It's Time: Moving On From Demario Davis' Dynasty Value

It’s Time: Moving On From Demario Davis’ Dynasty Value

Hello friends, I am back with another series for this offseason. When to move on from something (in life as well as fantasy football) is something I have always struggled with. I get to attached to people, toys, games, etc. and I find it hard to let go even when I know I should.

I have had the same issue in fantasy football. I find players I love having on my team and don’t want to let go, even though I know deep down that in terms of value it is much better to sell a year early than a year late. This series looks at dynasty assets that I am moving on from if I have them on my team, even if it hurts based on what they have done for me in years prior.

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Demario Davis’ Dynasty Value: The Past

Demario has been a very durable player throughout his career. He has played 16 games every year from his rookie year through 2021. After being drafted in the third round in 2012 Demario bounced between the Jets and Browns before making a home with the Saints in 2018. Along with being durable, he has been a great fantasy asset from year two on. He has had under 105 combined tackles only twice (2015 and 2016) and even then it was 90 or more. He has had double-digit TFL and 3-5 sacks every year since 2017. As you can imagine he has been a quality and consistent fantasy linebacker to have since he joined the Saints in 2018.

2018: LB 11 (85.15% snap share)
2019: LB 9 (92.74% snap share)
2020: LB 17 (98.66% snap share)
2021: LB 22 (92.84% snap share)

Demario 3 min 2 Demario Davis' Dynasty Value

Demario Davis’ Dynasty Value: The Future

I know people love to say that the salary cap is a myth, but given his contract, Demario is likely to remain with the Saints for the next two years. He has an almost $17 million dead cap hit this year, and a dead cap hit of almost $12 million going into 2023. The recent extension he signed through 2024 makes his deal have $7.3 million in dead money if cut before the 2024 season.

He will be 33 throughout the 2022 season and if he remains with the team through the end of the deal he will be a free agent at age 36. We see lots of players playing longer in their careers as of late, but very few defensive players play into their late 30. Demario was already the oldest, active, rostered player at his position in 2021.

Demario said at the start of this year that he was not thinking about retirement; that may be true but time changes everything. The NFL is a young man’s game and that is even more true in dynasty fantasy football. I am looking to move Demario this offseason on every team I have.

I loved the growth of 2021 rookie Pete Werner alongside Demario last year and think Werner takes a big step in 2022 to take over the role of the main fantasy linebacker for the Saints.

Demario does not have a great long-term outlook for rebuilding teams and even if I am contending I would be looking to cash out on his past few years of consistent production. It varies by team of course, but if I am trading him, as a base I would try to get a younger linebacker I like (ex: Quincy Williams, Divine Deablo, Cole Holcomb) and/or a pick (I’d jump at a 3rd if I could get one) to help me in the future.

Demario Davis’ dynasty value is going to vary. Our own Brad Menendez has Demario Davis at #69 overall in his dynasty rankings, while Austin and I do not have him ranked. Including edge-eligible linebackers, FantasyPros has him ranked at LB 19 for 2022, but LB 68 for dynasty/keeper purposes. That sweet spot of finding someone who sees him with that high value this year and willing to pay for it is what I am looking for. He may be a top 24 LB again this year, but I am not counting on it and I am always looking to sell a year early as opposed to a year late.

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