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Need Someone to Weigh In on Your Next Fantasy Football Move? JUST ASK JOE!

*Note: If you have already read the introduction blurb (in a previous installment of JUST ASK JOE), please skip directly to the Q & A below.

How many times have you been pondering a move in one of your fantasy football leagues and just wanted to run it by someone? How many times have you asked some supposed fantasy football guru on Twitter or Facebook a simple question, only to have them provide a minimal response with no explanation?

In many cases, it seems that they are just trying to lure you into some paid scheme before they give you the time of day. Well, my first bit of advice for you is that there is no need to ever pay for someone’s fantasy football opinion.

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The Internet is loaded with free information, as well as knowledgeable and passionate people that are all too happy to share their two cents with you. And I am one of them!

While I do not profess to have all the answers, I do guarantee that any opinion I share with you will be honest, objective, well-researched, and based on more than two decades of fantasy football experience.

So, if you have any fantasy football questions, please feel free to JUST ASK JOE! That means hitting me up on Twitter and firing away. Of course, I would try to help you out with any aspect of fantasy football, but my real expertise lies in redraft and dynasty formats.

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In trying to build a championship team, every little bit helps!

I will be happy to try to answer as many questions as I can directly. And in this column, I will post and publish a few of the ones that I think would be of interest to a larger audience. Depending on the volume of questions I get, I will try to publish this column once a month during the offseason and, hopefully, more frequently as the season approaches.

Below, I have shared a question from a fantasy football manager I crossed paths with on Twitter. Note: To make questions easier to read, in some cases, I may make slight modifications to the structure and/or wording of the questions.

Fantasy Football Question and Answer (July 15, 2022)

League/Team Details: General question for 12-team PPR non-SF redraft leagues

Question: As the redraft season approaches, who are some value picks you would recommend?

Answer: This is the question that probably gets asked the most. It is fairly easy to decipher that players such as Jonathan Taylor and Cooper Kupp will be among the first picks. 

The real skill, however, is finding players that not everyone is targeting early in drafts. The following is a brief list of players that I believe have a legitimate chance to crush their ADPs.

1. Sammy Watkins: I am fully aware that Watkins has been a perennial fantasy disappointment. Watkins’s availability always seems to be in question.

In his eight NFL seasons, he has only played a full season once. He hasn’t cracked 700 yards receiving since 2015. And he has never had a season with double digits TDs. It would not be a surprise to anyone if 2022 were to follow the same script. 

Then, why is he on my list? Well, this is a prototypical low-risk, high-reward play. We know that Watkins does indeed have talent. He was drafted number four overall in 2014 for a reason.

Watkins was a star at Clemson and has flashed some elite skills in the pros at the times. And he is still only 29 years old. 

sammy watkins dynasty value is too low in 2022 2 Just Ask Joe
WR Sammy Watkins has a chance to earn a large role with the Packers in 2022.

In 2022, he will be in the best situation of his career to make an impact on the field. First of all, he gets to team up with two-time reigning MVP QB Aaron Rodgers. Yes, Watkins played with another elite QB, Patrick Mahomes, a few years ago and did not produce great fantasy numbers.

However, his situation with Green Bay in 2022 is much better. With target-monster WR Devonte Adams departing for Oakland, a boatload of targets has become available in the Packers’ offense. 

With no established star WRs on their roster, Watkins could play a prominent role from day one with the Packers. Presently, Watkins’ competition for targets includes NFL journeymen such as Allen Lazard and Randall Cobb and rookies Christian Watson and Romeo Doubs.

If Watkins can stay healthy and earn the trust of Aaron Rodgers, he has a chance to be a valuable fantasy producer this year. And the best thing is that his ADP in redraft leagues is around 200.

Thus, all it would take to get a potential WR2 in fantasy is a late-round flier. For a more in-depth analysis, I encourage you to read Rick Butts’ take on why Watkins is going too low.

Moreover, if I were making my list longer, another WR who I think has a chance to greatly outperform their ADP is Allen Robinson. To that end, Rick Butts, again, makes an excellent case.

2. Irv Smith Jr. and Hayden Hurst: At TE, two players I like to outproduce where they are being drafted are Irv Smith Jr. and Hayden Hurst.

Buy Low - 24 Last Minute Buy Low Players
Buy Low on Irv Smith!

Smith’s ADP is 125, while Hurst’s is 190. I think both have the potential to be top 12 TEs in 2022. Both play in offenses in which they are clearly the number one receiving option at the TE position.

Furthermore, they have QBs that can get them the ball. And they have players on the outside that can draw coverage away and, thus, help free them up.

Fantasy Football Week 11 Start and Sit.
As the TE1 with the high-powered Bengals offense, Hayden Hurst is in a position to have a career year.

I would consider adding Evan Engram, the Jags’ new TE, to this list, but I simply do not trust him to be consistent, let alone stay healthy.

3. Travis Etienne: Travis Etienne is being drafted in the late third round or early fourth round in most 12-team redraft leagues. This could be the very last time fantasy managers get a deal on Etienne.

Having completely recovered from the Lis Franc injury he sustained last preseason; Etienne appears primed for take-off this year. Etienne has the three-down skill set to be a feature back in the NFL.

RB James Robinson, his main competition for early-down touches, tore his Achillies late last year and may begin the season on the PUP list. Even if he is healthy enough to suit up for Week 1, Robinson will likely be eased back into action gradually.

Etienne, who was a first-round pick just a year ago and a college teammate of Jags’ QB Trevor Lawrence, seems to have grabbed hold of the lead-back duties in OTAs and, in my opinion, will likely never look back.

Redrafting the 2021 Rookie Class
Travis Etienne has the skill-set and pedigree to be the RB1 in fantasy football.

I considered adding two more names to this list: Ezekiel Elliot and Trey Lance. I do think both are in a position to have excellent years.

However, I expected their ADPs to be much lower than they were. As it stands now, Elliot is going around 32 in redraft leagues, while Lance’s ADP in 1-QB leagues is around 100.

I think 2022 is Elliot’s last opportunity to be a major fantasy contributor, so I think redrafters are justified in taking him in the third round in redraft leagues.

As for Lance, in some respects, I see him as being the 2021 Jaylen Hurts of 2022 (Hurts finished as the 5th or 6th QB in most scoring formats last year). If you want to snag an unproven but potentially productive QB with rushing upside, he can be your guy.

However, with this in mind, Lance’s ADP has been steadily climbing (now around 100 in non-SF redraft leagues). And his ADP will surely rise even more once Jimmy G has finally been moved, which could happen any day.

Thus, while I would still scoop Lance up at his current ADP, I understand that he may not be quite the great value that he once was in non-SF redraft leagues.

trey lance min Just Ask Joe
Much is being expected of Trey Lance in 2022.

Thank you for reading the fifth installment of JUST ASK JOE! I really enjoyed tackling such a thought-provoking question, and hope I was able to shed a little light. For more analyses, be sure to check out our website and fantasy player rankings.

Make sure to hit me up on Twitter or Facebook with more inquiries and/or to tell me how wrong you think I was. Either way, I can’t wait to hear from you!

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