NFC North Division Preview with Marvin Elequin

Welcome to the first official episode of Redzone Redemption, A Fantasy Football Podcast. Formerly known as the Fantasy Nightcap, I am your Host Shane Barrett. I have given up alcohol and am on a journey to continue sobriety and so I needed to change the theme of my podcast and that is what this is.

I am focusing on redemption for two reasons. One is at any point I believe you can redeem your fantasy football season by continuing to make moves and never giving up. Personally, I have proved this multiple times with the best two cases being last year. One I started out 1-6 in a league and continued to trade to improve my team so that I finished 7-7 and made the playoffs. I advanced through one round in the playoffs with a nail-biter performance.

Second, my former cohost and another friend donated enough money to make my second-round pick in #PollysPlayoff. They picked Tim Tebow who was cut 3 weeks later. I made the playoffs with this team as well. The second reason for my theme is my Redeemer, Jesus Christ. I want to be able to give people a platform to talk about that in their daily lives and in the fantasy space IF they want to. If not this will be the same old fantasy football podcast, just less focused on the alcohol theme.

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Division Preview

Joining me for this initial episode is Marvin Elequin of the FF Ballers to continue the series we started on the Nightcap of divisional previews. We discuss which players we want to Buy, Sell, Hold, and a sleeper for the division preview.

Then who will win the division? Let us know your thoughts on the players we discussed and who you think wins this division.

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