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Need Someone to Weigh In on Your Next Fantasy Football Move? JUST ASK JOE!

How many times have you been pondering a move in one of your fantasy football leagues and just wanted to run it by someone? How many times have you asked some supposed fantasy football guru on Twitter or Facebook a simple question, only to have them provide a minimal response with no explanation?

In many cases, it seems that they are just trying to lure you into some paid scheme before they give you the time of day. Well, my first bit of advice for you is that there is no need to ever pay for someone’s fantasy football opinion.

The Internet is loaded with free information, as well as knowledgeable and passionate people that are all too happy to share their two cents with you. And I am one of them!

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While I do not profess to have all the answers, I do guarantee that any opinion I share with you will be honest, objective, well-researched, and based on more than two decades of fantasy football experience.

So, if you have any fantasy football questions, please feel free to JUST ASK JOE! That means hitting me up on Twitter and firing away. Of course, I would try to help you out with any aspect of fantasy football, but my real expertise lies in redraft and dynasty formats.

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In trying to build a championship team, every little bit helps!

I will be happy to try to answer as many questions as I can directly. And in this column, I will post and publish a few of the ones that I think would be of interest to a larger audience. Depending on the volume of questions I get, I will try to publish this column once or twice a month during the offseason and, hopefully, more frequently as the season approaches.

To start, I have accumulated some questions from some fantasy football managers I have come across on Twitter, Sleeper, and Discord. Note: To make questions easier to read, in some cases, I have made slight modifications to the structure and wording of the questions.

Fantasy Football Questions and Answers (February 24, 2022)

(1) League Details: 12-team redraft PPR 1-QB league.

Question: Who do you think should be the top player drafted in fantasy football leagues in 2022? 

Answer: Last year, most of the fantasy football world would have certainly said RB Christian McCaffrey (CMC). And he is sure to be among the top picks once again due to his body of work. But, as you know, he just hasn’t been able to stay healthy the last few years. 

Thus, for 2022, I would consider either RB Jonathan Taylor or WR Cooper Kupp, who both absolutely killed it last year. Ultimately, I think I would choose Taylor simply because the talent pool is much deeper at WR. 

In other words, if you pass on a stud RB with an early pick in the draft, you will not likely have a chance at any of the top-tier guys when you pick again. Conversely, solid, if not spectacular, WRs can often be found in the mid rounds.

Consider that Cooper Kupp, the WR1 in 2021, had an average draft position (ADP) of 48 last year. Similarly, Stefon Diggs, who finished as the WR2 or WR3 in 2020 (depending on the scoring format), had an ADP of 65 two years ago. 

jonathan taylor colts cbs min Just Ask Joe
RB Jonathan Taylor has vaulted to the top of fantasy football draft boards in 2022.

(2) League Details: 12-team dynasty (in year 4) PPR SF league.

Question: In the first year of our dynasty, I made it to the finals and lost. Since then, I have had only a middling team. This past year I did not even make the playoffs (six teams qualify). I have some decent players such as QBs Russell Wilson, Ryan Tannehill, Derek Carr, Carson Wentz; RBs CMC, David Montgomery, Clyde Edwards-Helaire, WRs DeAndre Hopkins, Corey Davis, Sammy Watkins, TE Hunter Henry, etc. I wonder if I should run it back with the guys that I have?

Answer: I understand your predicament and am contemplating the same thing in one of my leagues. A lot of dynasty managers seem reluctant to blow things up and start over with a rebuild. I respect the mentality of wanting to compete each year, but there is nothing worse in my opinion than having a mediocre team and just standing pat.

In addition to not really contending, your players are aging and losing value with each passing year. Therefore, if your roster is older and still not a threat to the big boys in your league, then you are much better off hitting rock bottom and starting over. 

This means trading away your productive veterans to the highest bidders and trying to rebuild with younger players and draft picks. A manager in one of my leagues on Sleeper just executed this to perfection.

Just two years ago he rebooted his team, and this year he won the championship going away. With young superstars like Josh Allen, Justin Jefferson, Jonathan Taylor, Cooper Kupp, Kyle Pitts, etc., he is well-positioned to dominate our league for years to come.

1228753764 min Just Ask Joe
WR Justin Jefferson is off to a historic start in his NFL career and figures to dominate for years to come.

In your case, I would start by putting out some feelers to test the market in your league, and, of course, if you get some offers you are comfortable with, you should definitely pull the trigger.

However, since some of your star players are coming off injuries and/or did not perform at their peak the last time we saw them, I am thinking that you might have to wait until the season is underway to get maximum value for them. 

A contending team is much more likely to trade for a productive veteran after that player has strung together some strong performances. Moreover, when injuries to their team inevitably occur, managers in the playoff hunt will be more likely to pony up to keep their championship hopes alive.

Finally, when you decide to rebuild your team, make sure you go all in. It makes no sense to hang on to DeAndre Hopkins while trading away Russell Wilson. Be clear about what your strategy is, and don’t waffle.

And remember that making the decision to blow it up is only the first step in your rebuild. You will need to do your homework and get at least market value for your players. And keep in mind that the market values for players like CMC and Hopkins have taken a hit recently. So be realistic in what you expect to get in return for these potentially declining superstars.

deandre hopkins 010321 getty ftr 18s4ltmfndflp1lkxhx49huc2i min Just Ask Joe
Is it time to sell WR DeAndre Hopkins in fantasy football dynasty leagues?

Lastly, and most importantly, you will ultimately have to hit on the majority of your draft picks to complete the rebuild and contend for championships. The star-studded cast at RotoHeat can definitely help you with that, so be sure to check out our website!

Thank you for reading the first installment of JUST ASK JOE! I really enjoyed tackling such thought-provoking questions, and hope I was able to shed a little light. Make sure to hit me up on Twitter with more inquiries and/or to tell me how wrong you think I was. Either way, I can’t wait to hear from you!

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