I can’t be to upset about the week 2 hype train, I was pretty well on for my guys that I said to steer clear of. Margus Hunt’s production dropped significantly, Darron Lee was basically nonexistent in week 2 and Clayton Fejedelem was a backup again. My 3 guys to watch all produced startable weeks, so i’d say all in all I got lucky!Now, onto week 3’s players to watch and to watch out for!

Players to Watch:

DE/DT: Kawann Short – Carolina Panthers DT
He’s been a steady producer, and if your IDP league requires DE and DT he should already be on your roster! He’s on the older side but he stays healthy, and at his position does well for himself in the sack and tackle department. Since his breakout 2015 season, he’s had no less than 6 six sacks and 49 tackles, both of which are solid numbers for the position, mix that in with his ability to stay healthy it makes him a player to pickup!

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LB: Devon Kennard – Detroit Lions
Don’t get me wrong, as a die-hard Lions fan I’m over this team, sad it’s only week 2 but after 30+ years of fandom I have to just stop letting it upset me and focus on what I love about football…Madden and Fantasy! Ok, now that I’m off the soapbox a little (I could go longer but you deserve better), Kennards been a nice free agent pickup, already has 10 tackles and 3 sacks in two games. Now he won’t keep those numbers up but I’d anticipate Patricia being able to keep steady production for him as he is very flexible being able to rush, and has the speed to cover ground pretty well.

CB/S: Shawn Williams – Cincinnati
Hopefully he learned his lesson week 1, when he was ejected early for something he should have known not to do but either way he bounced back nicely last week, posting 1 sack, six tackles, 2 assists, and an Interception in a win against Baltimore. Now going against Carolina this week, I expect him to have some solid tackle numbers, and surely he could be a starter depending on your league makeup.

Players to Watchout For:

DE/DT: Benson Mayowa – Arizona Cardinals DE
I’ll wait for you to look him up, he’s bounced from Seattle to Oakland, Dallas and now Arizona. Now in 2016 Pro Football Reference has him notching 6 sacks and 25 tackles…yawn. He had a big week this last week, it’s a mirage much like what we are seeing from FitsGregor.

LB: Tj Watt – Pittsburgh
Not saying you don’t want him, he’s a stud and long-term will be solid if not spectacular for Pittsburgh but not what people are asking for him is he worth it currently. Week 1 he had a massive game, and then came back down to earth against KC last week, if you can get him as your #2 with #1 LB upside (and at a reasonable price) take it, otherwise look elsewhere for now until his value evens out.

CB/S: Shaq Griffin – Seattle CB
If only Griffin faced Truthbisky every week, he’d be a hall of famer, but sadly isn’t the case. He’s now doubled his interceptions from last season, and as the full-time starter he has some value but doesn’t look at this weeks game as the things to come for him. This week against the Cowboys he has a chance for nice numbers but then things get a bit more difficult against the Rams, and with games against San Diego and the Packers he could see his production drop significantly, buyer beware!


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