My Dearest Ronald Jones II,

It was love at first sight when I saw you scamper for 8 scores as a freshman at USC. When you left USC after your Junior year, it left me sad as I loved seeing you in that Cardinal in Gold. The only thing that kept me going was knowing we could connect in my fantasy…football that is. I had 1.07 in that 2018 rookie draft, and I had those butterflies in my stomach that we might get a chance to be linked as one. The day of the rookie draft finally came and it was getting close, 1.04-Kerryon Johnson, 1.05-Darrius Guice, 1.06-D.J. Moore, and just like that we were a thing! 1.07-Ronald Jones II!

You don’t know it, but we have been connected for 5 years. Once we became official, however, you changed. You lost that “juice” you had at USC; you no longer hit the hole like you used to. The worst part is that I was your truther. I was the one that would stand up for you when others said you were cuttable, but I couldn’t let go. Even after your 23 total rushing attempts and 44 total yards, I had your back.

I was tuned in in 2019, week 1, and you came through! You showed up looking like the RoJo I knew–the Rojo I loved. But then shortly you were back to your 2018 self and let the plodder, Peyton Barber, take your work. You have been unreliable, like your blocking, far too long, and it is time to let go. 

As my fingers stroke the keys, I glance at the notifications on my Sleeper app and a pending trade is sitting there: a late 2020 second rounder for you, MY ROJO. Before I throw away our long and vacillating history, I YouTube those USC highlights–our glory days.

I feel like I will regret this forever, but the joy you once brought me is no longer there. And for that I owe it to myself to move forward and find my next love in the 2020 draft. 

With Deepest Love,


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