Coming off of a rookie season in which he caught 81 receptions for 1,455 yards and 13 touchdowns, BetMGM has THE Ja’Marr Chase prop bet that I like the most.

Despite the outstanding rookie season, they have set his Over/Under at 1,199.5 receiving yards at -115. Here is what his line looks like on other popular betting sites.

Ja’Marr Chase Prop Bet: Lines on Other Popular Sportsbooks

SiteLineOver OddsUnder Odds

I am honestly good with the highest line of 1,250.5 here. Like Justin Jefferson the season before, I expect Chase to produce near where he did as a rookie, if not push for 1500-1600 yards. It is hard to imagine him coming in under 1,300 receiving yards in an offense that projects to throw even more than they did in 2021.

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Here is what a $50 bet can net you on each site.

Ja’Marr Chase Prop Bet: Profits

SiteOverOver ProfitUnderUnder Profit

Depending on the size of the bet and your view on the additional 11 yards that separate BetMGM & FanDuel, you do make a tad bit more taking the over 1210.5 on FanDuel.

Ja'Marr Chase Prop Bet
Ja'Marr Chase Prop Bet: Over 1199.5 Receiving Yards on BetMGM 3

Disclaimer: Lines, Odds, Props can change, so always make sure to shop around multiple sportsbooks.

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