February’s Top 5 Rookie DL Players for Building Your IDP Dynasty

Building your IDP rosters with the best young talent the league has to offer won’t cost you the draft capital it would for the offensive side of the ball. The key is knowing where to start! The 2023 IDP draft class is rich with talent, so let’s take a deep dive into our Top 5 IDP prospects at the DL position.

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Top 5 Rookie DL #1: Jalen Carter, DL, Georgia

Jalen Carter is one of the most dominant forces in this draft class. Assuredly, he will be drafted as a top 10 prospect in the NFL draft, and for good reason. His physical stature is absurd, coming in at 6′ 3″ 300 lbs. Carter has the athletic ability to play in the middle of the DL, or on the edge. This kind of versatility is rare in the NFL and should allow him to not only see dual eligibility in fantasy leagues (big bonus) but to also have the opportunity to generate fantasy relevant production (tackles, sacks, TFL).

Jalen Carter is explosive off the line and uses his lower body to drive blockers backward and create chaos in the pocket. He also brings a unique speed skillset with his pass rush. Carter is more than just straight line speed. His ability to change direction on blockers and his quick feet and hands make blocking him quite the task, even by NFL standards. Wherever he lands, Carter will bring a noticeable presence to the defense and could quickly become one of the best interior DL in the league.

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Bryan Bresee Top 5 Rookie DL

Top 5 Rookie DL #2: Bryan Bresee, DL, Clemson

Bryan Bresee is a mountain of a man who could find fantasy relevance in leagues that require DL or DT, specifically. His physical presence alone makes him tough to handle and this kind of size should translate to the NFL. Though his athleticism is impressive for his size, I would have liked to see more production from him at the collegiate level. Bresee has limited versatility in how he can be used in the DL, which could hurt his fantasy value. He will need to show that he can generate fantasy relevant production at the next level in order to have any true fantasy relevance. My fear is that Bresee, despite the size and athleticism he brings, will be more of a real life asset than a valuable fantasy player.

Top 5 Rookie DL #3: Keion White, DL, Georgia Tech

Keion White was a transfer from Old Dominion that exploded in 2022. While he was productive at Old Dominion, he was able to replicate that same production at Georgia Tech, landing himself a respectable spot in the DL rankings. White is a long, rangy athlete with the speed and versatility to play on the outside. Though he is not the most polished in this class, he does bring enough skill to the table that I am buying into his ability to find his place in the NFL. White plays with the kind of power you love to see from draft prospects and once he gets his hands on the ball carrier, it’s game over. White does a great job of being able to play inside or outside the DL. This kind of versatility is important for the NFL and should serve him well if he plans to find the field.

Tyler Lacy Top 5 Rookie DL

Top 5 Rookie DL #4: Tyler Lacy, DL, Oklahoma State

Dominant. Freak of nature. Tyler Lacy is easily one of the most underrated DL in this draft class. His draft projections aren’t reflecting the kind of talent and skill he could bring to the NFL. Lacy is 6′ 4″ 295 lbs and brings tremendous speed, athleticism, and an aggressive play style with his game. He was the heartbeat of the Oklahoma State defense and has been one of the most consistent producers in the Big 12 for the last 3 years. Though he doesn’t have elite sack numbers, Lacy spent a lot of time in the backfield and was able to generate respectable numbers in terms of tackles and TFL.

Lacy projects more of a DE than a DT, but he does have the size and ability to play in either position. He should, however, spend most of him time from the DE position. Wherever he lands in the NFL, Lacy is going to be a steal in the NFL Draft and should be looked at for consideration in leagues that require DL, as a potential Taxi stash that could pay off.

Siaki Ika 1 Top 5 Rookie DL

Top 5 Rookie DL #5: Siaki Ika, DL, Baylor

My personal favorite DL on this list, Siaki Ika brings an impressive skillset to the NFL. His pass rush moves are endless and it is clear that he has spent a lot of time mastering everything he has in the bag. Ika shows tremendous use of his hands and maintains excellent balance when engaged with blockers. At 6′ 4″ 350 lbs, he brings tremendous power in his pass rush. He does an outstanding job of using both the power and the finesse to generate pressure and disrupt plays. Ika isn’t known for his ability to generate sacks, which could significantly limit his fantasy upside and he doesn’t project to change that much in the NFL. He could carry more real life value than fantasy value, but will be a fun player to watch at the next level, regardless. In terms of pure skill, I believe Ika is the second best interior DL on this list and should be a late day 1, or early day 2 selection of the NFL Draft.

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