RotoHeat Team Members

Rick Butts
Rick is a huge MLB & NFL fan and enjoys playing DFS & Dynasty more than anything else. He identifies as a huge Cubs & Bears fan but loves the sport first and foremost. You will not convince him that anybody but Mike Trout is the best player in baseball, though his favorite player is Javier Baez.
Sean Coffey
I have been playing fantasy football since 1995. Winning multiple championships along the way. I then started played in dynasty leagues since 2007 and added DFS and Devy leagues to my resume in 2014. Fantasy football isn't just a hobby for me, it's a passion.
Taylor Cornell
Taylor has been playing fantasy football for over 15 years, and supporting the Cincinnati Bengals for all of his 28 years of life. As such, he has experience dealing with disappointment and confusion. To remain somewhat sane, he likes to spend quality time with his wife and two sons.
Chris Resendes
27 year old living in Calgary, AB. Been playing fantasy football for 10+ years, Dynasty for 5+, and looking to share my thoughts/opinions with you!
Brad Menendez
A Sports Fan since the early 90's, coming from the Metro-Detroit area gives me a well-spring of great sports memories and foundation for providing you advice and insights to help all your teams be successful! I've been in dynasty football since 2001, NBA, NHL & MLB since the 2010 in various roles. A member of the Rotoheat team since late July 2018, I've been able to apply a calm, humorous and friendly approach to managing your teams. Outside sports, I'm a husband of 10 years, father of two beautiful daughters, drummer for over 20 years, an associate/youth pastor, gamer and avid TV/Movie Fan.
Kevin Kloss
Kevin Kloss is a hoops and fantasy sports junkie. He's been lucky enough to play in some great redraft and dynasty leagues. He loves to get the opportunity to chat about trades and roster building. Also, he strangely believes that Rob Johnson got a raw deal with the Buffalo Bills and he doesn't understand why people like Dave Matthews.
I have been playing fantasy football since 2008 and each year gotten more involved in leagues. I Started with one redraft league, now I am in well over 20 leagues a season. From redraft to dynasty, bestball and guillotine I play them all. I hope to take some of my knowledge and share it with everyone.
Rob Sullivan
I have been playing Fantasy Football since 2007, and Dynasty since 2013. Entered into the crazy worlds of Super-flex in 2018 and I am adding TE premium leagues in 2019. Always looking for creative and innovative ways to value players. Rebuilding rosters is my true calling. In addition to Fantasy Football, I am an avid MLB, and NHL fantasy participant.