Who will be the top running back in the 2024 class? An early look into Raheim Sanders Devy profile and his case for that top spot.

As I was going through my Devy rankings on Rotoheat.com, I wanted to go through and make some adjustments going into week four of the college football season. By now, college football fans have gotten a taste of what the season may bring for 2022 and your respective favorite team.

We have had some very interesting and exciting games so far. We have had some Devy players’ value rise and fall early on. Now we have a lot of football to be played, but sometimes there are players you can’t stop watching.

For me, it has to be Arkansas Razorback Running back Raheim Sanders. If you haven’t heard of him, it’s probably because he goes by “Rocket” Sanders.

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So far this season, Sanders has caught my eye more often than not. Watching his game film has made me think I was too low on Sanders. He shows good inside and outside running capabilities and the ability to catch the ball.

What gives me more excitement for Sanders is he looks like he put on some weight this year. The young man clearly has been in the weight room. He looks the part of a three-down back in the NFL. Is Raheim Sanders the next NFL star running back? Let’s get into Raheim Sanders devy profile and see if now is the time to get him on your rosters.

rs2 min Raheim Sanders Devy Profile
Raheim Sanders Devy Profile

Raheim Sanders Breakout season is upon us!

As a freshman, Raheim Sanders came right in and made an impact on the Arkansas offense. Showing early production on the ground helped put Sanders on the map with his electrifying play style. Sanders was able to compile 578 yards rushing with five touchdowns.

Year two is where I see a big difference. With increased opportunity, Sanders has shined. Through the first three weeks of the season, Sanders has put up some good numbers. He has gained a total of 440 rushing yards and three touchdowns. He has also caught six receptions with 117 yards and a touchdown.

One of Sanders best qualities is his ability to catch the ball out of the backfield. He has great hands and route running skills to match up with any defender. Interestingly, he is even used out wide as a receiver.
I like what I have seen from Sanders early in the season. He shows the ability to be a three-down running back with his size, speed, and athleticism.

Raheim Sanders Twitter buzz!

Sanders has been getting some love lately on Twitter too. Here we have a graph courtesy of Jerrick Backous from the Campus2Canton crew. He shows early production from all the top backs right now and Sanders sits at the top for the 2024 class.

Here is a scouting tape made by my good friend Brandon Lejeune showing off Sanders touches for the game against South Carolina. While watching, I noticed that Sanders has excellent contact balance. He was able to break tackles with ease and pick up extra yards with his strength. I love Brandon’s game cutups so If your are ever looking to scout a player check him out.

What are your thoughts on Raheim Sanders?

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