How Dynasty Fantasy Football Works in 2023
How Dynasty Fantasy Football Works in 2023

How Dynasty Fantasy Football Works in 2023

Dynasty Fantasy Football is a popular and engaging form of fantasy football that has been growing in popularity in recent years. It’s a long-term, year-round game that requires a different set of skills and strategies than traditional one-year, or Redraft leagues. If you’re playing dynasty fantasy football in 2023, here are some key points to consider.

The basic concept of dynasty fantasy football is similar to traditional one-year leagues. Managers draft a team of players, set their starting lineup, and compete against other teams in the league to score the most points. However, in dynasty leagues, the roster is not reset each year. Instead, managers retain the players they have drafted or acquired, and build their roster with an eye toward the long-term. For a deeper look at what Dynasty Fantasy Football is all about, check out this article from our very own Shane Barrett.

2023 NFL Draft

One of the most important aspects of dynasty fantasy football is the rookie draft. This is typically held after the annual NFL Draft which in 2023 is scheduled April 27-29th in Kansas City. The league’s draft order is usually determined by the previous year’s standings, so teams that performed poorly should have a higher draft pick, giving them a better chance to select the best available players. In 2023, the NFL draft is expected to be deep with talented players, so the rookie draft will be an important opportunity for teams to acquire young talent.

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The deep talent pool in this year’s draft gives the Manager’s with the early picks some options of added a hightly touted prospect as well as the option of trading the pick for numerous picks and or established players.

bijan 1 How Dynasty Fantasy Football works
How Dynasty Fantasy Football Works in 2023

The przized prospect in the 2023 draft is Texas Runningback Bijan Robinson. Robinson is said to be a generational talent and the best draft prospect since Penn State RB Saquon Barkely joined the New York Giants in 2018. When there is a concencus first overall pick this elevates the value of that pick. The fantasy world is telling you this is without a doubt the player to select. If you are the manager with the 1.01 selection and are looking to trade it, wait as long as you can to do so. That pick is valuable today, and that value will continue to elevate the closer you get to your annual rookie draft.

Trading in 2023

Trading is another key aspect of dynasty fantasy football. Trading allows mangers to acquire players they need, or to get rid of players they no longer want. In dynasty leagues, trades often involve future draft picks or veteran players in exchange for younger, up-and-coming players. In 2023, trading will be especially important, as teams look to fill specific roster needs and capitalize on player values that may fluctuate throughout the year.

Percevied value is key when making trades in fantasy football. In a dynasty format value is impacted by many factors. Age, health, quality of offense the player is in all impact the value of the player. Players can be thought of like stocks on the stock market. Ideally you buy a player when his value is low, and you sell a player when his value is high. Check here for some Dynasty trade targets. RotoHeat member Thomas Madson does a great job identifying certain types of players in which you can find value.

Injuries in 2023

Injuries as all fantasy managers know, suck. If you have played fantasy football for more than five minutes you have likely had to deal with an injury to a member of your roster regardless of the format you play. Injuries are also a factor in dynasty fantasy football, as they can impact a player’s value and production.

Injuries to key players can have a major impact on a team’s success, so it’s important to have depth on the roster and to consider a player’s injury history when drafting or acquiring players. In 2023, monitoring player health will be as important as ever, as we have seen the introduction of the 17 game season in 2021 has had an impact on player wear and tear.

Where the dynasty format differs from traditional redraft leagues is, trading for injured players can be a way of retooling or rebuilding your roster. If you are not a contending team, it can be adventageous to add injured players at a lower cost than if they were healthy and active. The majority of Dynasty leagues have Injured Reserve spots (IR), that enable the fantasy manager to roster long-term injured players without imapacting the size of their active roster.

Be Active in 2023

Dynasty fantasy football requires managers to be active and engaged year-round. It’s important to stay up-to-date on player news, including off-season events such as the NFL draft, free agency, and training camp. In 2023, the NFL free agency period is expected to be especially active, with many high-profile players potentially changing teams. Being aware of these moves and how they impact player values will be critical to success in dynasty fantasy football.

Thank you for reading How Dynasty Fantasy Football Works in 2023. Dynasty fantasy football is a unique and exciting way to play fantasy football that requires a different set of skills and strategies than traditional one-year leagues. In 2023, the rookie draft, player retention, trading, injuries, and off-season events are all be important factors to consider as you build your dynasty fantasy football team. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the game, dynasty fantasy football is a great way to challenge yourself and compete against other fans.

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