Marquise Brown Fantasy Outlook 2021: Is He a Top 30 WR?


Marquise Brown Fantasy Outlook 2021

In this article, we are going to cover the Marquise Brown fantasy outlook for 2021. We will share where we think he will rank amongst all wide receivers in 2021. Should you buy, hold or sell? Will Marquise Brown be more or less valuable in 2022? Do we think he is going to be a league winner, weekly starter, flex play, spot starter, dark horse or dart throw? Included is all of this as well as personal opinions of the 13 people that participated from the RotoHeat staff.

Marquise Brown Fantasy Outlook 2021: What Is His Weekly Playability?

Most of the team thought that Marquise Brown will be a weekly flex or spot starter play for this year. One person who had him as a weekly flex said “I’ve always been out on Brown. Big play ability, but always inconsistent. I don’t see this outlook changing.” One in the weekly flex camp had similar feelings, saying “He is too boom/bust for my liking, but he does have the talent and draft capital behind him to excel. Hopefully adding WRs helps him break free more and Lamar looks to his WRs to help move down the field.” These comments are pretty consistent with the overall feelings the team has on him.

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Darkhorse: 1
Dart Throw: 1
Weekly Starter: 1
Weekly Flex: 4
Spot Starter: 6

Marquise Brown Fantasy Outlook 2021
Marquise Brown Fantasy Outlook 2021

Marquise Brown Fantasy Outlook 2021: More, Same or Less Valuable in 2022 Dynasty Offseason?

Brown is currently WR46 in FantasyPros PPR Draft Positional ADP, while he is WR47 in RotoHeat SF Dynasty Positional ADP. Overall, more of the team believes that he will have a lower value next year than he does now. As one put it “nothing more than a boom or bust player for fantasy. He’s unlikely to be the #1 target in the passing game, making it almost impossible for him to be anything more than a flex/spot start type player, given how little the “pie” has been with Lamar at QB.”

Higher: 4
Same: 3
Lower: 6

Marquise Brown Fantasy Outlook 2021: Buy, Sell or Hold?

As you can imagine, with most of the team thinking his value will be lower next year, most are looking to sell him if they can now. Only four of the thirteen are buying him, and those members believe that the Ravens are going to be passing more this year, and having other, more viable, fantasy football receivers will help him in the long-term.

Many of the comments relayed echoed the same feelings: “Will have boom/bust weeks and be hard to want to play him any week. Has good talent, but being on a low pass volume team and under performing so far is not a great combo.” Despite the talent, the team just does not believe that his current situation creates a lot of value for this year.

Buy: 4
Hold: 2
Sell: 7

Marquise Brown Fantasy Outlook 2021
Marquise Brown Fantasy Outlook 2021

Marquise Brown Fantasy Outlook 2021: Where Will He Rank vs. All Wide Receivers?

There was a broad swath of where the team felt Brown would land this year in wide receiver rankings. The only range that gathered more than two votes was 37-48, which had five. The overall average ended up being in the WR 30-38 range.

One of the team members that had him fall into this range said “I like Brown, I just need to see if they are really looking to pass more, or is he just a best ball option at best…I need to see Lamar take another step in his accuracy…”

High: WR13
Low: WR49+

Marquise Brown Fantasy Outlook 2021: Conclusion

Overall the team had a lot of varying opinions on how Marquise Brown would do this year and what his value is going forward. There was not an overwhelming belief on one side or the other, but the side that garnered the most votes seems to think he will not live up to his draft status and will not do anything to be more than a mid-to-high WR3.

What do you think of Marquise Brown? Let us know in our Discord or in our Facebook Group. Make sure to keep a lookout on YouTube and for more 2021 Fantasy Outlooks.

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