Edge Rusher/Defensive End Carl Lawson is going to the Jets! The edge rushers dominated the signings on Day 1 of the Free Agency tampering period. I am going to do my take on some of these players here on RotoHeat. At the top of my list is Carl Lawson. He signed a 3-year contract worth $45 million and $30 million of it is guaranteed. That says he is a going to be expected to produce, and I believe he will.

Carl Lawson leaves Cincinnati

Carl Lawson spent his first 4 years in Cincinnati after being drafted in the 4th round in 2017 out of Auburn. You can see he is improving every year and really took a big step after Carlos Dunlap was traded mid-season last year. After playing a full 16 games in his rookie year, he only played 7 games in his 2nd year and 12 games in his 3rd year. 2020 brought him back to 16 games played with 11 games started. He delivered solid stats with 36 tackles (18 solo), 4 tackles for a loss, and 5.5 sacks. What tells me that he is ready to start dominating games is he had 2 forced fumbles and 32 QB hits.

Edge Rusher/Defensive End Carl Lawson is going to the Jets

Edge Rusher/Defensive End Carl Lawson is going to the Jets

My outlook for Carl Lawson in New York for the Jets is a top 24 edge rusher/defensive end with the ceiling of top 12. I see him stepping up to 10 sacks with 50 total tackles. I think new head coach, Robert Saleh will teach and put him in position to dominate at times. Not only will he be an edge rusher, he will be a defensive end making tackles on running plays and screens.

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What do you look for when picking an IDP player for your roster? Tackles, and more tackles. Joining a defensive line of Quinnen Williams and Foley Fatukasi, Carl Lawson will not be double teamed often, so the tackles should be plentiful.

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