and active member of Bills Mafia. My passion within the fantasy football community is film analysis on college football prospects to uncover gems at the next level. I am active in many dynasty, deep devy, and C2C leagues, and hope to provide a unique perspective on incoming rookies and devy prospects. As a writer, one thing I believe in, and you can count on me for, is credibility and accountability. Here’s to a few “hits” along the way. GO BILLS!



Hello! I am a newer member to the RotoHeat team and have been a face on the YouTube channel for the 2021 NFL season. I come from, and still run, my own YouTube channel, Off the Schneid. I’ve been an avid fantasy football/sports player since the Wall Street Sports days, having played almost every form of fantasy football from redraft, dynasty, auction, best ball, etc., and I’m happy to share any experience or knowledge!
I am excited to continue navigating this fantasy landscape and carve out a role and identity. When not working on content, I try to stay warm in Calgary, AB Canada, while being originally from even colder Whitehorse, YT Canada.

EXPERTISE: Dynasty, Redraft, Best Ball


What’s up, Heat Seekers! My name is Austin, and I’ve been a football enthusiast since I was a child, and I picked up fantasy football over 10 years ago. Since then, I’ve won, and helped others win, several championships in various leagues.
I’m thrilled that RotoHeat has given me the opportunity to share those experiences and knowledge with all of you!
When I am away from fantasy, I am a husband and father. I love to golf, and I try to find any excuse I can to play sports and stay active. I work with robots and airplane engines at my day job, plus I run my own multi-op DJ business that specializes in weddings.



What’s up, RotoHeat fam! I’m DezDeuce, also known as Desi Franklin. I have 13 years of playing redraft, dynasty, and devy/C2C fantasy football under my belt. My goal at RotoHeat is to connect with all of you like-minded fantasy football degens to get better at this game we love, so ultimately we can win fantasy football championships. With my devy fantasy content, I’m hoping to give all of you a look into a college football to NFL point of view on our dynasty rosters. 
Other than fantasy football, I’m a die-hard Ravens fan from Baltimore, MD. I work day-to-day in human resources and enjoy time with family, friends, and traveling when I can. I also like video games and winning fantasy football championships!. 
I’m to be a part of the RotoHeat team, so let’s chat in the Discord and have some fun! Cheers! 



Hello, and welcome to the RotoHeat community! I have recently started writing for the RotoHeat team, and I very much look forward to sharing my fantasy football obsession with you! I have been an avid sports fan my entire life and have been playing fantasy football for about twenty years. When I am not working or spending time with my family, I am most likely doing something that involves sports (real or fantasy).
While I certainly do love the strategic and competitive aspects of fantasy football, I truly feel the best part of it is having the opportunity to connect with (and learn from) like-minded and passionate people. I am so excited to embark upon this journey with you all! Let’s get it!

EXPERTISE: Redraft, Dynasty